Poinsettia – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Flowers are, undoubtedly, one of the tokens that depict spirituality and completeness in our world. They can be seen as symbols of joy, celebration, and admiration.

This is just one part of a deeper understanding of flowers, in a symbolic sense, because we know that so many other things are connected with them.

One of the interesting flowers that can appear in dreams is Poinsettia.

The habitat of Poinsettia is the territory of South America and some parts of Africa. Namely, according to the legend, this wonderful red flower was used for healing (its juice in some way had this purpose), although it is considered poisonous.

It is called the Poinsettia after the man who was the first to bring this plant to North America.

In recent years, many families decorate Christmas tree and their homes with this Flower.

Its name is reminiscent of one of the holiday’s symbols, that is, of the star that was shown on the way to the three kings to the newborn Jesus on a holy night.

The Poinsettia grows in nature as a bush up to 3 meters high, and as a potted plant, it grows to a height of 30-45 cm and is much denser.

It is generally accepted as one of the Christmas holidays’ symbols, although it did not reach the Christian world until the 18th century.

It has many names, and it can appear in dreams – just like all flowers, this one also appears as one of the most common motives in a dream.

This particular flower is not maybe as common as roses or lilies, but it has its place in this symbolic world.

Read here what it means. Pay attention to the power of its color, a bright red.

Meaning and Symbolism

As we know, Poinsettia is most commonly associated with the holidays, some festive celebrations, most notably Christmas, and as such, it may come as a reminder that we all should nurture some Christian values. We do not forget them during the rest of the year.

And, according to some other interpretation, if you see Poinsettia in a dream, it suggests that in real life, you have good people around you; they are honest, loyal, and loving, true friends.

This is the dream that may be the symbol of sincere friendship – with one notion that you must be as good as they are toward you. There cannot be any other way.

If you are enjoying looking at this red flower, and in a dream, you see a bouquet of these flowers; such a dream shows that in reality, you do not have anything to worry about.

There is no place to show your worry since you know that there are people around you who will support you in good and evil.

With their help, you have overcome many situations, and they have never left you. You will also try to help them solve problems and be their shoulder to cry on when needed.

Also, another meaningful aspect of the dream about Poinsettia comes from the idea that all flowers are symbolic of some part of our lives.

Most notably, red flowers are associated with sex, egotism erotica, passion, love, emotions, etc. This may be the case when we are examining the appearance of Poinsettia in dreams.

This bright red flower may come to you in a version of a dream where you are picking these flowers, for example, for your lover, in this case, this is the dream that shows that in the future, you are about to enjoy numerous passionate moments.

All that love and sensual play are ahead of you. Your task is to accept it and enjoy it as much as you can.

In an alternate version of this dream, where you are watering the Poinsettia, such a dream shows that it is possible that in reality, you are fantasizing about someone; and that you want to seduce that person. It is very likely that you will succeed in that imagination.

Decoding the Dream about the Poinsettia 

Along with winter roses, this flower has an intense color, so according to many people, it is one of the most beautiful flowers during the cold months.

Most commonly, Poinsettia, or the Christmas star, as it is known around the world, mostly Christian world, is a symbol of joy, happiness, and that one day when you can start things over.

In this sense, when you see Poinsettia in a dream, this bright red flower shows that the next period will be much brighter than the time that was before.

It is the announcement of the better and more relaxed period that is coming.

If you have seen Poinsettia under the snow, this dream also has a good symbolical meaning – it is a positive sign.

Such a dream shows that in the upcoming period, you will experience and feel emotions that you have not felt before.

The brighter the flowers from your dream, the more intense feelings, in reality, will be – from admiration, joy, passion, desire, need, etc., to the mature love and sensual pleasures that are more intimate than ever.

Also, as an alternate version, this is the dream that symbolizes slow growth.

It is the type of growth that is not seen, like how it is hidden beneath the snow when in fact, it is just waiting for the brighter times to be seen as it is. And the snow cannot harm it.

If in a dream you have seen Poinsettia in some Christmas setting, just like you usually do see it, as it is called a Christmas flower, in that case, this is the dream that speaks of high spiritual energy that now surrounds you; maybe you have been not aware of it, but it is present. Use to benefit and enrich your life.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

Poinsettia symbolizes the winter holidays and the beautiful decoration of every home for the New Year and Christmas holidays.

The star is easy to recognize due to the beauty of the intense red leaves, and a plant with such an intense color is rarely found in the winter.

Some say that when you see this flower in your dreams, it gives you the lesson of growth and humility. It is the gift that comes from the unexpected.

Do not forget that Poinsettia, when it appears in a dream, is associated with love and passionate emotions if the dream was unpleasant, for example, if the Poinsettia appeared on a grave or some other dark and unhappy place, such a dream shows that perhaps your heart will be broken in the future.

Maybe it can be the signal of a love failure due to unhappy love.

If it appears in a dream connected or covered with blood, then it has a more positive meaning. It shows that even from pain, depicted in blood in a dream, something good end beautiful can grow.

In any case, the dream about Poinsettia is most commonly a welcoming sign when it appears in a dream world, and its bright red color reminds us of life itself, the blood that goes through our bodies, and the life we must live with dedication to the real values.