Dream of Being Blind – Meaning and Symbolism

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Sight is one of the most important senses of every person. With it we can perceive with our eyes everything that surrounds us, observe colors, landscapes and people, especially those we love.

However, dreaming of losing your sight or going blind has up to 15 surprising interpretations and some will help you discover what that enigmatic dream means.

First of all, sight or the sense of vision means new goals, since they can guide us along new paths, to new opportunities, and if you are blind it means the opposite, it represents being stagnant and without future prospects.

Dream of Being Blind – Meaning

Becoming a blind person in a dream could also mean, according to experts, that you can go from being financially or sentimentally well in life to having next to nothing in an instant.

This may be something you need to keep in mind and reflect on, if the dream is recurring.

Walking down the street blindly warns that there is something that needs urgent attention. You must get to the root of the problem to change the present.

It is also a sign that you need to step back from the situation to see more clearly.

A man who dreams of a blind woman represents that others see you as an unstable person. A blind woman in a dream is a sign that there are elements of your character that you do not recognize coming to the surface. Set them free.

Dreams of blindness bring messages to open the eyes. This is a message that you need to see life from a different perspective. You must be more considerate of the choices you make in your existence. See the world as a whole rather than fragmented.

It is not necessary that you have seen the film Esencia de Mujer or Los ojos de Julia by Belen Rueda to dream of being blind.

If you are recently going to undergo surgery for any eye problem, your subconscious being worried can give you a dream of this style. As a curiosity you should know that the blind also dream.

Various authors agree that dreaming of being blind represents a world of darkness. Possibly you are not surrounded by appropriate people who do not let you see things as they are. You should know that depending on your personal circumstances and how your dream developed, it may have other interpretations.

Dreaming of being blind for not knowing yourself. There are really few people who know each other as they are.

Reflection and meditation are not activities that you usually do. Do you know what your limits are? Your deepest fears? Do you know how you would react to extreme situations?

Dreaming of not seeing, seeing or being blind by a black present and future. Your present and future is really black. You have no future plans because your economic situation is dark. You do not see the way out of this abyss.

It is something that worries and worries you because if things continue like this, you don’t know what direction your life is going to take.

However, you must be optimistic because most blinds are cured.

Dreaming of being blind because of having heard about surgery. If you have heard of an eye operation or are going to undergo surgery you may be more prone to having these dreams.

Cataracts, glaucoma, myopia, astigmatism, pterygium, retinal detachments, presbyopia can make you dream of not seeing due to your fear of this type of intervention. Be brave, today, surgeons are professionals and exercise this activity on a daily basis.

Ophthalmologists perform all these types of interventions on an outpatient basis, simply by putting a few drops of anesthetic eye drops in the eyes. Being ambulatory, it is advisable to be accompanied for a later rest of the sight.

Dream of Being Blind – Symbolism

Sight is the sense that carries the most information to the brain and losing it can make the perception of the world change dramatically. Losing your sight is not easy, not even in dreams.

When something is lost in a dream, it is usually due to the feeling of absence that creates losing something that we value very much. The request for sight will always be related in some way to fear and lack of orientation.

In this article we will talk about what it means to lose your sight when dreaming. Dreams are always very subjective, so you have to be honest with yourself while doing your best to remember the dream.

What does it mean to dream of being blind? When you cannot open your eyes, or be able to move your legs, it is because unconsciously your mind tries to tell you that you have a health problem that you know about but you try to lie to yourself that you do not have it.

Although if suddenly in the dream, you go blind, it may be that you are running away, trying to leave behind everything that bothers you or causes problems in your life.

Blindness can also occur because you feel that you cannot fully know yourself, that you are blind to what you currently are and do not know yourself, it can be common in adolescents with many existential doubts.

Dreaming of being blind can take on various meanings as long as they go through the realm of fear and the unknown. The context of the dream is fundamental, if it develops completely from being blind, it really shows great fear.

You can also develop this dream for fear that something bad will happen in the future, as if it were about being sedated in the operating room and you are afraid that the operation will go wrong.

The darkness can also be something very significant, so it is best to think carefully about what you plan to do to get out of that darkness when it comes to having a dream like this.

The constant worry about the lack of self-knowledge or something very important can lead you to very specific dreams related to being blind. There are some important factors to note in this dream time.

One of them is that by not having sight, the other senses will form a fundamental part of the dream, and sounds and sensations are the first thing to forget when waking up.

It is very important to write down the dream as quickly as possible before forgetting the sounds, these will be the best sleep guide. Sounds often show emotions more clearly, so make an effort to remember.

