Dream About Lover – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming of your lover is a reflection of your emotional desires, of what you want to have and cannot or do not feel that you are not reaching.

This dream very faithfully represents your current situation in the love, sentimental or emotional field.

It means that your current relationship does not make you happy, that you look outside the relationship for what you do not find in it, whether in the purely sexual, emotional or other aspects.

It means that you feel instability in your love life, that you do not finish forming a stable, solid or future relationship.

In short, dreaming of your lover speaks very clearly of your current situation, of what you really need or want, but that you still feel that you do not have.

Dream about Lover – Meaning

To dream that the lover or girlfriend is beautiful but poor hints at the desire for relationships with a rich woman.

Dreaming of relationships with an old but wealthy woman is an announcement of failure if he were to marry her current girlfriend. Dreaming of a dead lover or girlfriend hints at doubts about formalizing their relationships.

Dreams with lovers should always be taken in the context of the dreamer and his affective situation, in the event that there is no sentimental relationship at the moment, the symbolism is of close happiness, otherwise, the dream may be predicting confrontations, lies, deceptions, envies, and even illnesses.

For a young woman who dreams that her lover commits suicide may be a sign of increasing disappointment in her with respect to the fidelity of her partner.

Meeting a beautiful lover in dreams is a symbol of self-acceptance and recognition of the true internal values ​​in oneself. Seeing a pair of lovers on a chariot (carriage) indicates fidelity and happy times as a couple.

To dream that we accompany two people in love is usually an indication that occasionally we feel excluded and lonely. Some friends may no longer be as present in our lives because of their obligations, causing us sadness and nostalgia for the past.

If you dream of your lover making love, it means that your relationship is very passionate and ardent, that you feel very good when you are with that person.

If you dream that you make love with your lover but you do not feel well or you do not enjoy yourself during the dream, it means that something may fail in your relationship or you have other needs, that that person, your lover cannot or does not want to cover.

If you dream of your lover and at the same time with your partner, it means that you feel guilty for committing that infidelity, that you have regrets and that although you are not able to do it or take the step, the fact of discovering that clandestine relationship would free you a lot.

It is important that you pay attention to what happens in that dream. If your partner and your lover talk to each other, that would be a sign that due to some oversight of yours or some other circumstance your relationship is going to be discovered, it is going to come to light.

If you dream that you make love with both of you, with your partner and with your lover, it means that you need both of them, that both your partner and your lover bring you different things that you do not want or are not willing or willing to give up.

If you dream that there is an argument between the three of you, it means that there will be consequences of that relationship, which you maintain and you will have to face or assume them.

If you dream of your lover and his partner, it means that you feel jealous of that person, of his partner, that you feel insecure in front of that person, his partner, or even that you begin to have the need for your lover to be just for you.

If you dream that you are talking to your lover’s partner, it means that that person knows of your existence even if they don’t know who you really are.

If you dream that the three of you make love, it means that you have erotic fantasies that you have not fulfilled and that cause you a certain curiosity.

If you dream that your lover and her partner make love in front of you, it means that your lover is not completely sincere or sincere with you, she hides things from you or does not tell you the whole truth.

If you dream that you discuss the three of you, your lover, her partner and you, it means that as a result of your relationship there will be conflicts that will directly affect the three of you.

If you dream of your lover and her family, it means that in your relationship your lover is becoming more involved or has more feelings for you than you are for him or her. On the other hand, this dream may also be reflecting your need to know more about that person, her environment, meet her family and enter her circles.

If you dream of your lover and your family, it means that you are involved in a much deeper way in the relationship, that your feelings are stronger and that you begin to feel that your lover does not live up to your expectations.

On the other hand, the fact that members of your family appear in the dream with your lover means or indicates that you are being much more honest or honest in the relationship and you are showing your true feelings, which on the part of your lover does not happen. In the same way.

If you dream of your lover and you are discovered or discovered by your partner, by his partner, by someone close to you or his or her environment, it means that it becomes increasingly difficult for you to maintain that relationship, that clandestinely, that It is possibly causing you suffering, stress, even overwhelm.

However, this dream is not a premonition that your relationship will be discovered, it simply reflects the emotional and energetic load that maintaining the relationship and its consequences entails for you.

If you dream that you are arguing with your lover or having a bawdy conversation, it means that there are important differences between you, that you must rethink the relationship and its limits, since if you continue like this, the storm will explode at any time and the worst will be the consequences that storm.

If you dream that you are traveling in the company of your lover, it means that you need to take another step in your relationship, you probably feel that the relationship has stalled and you need to give it a new twist or that you have concerns about your lover and your future.

This dream reflects that you are ready or prepared to commit more, to move to the next level or to do something new and different in your relationship.

If you dream of your lover and you see that he cries or is sad, it means that he hides feelings, fears or concerns that he has and feels from you.

It is probably a reserved person who finds it difficult to show his true feelings, his crying or the sadness he shows in the dream, reflects that he is having a bad time, that he is overwhelmed or that he does not know how to face what you are living right now.

If you dream that your lover kisses you, it means that she feels a strong attraction for you, that she wants you and that your relationship has probably been based more on sex. If the kiss is on the lips, it means that you awaken in him a strong desire that he cannot control.

