Dream of Haunted House – Meaning and Symbolism

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A haunted house is a house which is perceived to be inhabited by ghosts or other similar beings.

Usually, it is considered to be inhabited by the ghosts of the deceased people who once lived in the haunted house or were somehow related with that house. Usually, their appearance in the house is related to some tragic event in which they lost their life in that building, often by suicide, murder, or some accident.

Many people believe that haunted houses exist, but scientists often explain the presence of sounds in the haunted house and other „so-called“ proof of presence of ghostly entities, are usually a result of some easily explainable events or noises, which arise from the structure of the building, etc.

Also, if the so-called haunted house is older, it naturally produces some creaking sounds.

Sceptics, who don’t believe in the existence of haunted houses, often indicate that in most cases of perceived to be haunted houses, proof was found that the house wasn’t really haunted, but there were some other factors causing the sounds or some other events, which were misinterpreted as the presence of some entity.

Regardless of that, people tend to believe in the existence of haunted houses and believe that some events which cannot be explained can be attributed to the presence of spirits which inhabit the house.

Haunted houses are mentioned in writing since ancient times. We have evidence of that in many written stories and some of them even some back to the BC period.

Haunted houses are also depicted in literature. Many famous works of literature portray stories of haunted houses.

Ghosts and different types of entities are not something most people like to even think about, and they certainly don’t like dreaming about them.

Dreams about such beings are considered nightmares and people usually wake up sweating or very disturbed after having such a dream.

Although it is understanding why people are afraid when they have such dreams, having in mind the reasonable fear of the unknown and things that are not of this world, these dreams usually have a very reasonable explanation.

They can be explained by the human psychology and the subconscious content of the person having such a dream.

Usually, dreams about haunted houses indicate some repressed unconscious content that we are usually not at aware of, or even if we are aware of, we don’t want to confront, and we want to keep it buried in our unconscious.

The dream about a haunted house full of ghosts represents this subconscious content and our subconscious uses this dream to remind the person of the need to deal with these issues and resolve them because they are damaging their life in some way.

We tend to repress emotions we don’t feel able to deal with, like disappointment, shame, or similar emotions.

The dream about a haunted house usually indicates that we have some unresolved emotional issues from the past, usually related with our family members, especially our dead family members and relatives, or it can reflect some repressed feelings and emotions from the past.

Usually, because the haunted house represents a building or a structure which is inhabited by spirits that don’t want to leave it, the haunted house with the spirits of dead people, symbolically represents these past issues which you cannot get rid of or cannot easily deal with them.

These issues are possibly controlling you and your reality and your subconscious is sending you the message of the urgency of dealing with them.

Often the issues we’re dealing with and to witch the dream of haunted house points out, are some issues that are unresolved, like bad memories or some negativities in that we cannot seem to get rid of easily.

These can be memories or negative feelings which are related to some past events and these events cause us to have this feeling.

These dreams could also indicate having guilt about some past actions. You might be feeling guilty for something you did or didn’t do.

Maybe you are afraid that the past will come back to haunt you or it is already coming back to haunt you, and you can’t deal with it.

In many cases, a haunted house represents feeling guilty because of something you have experienced in the past.

Maybe you did something bad or said something wrong and now the feeling of guilt is preventing you from moving forward with our life.

The past unresolved issues and resentments can be presented in many different ways and every person should look within themselves and in their life circumstances to discover what that is; that can be a person that keeps coming back at our lives and has a negative influence over us, and we should certainly get rid of that person’s presence.

It can also be some unresolved issue, resentment, or some other feelings we feel towards someone or regarding some situation that we have experienced, but these are all things that we need to be courageous enough to confront and deal with them for good.

In some cases, the haunted House might be symbolic of some past trauma you have experienced in your life, which never seems to disappear.

Regardless of how much time has passed since some bad traumatic events that you have experienced you can’t easily get rid of the fear or some other negative feelings that were a result of that trauma.