Being in the dark but feeling a sound that guides you little by little, means the need to be guided to self-knowledge. While if the sound is nothing more than screaming, it would be best to talk to a psychologist.

The sensations of touch can be included but are usually disturbing or sensual. This point will be easier to remember since it will give more emotional load to the axis of the dream.

On the other hand, if when you are blind you begin to feel how you are gradually recovering the light, it implies that you are overcoming your deepest and most desperate fears

Each dream is caused by a series of events that occurred before sleeping; review the things you were doing before taking paper in the dream. Remember to always have a notebook where you can write down your dreams quickly.

What is the meaning of dreaming of being blind or dreaming of not being able to see in dreams? The dreamers who experience the dreamlike darkness and find themselves groping in the dark between discomfort and anguish ask this question.

An uneasiness that often lasts in the morning with images that leave a trail of unpleasantness and tend to repeat themselves insistently.

After having explored the meaning of the eyes in dreams, it is then necessary to dwell on this image so frequent and linked to areas of reality or to aspects of oneself that one cannot or do not want to see. Because blindness in dreams reflects a similar “blindness” in some area of ​​life.

Dreaming of being blind is also the most effective way in which the individual unconscious brings to light the blindness of consciousness, that is the limited vision of the primary selves which, with their fixed rules and habits block new perspectives, new visions or, on the contrary. , the dominance of unprocessed unconscious material that obscures the dreamer and keeps him in chaos and uncertainty.

Despite the unpleasant emotions and related anxiety, the meaning of dreaming of being blind or dreaming of being in the dark may turn out to be less negative than one might think.

Dreaming of being blind and not seeing is often linked to the paths of analysis, where it emphasizes the need for change: one has been or is still immersed in the darkness of suffering and unawareness and it is necessary to deal with these before “opening the eyes”, before seeing reality with new eyes.

Being blind in dreams means trudging in the dark in situations of danger and fear with eyes closed, glued or open to the thickest darkness and this is connected to NOT wanting to see your problems, to fear of reality and truth, to lack of responsibility, to the simplification of facts.

Dreaming of not seeing can highlight a part of the personality that perhaps “wants” to remain in this darkness, a part so frightened by problems or by other people that the veil of blindness descends on the whole.

But the meaning of blindness in dreams is also linked to an unattended vulnerability, to fragile and sensitive aspects of oneself that instead of being recognized and protected are used (and injured) in the midst of others or, on the contrary, to the primary aspects that reject. Reality when it does not coincide with the values ​​and beliefs absorbed during the dreamer’s growth.

Dreaming of being blind is important to the extent that it leads to reflect and discover what your needs are, how to overcome blindness in dreams, how to regain the dream vision, a metaphor for a new awareness and a new vision that will also be reflected in the reality.

Positively it indicates the ability to concentrate, to abstract oneself and recover one’s own centering in the moment of need, closing in front of the stimuli of the external world to recharge oneself or to follow a spiritual path.

In the negative it corresponds to the metaphorical “not seeing” or “not wanting to see” something of one’s own reality, to remaining in a blindness that can also be dangerous.

The blind man in dreams is the image of the unaware and the ignorant (the one who ignores) who can harm himself and others (who follow him). the dreamer will have to ask himself what escapes him, what he does not grasp, what he does not “see anymore (he does not understand, does not live or lives in an exasperated way).

Or what he gets absorbed and carried away to the point of not seeing anything else, to the point of becoming “blind” to everything else.

Think of the commonly used expressions: “Blind love, Blind passion, and Blind greed Blind jealousy “linked to situations in which feelings” blind” and extinguish the “light of reason”.

to refer response to the unconscious fears of the dreamer and the unknowns to be faced, the fear of the future, the fear of not being able to live reality, of not having the right and appropriate tools to understand what is happening and what needs to be done in some area .

It can be linked to a sense of inferiority, to feeling less than…, less capable, less good, less intelligent, to critical aspects of oneself that compare with others and judge. It can bring up misunderstanding in a relationship.


The images highlight the importance of “seeing” and ratify the importance of “shedding light”, that is, clarifying, opening one’s eyes to oneself and to reality.

But blindness in dreams can be connected to a sort of inner withdrawal to which the darkness forces and therefore to a greater intimacy with oneself, to the need to close one’s eyes to the world of appearances to activate a deeper vision, a sensitivity and a superior knowledge, to see within oneself without interference and external influences

. Blindness is often linked to clairvoyance and to an “other” view disconnected from space-time.