Dream of Being in Labor – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams in which they are pregnant are particularly common among women – but men also sometimes dream that their partner or another woman close to them is pregnant.

Since a dream in which someone is pregnant can relate to a specific desire for children as well as an upcoming change, you should remember as many details as possible.

Who was pregnant in your dream? What happened in this dream and how did other people react to it in your dream? Was the child’s father known? How did you feel during the dream: Was the dream beautiful or was it a nightmare in which something terrible happened?

Dream of Being in Labor – Meaning

Dreams in which an obviously pregnant person appears often also occur in connection with a pregnancy in your social environment: Perhaps you even take part in the happiness of a couple who are friends with you and who are looking forward to their offspring while you sleep?

If you have dreamed of being pregnant yourself, this dream symbol can initially represent your desire to have children.

But although this is the most likely explanation, it can also be that you do not long to be pregnant at all: Hopes, ideas and plans with which you “get pregnant” can also be powerfully influenced by the dream image of pregnancy urge your consciousness.

In the context of traditional dream interpretation, dreams in which you are pregnant are to be assessed very positively.

Although they point to unfulfilled wishes and expectations, they also indicate the beginning of a new phase of life in which your plans could develop as hoped.

The fact that a pregnancy lasts nine months can show you that you have to be patient for a certain project.

According to popular interpretation, the dream of being pregnant yourself can herald a new relationship.

Especially if you are in an unhappy partnership, this interpretation is plausible.

But be careful: Even if your heart is already ablaze for a very specific person, the dream of pregnancy admonishes you to arm yourself with patience – love and trust need time to grow, just like the child in the womb.

Do you not really recognize yourself in all these interpretations? Your dream, in which you or someone else is pregnant (b), may deal with a topic from your waking life that is still “in the making”.

Maybe there is a certain aspect in your life that you would like to change, or you are dissatisfied with something?

The dream symbol of pregnancy usually appears when a new development emerges that has yet to mature.

The psychological dream interpretation also offers several interpretations of the dream symbol “pregnant”.

If you are currently pregnant yourself, pregnancy dreams serve to unconsciously deal with this new, unfamiliar situation: The changes in your body and the emotional demands on you as the mother-to-be just want to be coped with first.

Should you first want to become a mother, a dream in which you see yourself pregnant confirms your inner spiritual maturity and the readiness to take on the responsibility for a new citizen. You are obviously aware that you want to take on a new role with motherhood.

Do you dream that someone else is pregnant – possibly someone you don’t even know from your waking life?

In such dreams the pregnant person embodies your own characteristics and personality traits in order to make them more visible “from the outside”.

Congratulations: You are best able to recognize and assess your strengths and weaknesses – and strive to use your talents cleverly in everyday life.

At first glance, dreams in which your partner is pregnant are very amusing – but in truth there is also a serious topic behind them: Such a dream could express that you want your partner or husband to be more responsible. Is it true that without you nothing works and most of the decisions stick with you? Then you should seek the conversation now, before problems for your relationship arise from this imbalance.

If a man dreams of a woman who is obviously pregnant, a budding idea may come into play: The dream of the pregnant woman embodies your unrecognized abilities that could be useful to you in the implementation of a plan.

But as with pregnancy, there will still be a long way to go before your project is realized, and you will need energy and patience for it.

From the point of view of spiritual dream interpretation, dreams in which someone is pregnant revolve around the primordial femininity and the cycle of life: our kin they carry on parts of our personality that will outlast our own death.

The dream symbol “pregnant” can also indicate that your spiritual development is a long journey in which patience with yourself plays a major role. Do not put yourself under pressure: Trust your strength and determination, even if you have to overcome hurdles on your way again and again.

This is actually the easiest interpretation, because when you are pregnant, of course, you also have a lot of things on your mind that affect pregnancy.

Fears can creep up as to whether the child will be born healthy or whether you are even up to the challenge of becoming a mother. Or maybe it is a signal from your subconscious that has already noticed the changes in your body. A pregnancy test may be worthwhile.

If your deepest wish is to have a child, this haunts your dreams as well. It could also be that it is not you who are pregnant, but your sister, your best friend or your colleague. In the dream you are practically transferring the desire to have children in your surroundings.

Much more often, the dream of pregnancy has nothing at all to do with the desire to have children. It’s much more about a project you’re “pregnant” with.

Maybe there is a big change in your profession coming up. Maybe you are brooding over your thesis or developing a marketing or sales strategy. You carry this “baby” around with you and you need a lot of creativity to “give birth” to it.

