Dream of Having a Stroke – Meaning and Symbolism

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Illness, malaise, unable to work, lying down and inactive, suffering, pain.

Illness is primarily associated with something unpleasant and undesirable and, in contrast to being healthy, manifests itself in a wide variety of forms.

First, we associate illnesses with physical limitations. In doing so, one must not forget mental illnesses, that is, mental illnesses; one of the most serious is depression, which in some cases even leads to suicide (suicide).

Measles, (wind) pox, scarlet fever, a cold with a cough, runny nose and hoarseness, fever, chills or body aches: Most children experience typical illnesses at an early age and inevitably learn what it means to be sick.

Sometimes it helps to lie in bed for a few days with a hot water bottle and plenty of tea in order to recover.

Well-tried household remedies and steam baths can work wonders, especially for colds, and you rarely have to resort to medium to strong medication. It just takes a little time.

Dream of Having a Stroke – Meaning

In principle, anyone can suffer a stroke, even children and infants.

However, the majority of the approximately 270,000 people who are affected annually are over 60 years old.

The most common cause of a stroke is blockage of blood vessels, which disrupts blood flow to the brain. An elderly man or woman can die unexpectedly as a result.

The brain no longer receives sufficient oxygen for a period of several hours and the brain cells threaten to die. The consequences can be paralysis and permanent impairment in speaking and seeing.

The first signs of a stroke are numbness in only one-half of the body, severe dizziness or motor disorders.

If someone has a dream with this dream symbol, they may suffer from fear of a serious illness.

However, they may also be concerned about the health of someone else. For the dream interpretation, the personal life situation is just as instructive as the details of what happened in the dream.

For the popular dream interpretation, it is important who suffers a stroke in the dream. If it is the dreamer himself, unpleasant events announce themselves in the dream symbol.

The sleeping person will quickly recover from the horror. When another person has a stroke, the sleeper worries others with their behavior.

The dangerous illness also points in the general dream analysis to changes that the dreamer does not want to accept.

The dream symbol “stroke” prompts him to give up more control in the future. He should leave some tasks to others.

In the dream, the sleeping person is concerned with the question in which areas this might be necessary and whether he is ready at all.

Another aspect of traditional dream interpretation is the processing of physical or mental impairments. When a stroke occurs, the brain is affected.

The dream image expresses that the dreaming should check his convictions and attitudes repeatedly and learn for a lifetime.

The dream can be an invitation to a more considered approach, but it can also warn against too much reason at the expense of feeling.

A dream in which the stroke manifests itself as paralysis is usually a nightmare, according to dream analysis.

The dream symbol represents the feeling that people or circumstances prevent the dreamer from carrying out personal plans. However, it can also be fears of his own that paralyze him.

The dream symbol “stroke” indicates, according to the psychological dream analysis, the inability of the sleeper to meet the expectations in everyday life. He feels overwhelmed or just does not want to act as expected.

Failure to meet social demands and not function accordingly leads, on the one hand, to difficulties with the environment.

On the other hand, the dream refers to the gap between one’s own needs and the effort to meet external requirements.

If you experience in a dream that someone else is affected by a stroke, this reflects your own fears, for example of failure.

With the physical illness in the dream, the subconscious draws attention to a disturbance of the inner balance according to the dream interpretation. Smoldering conflicts, suppressed fears or hidden feelings of guilt strain the soul and find their expression in the dream image.

As with an actual illness, the psyche tries to find ways and means to cure it. The dream symbol “stroke” is a call to restore health, possibly also with help from outside.

According to the understanding of the spiritual dream interpretation, a stroke symbolizes a threat in the switching center of spiritual power.

The dream symbol is a sign that the dreamer is currently lacking in spiritual clarity. He should try to reorient himself.

Dream of Having a Stroke – Symbolism

Even if we always want to be bursting with health, we are occasionally troubled by one, two niggles, or we are attacked by an illness. There are the most varied of diseases, their number is hardly manageable. Some of these ailments even appear in our dreams.

In dream interpretation, diseases are interpreted differently. We have compiled some of these dream symbols and their meanings for you.

In dream interpretation, the illness of a child – or, in extreme cases, the death of a child – is generally the indication of leaving behind a certain behavior or point of view. An adult, more mature one replaces the childish part.

In terms of the job, a sick child can dream of a project that is pulped for good reasons. With regard to love and partnership, the illness of a child stands as a dream symbol for an inner maturation process that takes the relationship to a new level.

Seeing one’s partner sick in a dream is not necessarily related to a problem within the partnership. It may be about a career change or a new acquaintance in your life.

The dream symbol “partner dies” makes it clear that something is endangering the unity between you and your partner. It is similar with the meaning of a sick friend in a dream.

Having a fatal illness in a dream or an incurable disease in a dream does not mean that it applies to you in real life.

Rather, the dream symbol “fatal illness” should make you think: Is there a bad habit that you should get rid of? Are you carrying unnecessary baggage? You have the power to make a difference and thus bring about a positive change. You can practically bury the bad part.

In the dream interpretation, the disease cancer is an indication that there is a physical imbalance. Are you very afraid of getting seriously ill? The more abstract meaning: If you are suffering from cancer in a dream, in reality you may have to deal with a dangerous enemy who threatens your existence to a high degree.

In the psychological dream interpretation, leukemia is understood as a call for help. Spiritually speaking, the dream symbol “leukemia” stands for an impending crisis, after which you will feel much stronger.

Feeling pain in a dream indicates that you see too black on a certain matter. If the eyes hurt in a dream, there is a disease in the family.

The meaning of fever in a dream is different. If you have a fever yourself, you are faced with unstable times in love and partnership.

If you see a febrile patient in a dream, a friendship will be put to the test. If you dream about a rash, it can have different meanings.

If you make the difference yourself, you can close a profitable deal. If you see a rash in another person, your situation will generally improve.

If the disease progresses well, you can expect surprising financial gains in the near future. If you suffer a lot from asthma in the dream, big problems in the realization of a project are possible.

To see someone vomit in a dream means happiness. Abdominal pain or a gastrointestinal disease in a dream indicate indulgence. You should critically question your lifestyle.

In general, a heart disease in the dream suggests inner restlessness and great grief.

This can also affect the relationship. Having a stroke in a dream portends some horror, from which, however, you will soon recover. See another person have a stroke, it is you who scare someone.

To see a hospital in a dream means to make a sick visit. If you are sick yourself, you can look forward to support in an important project that is close to your heart.

If you work in a dream as a nurse in a hospital, you will take a mental ailment with composure.

If you see yourself leaving a hospital in a dream, you have the best conditions to start your own business.

The meaning of medicine in the dream is diverse. If you prepare one yourself, it stands for illness.

Anyone who takes medicine in a dream must reckon with small losses, which are, however, compensated for again. If someone gives you the medicine, you are in luck.

In the interpretation of dreams, the symbol doctor has a positive connotation: if you talk to a doctor in a dream, old hopes could be fulfilled.

If you see a doctor caring for an injured person, someone from your family, friends or acquaintances will marry.


There are also diseases of the lymph nodes or other organs; serious diseases such as cancer, tumors and ulcers let tissue proliferate and often lead to the death of the patient if chemotherapy does not work or an operation is futile.

While a patient can stay at home and stay in bed with “simple”, easily progressing and easy-to-cure illnesses such as a cold, serious illnesses often require continuous medical care and assistance that can only be guaranteed in a hospital.