Dream of Being Buried Alive – Meaning and Symbolism

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The meaning of such dreams depends on who exactly was buried, and the details that accompanied the morning ceremony.

Did one of your relatives die on a clear, warm day? This means that loved ones will be safe and sound, and pleasant changes in life can await you. Was the funeral held in dark, rainy weather? Prepare for health problems, bad news, and a crisis at work.

If in a dream you had to bury your child, then life’s difficulties will be bypassed by your family, but friends will start having problems.

Dream of Being Buried Alive – Meaning

The burial of a stranger warns of difficulties that can unexpectedly begin in relationships with people. Bells ringing during a funeral is a harbinger of bad news. If you yourself rang the bell, then problems in the form of failure and disease will affect you.

A terrible feeling leaves a dream in which during a funeral you suddenly discover that your name is written on a gravestone plate. But you don’t need to worry at all.

The clairvoyant advised to take this image as a reminder that people tend to change with age. Therefore, you should make adjustments to your lifestyle and habits.

Also, don’t worry if you dream about the falling of the coffin. In reality, this is a really bad omen (it is believed that another funeral will take place soon).

In a dream, this is a sign that the guardian angel will not leave you in difficult times, and you will be able to avoid disaster.

Did they carry a coffin during the funeral? Consider your behavior. Your ugly act will cause a lot of harm to others.

The meaning of funeral dreams depends on who exactly is interred and under what circumstances.

So, if you were buried (after your death), then you will have a long trip that will bring profit. Being buried alive is a bad sign. Enemies will begin to actively oppress you, create all sorts of problems, you may even end up in prison.

Death after burial warns of problems and worries that will unexpectedly fall on you. If, after the funeral, you get out of the grave, then you will commit some kind of bad deed. You yourself will understand this and will greatly repent before Allah.

By the way, the presence of the prophet at the funeral suggests that you are prone to heretical sentiments.

But the funeral of the prophet himself warns of a great catastrophe. It will take place where the morning ceremony took place in a dream.

A funeral is a reflection of inner fears in the intimate sphere, in which a person is sometimes afraid to admit to himself. Such a dream is a companion of a man who is afraid of impotence.

Interestingly, a phobia can turn into a real problem: constant thoughts about how to satisfy a partner and how not to be embarrassed, lead to emotional overstrain and impotence.

The funeral procession is dreamed of by girls who are complex because of their appearance. It seems to them that they are not attractive, that men are not attracted to them. We need to get rid of this complex as soon as possible.

What is sleep? This question is one of the most mysterious for humanity. And, it seems, they have long agreed on the answer to this question. Ask anyone, he will say: sleep in simple words is relaxation. The body is sleeping, the brain is resting

Analyzing dreams about a funeral, the psychologist comes to the same conclusions as Gustav Miller – the dreamer cannot come to terms with the loss of a loved one, even if it happened a long time ago. To better understand your feelings and let go of the past, go to the cemetery and think in silence, than to fill the spiritual emptiness.

The famous interpreter of dreams pays attention to details that others do not attach importance to.

Participating in the funeral of a famous person is an inheritance. True, the joy of improving the financial situation will be overshadowed by scandals and gossip, which are inevitable in the event of sudden wealth.

The fire at the funeral warns – they are trying to harm you with the help of black magic. Seeing a large amount of water around the grave – you have to reveal a family secret that has been hidden for several centuries! A dream about how you were looking for a funeral procession speaks of your desire for spiritual development.

There was a persistent feeling that at the place where they are now saying goodbye to the deceased, there was a building just recently? A move awaits you – either simply to another house, or radically to another country.

The scientist does not see any sad symbols in such dreams. He considers the funeral the personification of the successful resolution of any controversial situations that has arisen recently in your life.

If the funeral is yours, then you will live a long life. The revived deceased says that you will be called to the wedding ceremony.

Funeral dreams can be divided into three broad categories based on your role in them. Looked from the side – luck will smile broadly and please with pleasant events; were in the funeral procession – friends will cheer you up with communication or gifts; you were buried – you now have a breakdown and a pessimistic mood, but you do not need to lose heart, a period begins in life when you will be lucky in almost all your endeavors.