In the interpretation of dreams, pregnancy also often symbolizes something like a new beginning. Behind this is the desire for further development and maturation of one’s own personality. You want to be creative and reach your full potential.

However, the new development can also go in other directions. A new partner should finally show up. You want a change of scenery, a vacation or even a move to another city or a foreign country. You may want to say goodbye to old habits and no longer fill the role that your environment has imposed on you, be it private or professional.

At the same time, pregnancy does not mean a quick change. Something has to mature and you need a lot of patience to reach your goal in the end. In order for something to mature, it must be nourished.

So whatever is growing in your subconscious needs care and attention. Change doesn’t come overnight.

Dream of Being in Labor – Symbolism

Socrates used to define his dialectical method with the term ‘maieutica’ (the art of the midwife, the art of giving birth), because it was his habit to dialogue with his interlocutor with brief interventions that were not intended to persuade him of his own truth, but to bring out from him.

Little at a time, a personal reasoning, and a bit like a midwife gives birth to a child. Even in Jung, many years later, we can find a similar metaphor when, speaking of psychoanalysis, he says that he has the purpose of making a new man “give birth”.

For some women, dreaming of giving birth was a premonitory dream, as it heralded childbirth or pregnancy: it is sometimes possible that our mind receives signals from the body and then re-elaborates them in dreams.

And if, on the other hand, you keep dreaming of giving birth, this is a recurring dream of yours: it can happen frequently in people who are creative and full of ideas, or in those who strongly desire a change. If you have nightmares related to childbirth, this may indicate fear of a possible or eventual pregnancy.

For a pregnant woman, dreaming about the moment of childbirth is quite frequent, especially towards the end of pregnancy; often the dream has anguished contents, which reflect the woman’s anxiety in relation to the moment of birth, and concern for the baby’s health.

Although these nightmares can make the expectant mother agitated and upset, there is no reason to worry, because they are absolutely not premonitory dreams.

Some studies have shown that women who have this type of dreams then have a shorter labor than those who never do; in fact these dreams somehow help to vent the stress and worry of pregnancy; otherwise there is a risk that this stress will accumulate and occur at the time of delivery, making the expulsion of the fetus more difficult.

These distressing dreams occur mainly in women who are expecting their first child, or in women who have had complications during pregnancy. If you are not pregnant, the dream probably refers to a project on which you would have liked to work a little longer.

These are real nightmares, which always arise, if you are pregnant, from the concern for the health of the baby and its physical normality.

If, on the other hand, you are not pregnant, giving birth to a monster can have to do with the anxiety of being judged badly, the worry that your ideas are not understood by others, that your works are not well received.

Dreaming of giving birth to a big baby, of exceptional size, can be a dream caused by the fear of not being able to give birth to the baby or, if you are not pregnant, by a sense of oppression and anxiety about the skills you have to continually demonstrate. .

This too is a dream that manifests the anguish for the moment of childbirth; alternatively, it probably has to do with a creative block, with the difficulty of coming up with new ideas. Dreaming of not giving birth, not seeing the baby indicates that you are putting a lot of energy into projects that do not give you the satisfaction you deserve.

Dreaming of giving birth to a dog, a cat, a rabbit or a puppy of another animal instead of a child is quite frequent in pregnant women; the puppy represents the child, and this dream shows that the bond with the unborn child is strengthening and the desire to protect him.

Dreaming of giving birth to insects, spiders, frogs, mice, worms, snakes, lizards, polyps, etc. fear of childbirth and of problems the baby may have.

Dreaming of having labor pains, of giving birth with pain, dreaming of a difficult birth, with complications such as a caesarean, or breech birth, and with a lot of blood may be due to the fear of childbirth, or otherwise to your painful inner ‘labor’.

Dreaming of giving birth and dying could also represent a great life change.


The meaning of the dream is all the more confirmed if the birth is not only painless but also very fast, a symptom that no complications are expected in carrying out a project.

On the contrary, the exact same dream, lived in a distressing way, with anxiety and worry, can lead to a completely different interpretation in substance.

In fact, if you happen to dream of giving birth without pain but with a negative emotional state, the meaning of the dream could be that we are facing a heavy or stressful situation in an erroneously detached way, losing sight of the final goal or postponing the solution. Our inner selves are therefore warning us about careless handling of something important. It is then up to us to understand what consequences in real life await us.