Pumpkin – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Pumpkins are symbols of the fall, that wonderful and colorful time in a year, where we eat it when we are putting on sweaters and enjoy coming up in our homes, with warm drinks and candy.

Pumpkins are a necessary part of this fall time, but for some, they can be associate with some darker themes, as pumpkins are a necessary item in the Halloween celebration.

Also, pumpkin can appear as a dream symbol, and there are numerous versions.

In some cases, this is the dream that signifies hope in vain that someone will recognize your hard work. You have allowed yourself to be “taken for granted” because you constantly invest your maximum in everything you do.

But, this is just one meaning out of many.

Meaning and Symbolism

As usual, the meaning of a dream about pumpkin depends on the details that accompany the dream.

Some say that seeing the pumpkin in a dream is connected to love life –

It can be a warning sign that for the person who has this dream to be extra careful when choosing a life partner. You may be in love and think that every relationship is the right one. You don’t know how to judge people because you have often been hurt, and your expectations have been betrayed.

So, in a version of a dream where you see a pumpkin in the field, it symbolizes happiness and prosperity – an amazingly good sign.

In the coming period, you will be able to do many things. You will have success at work, and you will be delighted with your emotional life.

Most importantly, you feel supported by your partner and family and believe in what you are doing.

If you see a pumpkin on the table in any room in the house, the interpretation is the opposite.

No matter how much success you achieve, you will not be satisfied. You will always think that you can do something better and more.

In that race, you will lose touch with those closest to you, so stop for a moment and ask yourself what your priorities are.

In a version of a dream where you are planting pumpkin, such a dream speaks of a bad company you are in, or in more severe meanings, a sickness that you will have to deal with very soon.

The crowd you are in probably behaves like immature teenagers, despite their age, and you will have to get them out of the problems they caused themselves. You will often say that you do not need it in your life, but you will not have the heart to leave them in the lurch.

If you are not in the center of attention in a dream about the pumpkin, but someone else eats it, plants it, etc., such a dream may suggest that you will be the one that others see as the main adviser.

Perhaps, a friend may ask you for advice regarding an important life decision, and you will be more than ready to help.

This is a test – and your task is to do your best to aid that person, not missing a chance to tell him that he still has to make the decision himself. This will try to protect your best interest in the future.

Decoding the Dream about Pumpkin

A negative connotation related to the dream about the pumpkin is in a dream where you eat the pumpkin that does not taste very good.

Such a dream shows that, in reality, you are prone to nervousness and a bad mood. You have probably had a stressful situation, or you are worried about your poor financial situation, so you went to bed with such negative thoughts

. Try to reduce the dose of stress because this amount you are currently feeling can be detrimental to your health.

When a dream about the pumpkin is related to the work area in life, it is in a version where you see others eating the pumpkin – an opportunity will arise in your life; you will get the offer to work on a responsible job. You will feel that you are competent enough to do it, and you will not ask for help.

However, you will find yourself in a situation where you “break” the set deadline, which will undermine your self-confidence. It is time to ignore your ego and seek the help of colleagues.

Otherwise, you could turn out to be stupid and unpredictable due to vanity.

Planting the pumpkin in a dream speaks of your character, most notably, your naivety.

In a real-life, you are very naive, believing that all the people you know are well-meaning and honest with you.

Just because you try to be like that, doesn’t mean you have to live in the belief that the rest of the people around you think the same way.

Do not confide your secrets, ideas, and plans to everyone, but only to those for whom you are pretty sure that they wish you well.

Shortly, it will be shown who is what, so you could repent for your naivety.

In a version of a dream, and it comes very often to people due to the Halloween impact, is when the pumpkin is scary or alive, as it happens from time to time.

Such a dream is not really scary in reality – it just shows that you are not being listened to.

People who are close to you do not hear you, even when you try to explain to them. Or when you tell them, they follow their own ideas, even if the fact is that you know better.

But, know this, this dream can have a positive message – based on your personal experience, you can prognosticate many events, but people turn to you for help only when what you warned them about happens to them.

Then you have no choice but to recall them that you have already told them everything.

The message about this Dream and Advice

Some other interpretation of this dream suggests that the pumpkin in a dream speaks of salvation; it hints that the person who has this dream will be, in some way, saved.

For some, this dream is all about the personality – if you had this dream, you are a very pragmatic person who knows how to save for rainy days, and now on some level that you will be saved by that money if you ever need it.

Eating a pumpkin in a dream, especially if it tastes bad, if it is stale, etc., can be a sign of a disease. In reality, this means that if you do not feel ok, you should go to the doctor.

Even if it is not something to be worried about, try to acknowledge everything that the doctor has told you, try to respect everything. You will adopt some more good habits to make you feel better as soon as possible.

In a version of a dream where you are eating a pumpkin, such a dream shows that you should look forward to some celebration, a party, there will be a reason for celebration, something good will occur soon.

Having a feast made out of the pumpkin, enjoying that meal goes even further – in reality, you have a little free time, so you try to spend it with good company.

In any case, the dream about the pumpkin is most commonly a good sign.

Such a dream speaks of your inner strength and ability to make other people satisfy your wishes and needs.

It often seems to you that you can manipulate everyone to achieve some of your goals.

So far, you have often succeeded, but you should not abuse your talent; you should not waste it in any case.