Your own funeral symbolizes good health, longevity and family well-being. But the meaning of a dream about someone else’s funeral is influenced by what they were: magnificent – you will get rich, but for this you have to work hard; modest – a struggle for life awaits you.

The central image of the funeral dream is, in fact, a deceased person. And any dreamed people are a reflection of parts of the unconscious, parts of our personality.

In the role of the deceased, both a deceased person and a living person can act, as well as yourself. In either of these options, sleeping upon awakening tends to be uneasy. What were they like? What emotions did you experience in a dream?

If you attended the funeral of a person who is no longer alive, remember what connected you, what kind of relationship did you have? If they buried a living person (you or someone you know), think about what your unconscious wants to communicate through this image?

Also analyze how the dream relates to reality. What happened shortly before that in life? What tasks do you face, what situations need to be solved?

Dream of Being Buried Alive – Symbolism

Dreams can bring important warnings, omens, and revelations about ourselves. Dreaming of a funeral can be considered a terrifying dream. After all, anything related to death can make us apprehensive.

However, when it comes to dreams, not everything is what it seems. The element of burial in dreams usually represents the arrival of new responsibilities and opportunities in your life.

However, these responsibilities must be assumed so that they really lead to something different and good. If these new challenges are not faced by the dreamer, he will remain inertia and there will be no improvement in his life or personal growth.

Although it is challenging, if you accept these new responsibilities, the result can be very positive.

Therefore, consider all the new opportunities that will be offered to you in order to evolve as a person and as a professional.

That is a general interpretation of dreams that involve burials. However, every detail involved in the dream can bring varied meanings.

Therefore, we have prepared a list of the various variations of the dream about burial. Find out which one best applies to your dream.

A rather difficult dream, however, its interpretation is tied to something good. It means that there will be an invitation from one of your family members to an important event, be it a wedding sponsor or a christening.

So it represents the arrival of something good and an invitation to actively participate in this new stage of your family member, so don’t worry.

Dreams involving the burial of a close friend can reveal that someone in your circle of friends is not being true. This person may have negative feelings towards you. But don’t worry about those situations. Feel safe with who you are and don’t listen to mean comments.

That dream is extremely contradictory. Despite the sense of agony it can cause you, its performance is good. This may indicate that good news is on the way.

It can also be a sign that what was bad for him is disappearing. It bodes well that your happiness is getting closer and closer. So think positively and stay calm.

It may be considered a bad dream, but it is not as serious as the dream makes it sound. In fact, it is only a warning that something that you longed for and created expectations will not happen, and that there may be problems because of that expectation.

For this reason, the best thing to do is forget what could not be accomplished. This will minimize any problems that may arise.

The dream could also have another meaning. If the baby buried in the dream is from someone close to you, it is a sign that this person needs her help. It is a warning to better understand the situation around you and offer help to those in need.

Dreaming of a famous funeral is a good sign that your wishes will be fulfilled. But they will come at a time when they may no longer value that wish as much, or it will not be as good as they thought it would be. So even if it’s a good sign, keep your feet on the ground.

Dreaming of the funeral of someone you do not know will have two possible interpretations. The former may indicate that you feel that someone needs your help, but you are not yet sure who they are.

Try to observe and talk to the people around you. Helping others will be good for both the person and yourself.

The second interpretation is that you miss something new in your life. You may feel the need to move out of your comfort zone.

Find new activities, set goals, put your old ideals into practice. Finally, try to do something to get out of inertia.


Dreams of this type reveal a lot about how you view your feelings. This dream can be interpreted as the burial of what you feel.

If it is something that has already been solved for you, there is no problem.

However, if these feelings have to do with an unresolved situation, that is not the way. You have to face the situation and resolve it before trying to put it behind you.

You can also have another interpretation directed to the professional area of ​​your life.

The dream indicates that difficult situations in your work will be overcome and soon there will be a period of greater calm and good energy.