Dream About Infidelity – Meaning and Symbolism

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Infidelity or cheating can be described as having a physical and/or emotional relationship with a person other than your current partner. It is considered a violation of the couple’s unwritten agreement of their exclusive commitment to each other.

Infidelity is a common behavior of both men and women since ancient times. The fact is that men tend to be unfaithful to their partners more than women.

It is also considered that the major trigger for infidelity performed by men is their unsatisfying intimate life, while for women that usually tends to be emotional dissatisfaction.

Subject of infidelity often comes to our dreams. It takes only a shadow of doubt in our partner to start worrying about potentially being unfaithful to us.

Almost any person has sometimes had a dream about their partner being unfaithful or they being unfaithful to their partner. Life is full of temptations that cannot be resisted and sometimes infidelity happens without the person planning to be unfaithful to their partner.

People who are insecure and have low self-worth, are often overwhelmed with fear that their partner might be cheating on them and they tend to dream about different scenarios of infidelity.

They are watching every move their partner’s making and have a tendency of being controlling and manipulative. Such behavior often creates problems in their love life and they often end up experiencing the thing they feared the most.

The reasons for having such dreams can be various. Most of them are fear based.

The most common reasons for having infidelity dreams:

Fear of being abandoned by the partner or spouse

One of the most common reasons for having a dream about infidelity is fear of abandonment.

The reasons for this fear might be various, but the predominant thing that causes this dream is the fear the person has that their partner or spouse will abandon them.

The fear they have creates different scenarios for the abandonment to happen and one of the most common scenarios is their partner finding another partner and falling in love with them.

This fear points out to some serious psychological problems of the dreamer that most likely don’t have much to do with the partner.

The fear this person has could seriously jeopardize their relationship with their partner or spouse, especially if it is completely unfounded.

If you are experiencing these feelings, the best thing you can do is seek the help of a professional because you need support in confronting them and overcoming them successfully.

Low self-esteem and deep insecurity

Dreams about infidelity are common with deeply insecure people with low self-esteem. This dream often reveals lack of self-love and appreciation of the dreamer.

Most likely, this person doesn’t believe that they deserve to be loved and they spend their days and nights wondering when the magic will end and their partner/spouse will abandon them. They don’t believe that they are worth loving and being with.

In some cases, these people end up with partners who recognize their insecurity and weaknesses and they use them to manipulate the person and keep them under their control by maintaining their fear of abandonment and making them unsure of their love for them.

This however doesn’t have to be the case, and the person could be in a relationship with a partner who loves them sincerely, and yet feel insecure and unworthy.

These are also serious psychological issues the person should try overcoming with the help of a professional.

Lack of attention from the partner or spouse

Sometimes a dream about infidelity is a result of lack of attention the person is receiving from their partner or spouse.

That doesn’t always mean that the partner isn’t interested in them and that is why they don’t pay attention to this person, although that might also be the case.

The partner is often occupied with work or some other obligations and doesn’t have enough time to demonstrate their affection and love to the person having a dream about infidelity which obviously bothers them and creates dreams with content where the main subject is infidelity.

The scenarios could be different, and the neglected person could either dream about being cheated on, or they could dream of betraying their partners/spouses.

For this situation, if the partner isn’t giving a reason to doubt, it would be wise for the dreamer to occupy their time with other activities, which will enable them to enjoy their free time with their partner/spouse and help them ease the tension.

Lack of trust in your partner or spouse

Often a dream about infidelity is caused by the lack of trust the dreamer has in their partner/spouse. The reason is usually their past cheating history.

Maybe their partner or spouse has been known for multiple dating before they got together with the dreamer, and they told everything about their past to the person who had this dream.

These facts about their partner have probably left a strong impression on the dreamer, and their subconscious has expressed it through a dream about infidelity.

Of course, the reason doesn’t have to be cheating the person has evidence of.

Maybe their partner tends to flirt with everyone, and that causes suspicion in the dreamer who expects that there is more than just flirting.

Sometimes the partner/spouse uses the apparent insecurity of the dreamer to make them jealous and be able to manipulate them with that fact.

Being cheated by the partner or spouse before

One of the common reasons for having a dream about infidelity is the fact that the dreamer has been cheated on by their partner or spouse before.

The trauma they experienced is still haunting this person and it is obvious that their subconscious cannot accept the fact that their partner/spouse has changed. The doubt is still strong and the dream clearly demonstrates that.

Maybe the person is under the impression that the insecurity and doubt because of the betrayal they’ve experienced are gone, but the dream proves differently.

If you realize that this is happening to you, it is best that you openly talk to your partner or spouse and tell them how you feel.

If you have clear signs that your partner has changed and is not giving you any reasons to doubt his fidelity, than you should give your best to get rid of the doubts and simply enjoy your relationship with your partner/spouse.

If, on the other hand, you feel that you cannot trust your partner anymore, than you should reconsider ending the relationship and give yourself a chance of finding a partner whom you can trust completely and who won’t give you any reasons to doubt his love and actions.

Feeling guilt for cheating on your partner or spouse

Sometimes, a dream about infidelity happens to people who have cheated on their partners/spouses, and in such cases, the dream is a result of their guilt for betraying them.

Oftentimes a dream about cheating is a result of a guilty consciousness and the person’s inability to cope with the fact that they have committed adultery. Usually, in these cases, the partner/spouse is unaware of the betrayal.

If you are currently having dreams about cheating and you cheated on your partner, it is up to you to consider the way to deal with the guilt.

If you think you can deal with the possible consequences you can confront your partner and openly speak about what happened.

If you cannot do that, and you believe your relationship is worth the effort, you should try to find a way to confront the feeling of guilt and forgive yourself for what you have done.

Try compensating your partner by being the best possible mate.

Feeling guilt for thinking about cheating on your partner or spouse

In some cases, dreams about infidelity happen to people who are only imagining of being unfaithful to their partners/spouses.

The dream is a reflection of their subconscious desire to be intimate or in a relationship with someone who is not their partner.

These dreams in some cases reveal the possible cooling of the relationship with the dreamer’s partner/spouse and that is why they begin to have such ideas and feelings.

Often the dreamer doesn’t have an intention to cheat on their spouse, but they cannot help but feel physical attraction towards someone in their vicinity who is a very attractive person, hence the feeling of guilt.

Knowing that your partner or spouse is cheating on you

One of the possible causes for a dream about infidelity is the fact that the cheating is actually happening.

You could be having dreams about infidelity because you are aware that your partner or spouse has been unfaithful to you. The dream in this case reflects your reality.

Maybe your partner isn’t aware of the fact that you know about his adultery, but the dream shows the amount of pressure you are under. There can be various reasons for deciding to put up with such behavior.

If you are aware of the cheating and you are having such dreams, it is obvious that that situation bothers you a lot and should be somehow resolved if possible.

Maybe you love your partner/spouse so much that you are willing to tolerate infidelity, but you will be the only one to end up hurt and damaged.

You should find the courage to confront your partner/spouse with the fact that you are aware of what is going on and try to resolve the situation if possible.

It might help your partner decide whether they want to stay or go. It might be painful if they decide to leave, but in the long run you will be grateful for regaining your freedom and life back to give yourself a chance for a new beginning with someone who could be a better match to you.