Dreams About Caterpillars – Meaning and Interpretation

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A dream world is a beautiful place that can be both exciting and educational.

It is like a movie – a horror, thriller or an excellent, bizarre romantic comedy, but they are also the world from which you can learn a lot about yourself, from a perspective you did not have until now.

Dreams can have, as motives, numerous real and imaginary symbols, oftentimes mixed into an unrealistic world.

Animals, not just the real ones, but also the ones that belong to some old ancient stories and legends.

For example, caterpillars.

It is not uncommon to dream as we think.

If you had, in general, a dream of just one caterpillar, where the accent was on it, not the environment and some other aspects of a dream, it is recommended to be careful because this dream may carry a negative message. Someone wants to do you some harm.

If there have been more caterpillars, also in a neutral “environment,” you can expect that more people will try to harm you, and it is not even a little pleasant.

This dream does not imply that such events will certainly occur, but that there is a chance, so your body and mind are preparing you for such events.

It is recommended for all those who had this dream to resist in real life to harm those who share such negative energy around them and fight for themselves because no one else will!

The caterpillar in a dream speaks of the person who saw it in a dream, a very unpleasant event. Their cause will be the betrayal that people from the dreamer’s closest circle will be capable of.

Even dreams in which a caterpillar can foretell to the dreamer will become a victim of horrible and daring deceptions.

Do not be scared; the dream about caterpillars is not so bad – it is not always a bad indication. The caterpillar can turn into a butterfly and, therefore, can predict favorable changes in the dreamer’s destiny.

Read more about this common and interesting dream; its meaning will surprise you.

Meaning and Symbolism

Let us start with the most common meaning regarding the dream of caterpillars.

It is the dream that suggests that we necessitate going through a big change in life to progress, making sure that we remain flexible in relationships so that we are more open to the opportunities offered to us.

And there will be unexpected offers, hidden in elements that are weird but interesting.

If you feel bad when you had such a dream, according to the dream interpretation, it promises a collision with people of a low, evil, infamous nature. Such dreams seem to remind you that you need to be on guard and avoid various suspicious personalities that you are surrounded by at the current moment (the moment in which you have such a dream).

When there is more than one caterpillar in a dream, then such a dream suggests that new acquaintances will not immediately discover their true identity – at first, they will be able to trust each other, and only then will they reveal their true nature with all their cunning and hypocrisy.

If the caterpillar is in your house, then such a dream means an unjustified antipathy to a person from the immediate environment or some everyday phenomenon. They are usually discouraged in such cases from relying heavily on their negative perceptions of people – they are likely to be wrong and cause bad consequences in their relationships with others.

If your dream is about the intrusion of caterpillars on your garden, it foretells that there is an insidious enemy among your friends who are hiding their true intentions. They want to ruin all that you have, that you have nourished for a long time, and now that time has come to an end.

The dream of caterpillars that are in your bed, for example, is a dream reminder to be careful when choosing friends.

If a caterpillar fell on you in a dream (from a ceiling, for example), then you are by nature a selfish person who often thinks about himself/herself, not paying attention to the plan and the sacrifice regarding the achievement of a goal.

As a result, your plans often cannot be realized. If in a dream you have killed/crushed the caterpillar – you should be disappointed in a friend or lover who is capable of betrayal. It is the dream that is present in your life to remind you that you need to be on guard and avoid various suspicious personalities.

In any case, the most common symbolism regarding this dream about a caterpillar is, in some way, negative, or it can serve as a reminder to be extra careful.

Decoding Dream about Caterpillars 

In some cases, the dream about caterpillars is so interesting because it can be related to the interpersonal relations in the life of the person who has such a dream.

If you had a dream about hairy caterpillars, in that case, in real life, you had an encounter with a person of the opposite sex who could not judge you in real life.

If in a dream you have seen the killing of a caterpillar, in that case, such a dream represents a symbol of transformation, followed by a period of captivity in the body of the “puppet.”

Also, it can be a good symbol that indicated that before a huge success that will turn into a butterfly, expects a path full of difficulties and all kinds of obstacles. For a woman, if she had a dream of killing a caterpillar can even mean a future pregnancy.

If the caterpillar is crawling on you, then it is a bad omen announcing an encounter with bad hypocritical people; you should avoid it and be extra careful when choosing friends.

