Dream of Being Left Behind – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams are often signals from our subconscious and in some cases they might represent a warning about some serious issues we need to confront and deal with before they begin causing serious damage to our lives.

Especially if these dreams keep recurring, they can indicate that something is strongly bothering us and that we need to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Dreams where we experience being left behind by someone are very significant and they have a powerful message, which is why they shouldn’t be neglected.

Dreams of being left behind can have different meanings, depending on the current life circumstances of the person having such dreams.

These dreams often reveal feeling rejected or somehow different than others.

They could also signify some other things depending on the situation.

If you have such dreams, it is advisable to try to decipher the reasons for having them and try to resolve the issues you possibly have.

Here are some of the potential meanings these dreams could have:

You feel inadequate for some reason

In some cases, we feel inadequate in some situation which makes us feel as if we are left behind by others and we don’t belong there.

That can be some social group we desire to belong to or something similar, but we have a feeling that we don’t fit in which bothers us and makes us feel left outside or ignored.

You feel insecure about someone or something

In great amount of cases, dreams about being left behind are triggered by our own insecurities.

These insecurities could be related to some person or some important thing in our lives, such as the way we look, or our weight, our finances, our career, overall success, friends, partners, etc.

You should try to figure out if there is some symbolism regarding the people who were leaving you behind.

Try to realize if they have something you don’t feel comfortable about, for example, they look extremely good and you have issues and insecurities about the way you look, or they have a lot of money and you struggle with your finances, etc.

Feeling alone and isolated

A dream of being left behind could also reveal your feelings of loneliness and feeling isolated.

You might feel so alone that your subconscious is revealing your feelings through a dream where people are leaving you behind.

Reliving some past experience when someone actually left you behind

Oftentimes, a dream about being left behind is a reflection of something we experienced in real life and our subconscious was somehow reminded about that event.

This dream could be the attempt of our subconscious to make us aware that we probably still haven’t forgotten what happened and we need to confront this memory, so we can release it and be free.

If there’s someone we need to forget, we should do it because it is necessary to obtain peace of mind.

Having doubts about your abilities and skills

Often a dream of being left behind will be a sign of our doubts in our abilities to achieve something we desire.

We might lack confidence in our skills and that could prevent us from going after our goals.

This situation might be symbolically represented through the dream of being left behind.

In this case we might feel left behind by our own inability to confront ourselves and trust more that we are capable to succeed and get what we want.

You feel someone doesn’t like you

In some cases, you might have dreams about someone leaving you behind because you have the feeling that the person doesn’t like you for some reason.

It is certainly a fact that is bothering you or otherwise, you wouldn’t be having such dreams.

If you happen to dream often, you should try to figure out the reasons for feeling this way.

It could often be some wrong interpretation of that person’s words or behavior and it would be wise if that is possible to confront the person with how you feel and try figuring out whether your doubts are justified.

You feel guilty about something you did

Dreams about someone leaving us behind could be triggered by our feelings of guilt and remorse because of something we did.

Possibly you know someone is angry at you for doing something wrong, and that feeling reveals itself through a dream in which that person is leaving you.

In some cases, we might dream that we are the ones who are leaving someone behind.

Usually we have these dreams when we are subconsciously preparing for some kind of change or even leaving some situation in our lives.

Depending on who or what you left behind in your dream, you can determine the type of change you are preparing yourself for.

For example, leaving your apartment to go somewhere might reveal your desire to move to another place, leaving your partner behind might indicate a desire to make some changes in your current relationship or even leave your partner, etc.

A special kind of dream related to being left behind is one where you are being left behind by your partner.

This dream is very important and reveals your current state of emotions regarding your partner.

A dream about your partner leaving you often reveals your fears regarding your partner’s feelings towards you. You probably feel insecure in that relationship and you doubt your partner’s emotions or reasons for being in a relationship with you.

These fears can often be ungrounded and they are based in your own sense of insecurity and lack of self-love. You possibly don’t believe that someone could sincerely love you because you don’t appreciate or love yourself enough.

In this case, if the dream about your partner leaving you behind keeps recurring, the best advice is to try to figure out the reasons for having such dreams in the first place.

If you discover that your partner’s behavior that is making you feel insecure and doubtful of his true intentions, the advice is to have a serious conversation with your partner and tell him what is bothering you.

If, on the other hand, you realize that is your own insecurities that are creating the fear and are the reasons for having these dreams, you should begin working on yourself.

You need to begin loving yourself and appreciating yourself more.

When you begin feeling worthy of your partner’s love, you will certainly begin seeing things differently and most likely stop having these dreams.

Sometimes, your fears of your partner abandoning you are grounded and are based on real life experiences.

Possibly you have been betrayed by your partner or you have a reason to doubt their emotions and sincerity which is why you probably have these dreams.

In this case, the advice is also to confront your partner openly with your feelings and try to resolve the issues which are making you feel fearful about their intentions.

If that doesn’t help, the best way is to end the relationship because the insecurity you feel is causing you a lot of harm and is overwhelming you consciously and subconsciously.

The proof for that are the dreams you’ve been having.

It is important to have a relationship based on trust and real feelings. You should feel confident about yourself and your partner’s feelings towards you.

Insecurity is the cause for many false fears, but these false fears could create a lot of damage to your real life and is better to be aware of that.

These dreams are usually not foretelling you and your partner will split, but they might be very useful in revealing you the issues you have and which could potentially jeopardize your relationship in the future if left unattained.

Our subconscious content usually reveals itself in our dreams, and if the content of the dream is related to someone leaving us behind, we should take the time and discover the reasons which caused it.