If the kiss is given to you on the cheek, it means that he is beginning to feel something more for you than desire and passion. If he kisses you on the head, it means that he cares a lot about you, that he cares about you.

If he kisses you on the hand it means that he is not being sincere or sincere at all with you, he is hiding something from you.

If you dream that your lover leaves you, leaves you, leaves your side, it means that you are very afraid of losing him, that you feel insecure or insecure about that person.

It is likely that you have low self-esteem that you have become emotionally or sexually attached to that person and the thought that he is leaving your side causes you fear, anguish or concern.

However, this dream is not premonitory, therefore, it does not mean that it will abandon you, it simply reflects your fears before that possibility.

To dream that your lover speaks to you is very interesting in terms of its meaning, since his words really symbolize what he feels for you, what he does not dare to tell you, what you need to hear from him or her, what he hides in his heart regarding his feelings for you.

You will have to remember the words or the conversation, since the meaning and interpretation of the dream will be implicit in those words.

Dream about Lover – Symbolism

Dreaming of a lover means that something is missing in your life and based on that, you try to fill in the empty spaces. It can represent your insecurity or that something is wrongly resolved in your relationship.

Dreaming that you have a lover is prevented, because what is hidden will come to the dance. If there was the meeting of the lovers, it is an indication that the courtship will go into a bad phase.

The quarrel between lovers is an omen that new horizons will emerge in the affective field. If the lover is your partner, take advantage of it because the desires are at the top of the skin.

Dreaming of the lover reveals that you are trying to meet his needs, whether they are interpersonal, emotional, power or sexual. Whoever has a lover is because he is looking for something externally, which he does not find around or in himself.

Lovers are not always aligned with the question of love and with flight or avoidance of feelings that cannot be channeled in a positive way. It is the type of relationship that was already born linked to negativism, because it is not something healthy and loyal with any of those involved.

This type of dream reveals your insecurity regarding your relationship. Dreaming about the lover of the husband or wife is a sign that you feel that something is not sincere about the other party and that is not always real.

We all have good and bad days, moments when we want to divide, open up; and others in which silence is necessary. Try to approach your partner at another time, but be gentle and not invasive or melodramatic. Be calm and patient and just trust your love.

The connection with the past and with some information from his childhood that was not resolved well. Dreaming of the lover of the father or mother reveals that you are afraid of being abandoned by one party or another.

Remember that your parents and the people who were part of your family base will always be connected to your story, no matter which path they decide to follow. You are loved and will always be well liked by them.

Dreaming of the lover of the boyfriend (a) is an astral alert for you to stay closer to his good, since someone may be trying a violent and risky approach to steal what is precious to him. Keep your eyes peeled.

Suppressed sexual desires. To dream that you have a lover reveals that your instinct is speaking louder than your reason at the moment. If you have difficulty expressing yourself to your partner, try to approach the subject in another way, perhaps more playful and simple.

The good suggestion is to take a trip for two to spend more time with your love doing activities outside of your routine. This can be the way to show that you are ready to innovate in the relationship and surrender to the news.

Need to flee from real life. Dreaming that you are a lover shows a person who cannot keep his feet on the ground or who is afraid of getting involved in other relationships again.

Remember that insecurity does not help us on our journey. Face the necessary questions with courage and open chest, during that battle you may meet someone very special.

Were you among them or were you just visualizing the meeting? Dreaming about meeting lovers can reveal a lot about how you feel in relation to your relationships and what position you represent in the lives of the people in your circle of friends.

If you are part of the group it is because you feel close, involved, tied to these people in a profound way. However, if you were in the dream only as a spectator, it means that you maintain your relationships superficially despite deeply wishing it were different.

Once again, who was in that fight? Were you part of or were you just looking at the painting? If you are involved in confusion by dreaming of lovers quarrels, beware of jealousy and false accusations that can arise to hinder your romance.

In case you participate as the stalls of the fight, it is time to get away from any buchicho. Do not forget that in the fight between husband and wife nobody puts the spoon, the broth can throw at your side and you put yourself in a difficult situation.

Dreaming of ex-lover means that the issues of the past are not yet fully resolved for you. What makes you think that way? Try to internally unravel what issues are still bothering you and try to figure out what you can do about it to fix them yourself. The past stays in the past, always, do not hit what is still.


Anyone who dreams of a hot affair at night would like to do something indecent or take an emotional risk. This dream symbol can also express a hidden part of the personality. We’ll reveal why that is.

Anyone who recently experienced a hot night in their dreams could get an indication of suppressed feelings and arousal.

But luckily you can confidently surrender to all emotions or sexual desires in a dream. An affair may also be a sign that you’ve taken fewer risks recently than you’d like.

If you have a casual affair in the dream – and maybe even cheat – this can indicate an emotional boredom: You want an emotional change and a risk. In the dream interpretation, the dream symbol affair shows that you want to let your feelings run free.

However, an affair in the dream interpretation can also indicate an unrecognized part of the personality that one would like to include. Or you want to learn to appreciate your own character trait, which is embodied in the dream by the lover.