Then it will be regretted that the first impression turned out to be so deceptive and radically dishonest – which is why the relationship with this person did not turn out. But when the awareness of the unjustifiability of the judgment about him comes, it will be too late – the opportunity for true love is lost.

If you had a dream of holding a caterpillar in hand is also not gratifying dream; one who dreams of it will soon come to the thought that he has no power to endure a relationship with a person who was once desired and loved and then turned into a constant cause of irritability and bitterness.

The caterpillar, touched in a dream, foretells the impending success, and in the case when the caterpillar is very silky and warm, you can expect a good job ahead of us that will bring big profits and occupy a comfortable and strong position.

If the caterpillar in a dream is crawling along a tree branch, then it will probably soon be a long and pleasant recreation; if a caterpillar nest is found in a dream, you can rest easy – protection from all evils is guaranteed. So, the meaning of such a dream can indicate good things in your life.

Seeing that you caught a huge number of caterpillars can be a bad dream that indicates jealousy of someone in your life, of your successful destiny and achievements.

Also, and this is the dream element that must be mentioned – the color of the caterpillars in a dream. A different color speaks of a different message for the person who has this dream.

So, if the caterpillars in a dream were yellow, in that case, such a dream denotes internal energy that is comparable to harmony. This is combined with the intellect that needs to expand more than ever in the current moment, and in that sense, the dream of the yellow caterpillar comes as the signification of the time for that expansion.

If the caterpillar in your dream is red, then such a dream implies that the intensity of emotions which you crave in life or some part of it will be yours very soon, sooner than you expect.

The blue caterpillar, according to the dream symbolism, is connected with the achievement of harmony and balance. The blue caterpillar can also be an indication that very soon; you will find peace in things that have been stressing you for a long time. Now, that time is finally over.

Orange and also caterpillars that are black are very often, according to the dream symbolism, connected to the terms of increase, transformation and are directing the path forward, and it shows what your future orientation should be from now on. Where to look and what to follow.

You do not forget the most common color of the caterpillar that appears as a dream motive, the green caterpillar. Such a motive often appears in dreams, and it is most commonly connected with nature.

It may be the call to spend as much time as you can in nature because you are under major stress and have a hard time dealing with it. It is like an escape from reality to something where you will feel like true you.

A brown caterpillar can also show up as a motive in a dream, and in that case, it symbolizes potential new surroundings. If the caterpillar is multicolored, be happy that you had such a dream since it is, according to the dream symbolism, a positive sign that suggests new opportunities in the expectation.

Also, some people report that they had a dream of strange colored caterpillars, just like the one from the story “Alice in wonderland” that looks so unreal. In this case, such a dream shows your inner connection with the cycle of life. You are living your life, and you are maturing as you should.

It is from your spiritual perspective and indicates that you need to move forward. Something may be wrong with your life, or in more positive caterpillar dreams, everything is going according to plan.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

So, the dream about caterpillars can, depending on the circumstances of a dream, the appearance of the caterpillar itself, be a bad or a good sign.

Always have in mind that nothing is given; it is just an indication of your inner struggles, circumstances, relations, and thought you have on a daily basis.

So, this dream can be an indication of the impending success; a good job ahead of that will bring big profits and occupy a comfortable and strong position. It can even mean protection from all evils.

In general, many caterpillars in a dream are a kind of warning, a sign: such a dream can be followed by a loss – both in the area of ​​personal relationships and at work or in the household. Therefore, it is worth considering the weaknesses of your life.

So, the advice for all those who had a dream of caterpillars, in any form, should think of their lives, where they are right now, and where they will move on.

This is the case since caterpillars are, according to the dream symbolism, attached with transformations and the normal succession of life; in many cases, they speak of the next step, good or bad.

If you had such a dream, try to remember the colors that the caterpillar had since it is a significant element in the understanding of the dream itself. The pigments in the dream are important, but understanding the colors on the caterpillar symbolizes new beginnings, but also life cycles and a warning.

It depends on the kind of tone you see on the caterpillar in a dream. As the caterpillar designates someone’s position in life, it may advise that you relate with good people around you and to avoid all those that are negative and do you harm or are a latent threat.

This dream can be a representation that you may require to fit in adequately emotionally with people who are in your close environment.