If that is the case, this dream of a haunted house is certainly a reminder for your subconscious that it’s time for you to finally deal with the past hurt, which is caused by the trauma, and leave these feelings behind because it’s obvious that they are bothering you.

They are a burden to your subconscious and it is something you should really put an end to.

A dream of a haunted house could also speak of some fears and other negativities that you need to confront and deal with. It is necessary for you to gain the confidence to confront the fears you have.

You need to confront the challenges that you have and by doing that you will clear the space to move forward in your life.

Dreaming about a haunted house could also be a sign that we need to resolve some problems from the past. The time has come to deal with these problems which we have most likely been postponing for a long time and now they have grown and are causing damage to our life.

Often a haunted house represents some business or some project we have started and didn’t finish.

That is something probably related to our past, possibly from the time of our childhood and it might be related with our family; that is why we need to realize the actual things that are bothering us and deal with them.

It important to have in mind that a haunted house represents something that is present in our subconscious and that is weighing us down and preventing our progress. It is something that we need to deal with as soon as possible.

These dreams didn’t come out of nowhere and they are a strong message from our subconscious that these issues we have been ignoring or postponing, are the main reason why we are not achieving our goals and we’re not where we want to be right now.

This is a strong message from our subconscious that we need dig deep into our conscious and discover the things that are bothering us because it is likely that we might not be aware that we have these issues.

We might only be experiencing the problems and consequences in real life as a side effects, but we are often unaware of the subconscious reasons for the problems we are experiencing.

The issues we are looking for are represented by the haunted house and the ghosts that are roaming around.

When you are interpreting a dream about a haunted house, it’s important to consider all the details of the dream.

Dream of Haunted House – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of looking at a haunted house – If you dreamed of looking at a haunted house from outside this dream is usually not a good sign. This dream often indicates that someone in our surroundings has been deceiving us and we should try to determine who that person is.

Dreaming of being inside a haunted house – If you dreamed of being in a haunted house this dream usually is an indication of having some insecurities in certain areas of our life. The area can be determined by the rooms of the haunted house.

For example, the kitchen can relate to issue regarding your diet, the living-room could point out to issues related to communication, while the bedroom could indicate issues related to some relationship matters.

Dreaming of dying in a haunted house – If you dreamed of dying in a haunted house, this dream could reveal something about your personality. Possibly you are a person who doesn’t believe that hard work is necessary to achieve your desires.

Maybe you wait for things to fall into your lap and experience disappointments due to such way of thinking.

This dream is a reminder that things are not always like that, and that you might be asked to put in the work to achieve the success you desire.

Dreaming of being haunted by an evil spirit in a haunted house – If you dreamed of being haunted by an evil spirit in a haunted house, that dream usually isn’t a good sign. It could indicate being filled with negative emotions, like anger and frustration.

It is possible that you are not aware of the negativity which has overwhelmed you and you should consider this dream a warning to look for signs of it.

You should try to confront the issues you have inside because they are preventing you from achieving success. You should also stop harboring resentment towards others because these feelings will only hurt you.

It is necessary to get rid of all kinds of negativity so you can move on with your life unburdened by any past issues.

Dreaming of being in a haunted house and surrounded by monsters – If you dreamed of being in a haunted house and surrounded by monsters, that is not a good dream. It usually indicates still being influenced by some old, possibly childhood trauma and past hurt.

The monsters in the dream represent the feelings of hurt and the memories which are still haunting you.

You might not be aware that the feelings related to the past experience are still inside you, and this dream serves to warn you of the need to confront them because they are influencing you negatively and preventing your progress.

Dreaming of being in a house haunted by a girl – If you dreamed of being in haunted house, haunted by the spirit of a dead girl, this dream is usually not a good sign.

It might indicate that you have some close friend that has not been sincere with you and is probably hiding something from you.

It is possible that this secret that your friend is hiding could be related to some past mistakes or some issues that are now coming to light and could surprise you a lot.