Dream of Pregnancy Test – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about pregnancy and pregnancy test most commonly occur in future moms, but also in both future parents and generally in people who plan to have children.

However, usually women who try to stay pregnant have such dreams.

Dreams about pregnancy test occur in other people and in that case, have meaning that is more allegorical.

The concept of birth and pregnancy could be seen as an allegory of birth of an idea, for example.

It is closely related to the concept of creation, since actual pregnancy is, in its own way the most beautiful form of creation, creation of life.

Pregnancy and all related to it represents cycle of life, existence and all that comes along. It is as natural as it is miraculous at the same time.

Pregnancy test is simply a modern day agent to help a woman see if she got pregnant or not.

Any kind of test is usually associated expectations, anticipation, worries, fears, excitement, optimism and pessimism both, joy and sadness.

Tests bring happiness, fulfillment and achievement, just as much as they bring disappointment.

Now, this particular type of test plays with the whole idea of birth of life and that is what it makes it so special.

Before we move onto interpreting the meaning behind dreams about the test itself, let us briefly go through interpretations about dreams about pregnancy, since the two are in close symbolical connection.

Dreams about pregnancy

Dreams about pregnancy usually occur in future moms and women who want to have children.

They also occur in future dads and men who dream about family, but less often.

Women who are already pregnant are very likely to dream about pregnancy. In most of the cases, these dreams reflect their preoccupation with thoughts about the pregnancy as it is.

Some women overly worry about their pregnancy and are afraid for well-being of their unborn baby. Worrying about it make them have all kinds of dreams about pregnancy, from the most dreadful scenarios to the most joyful ones.

For example a pregnant woman could dream about something is wrong with her pregnancy or a baby, even about losing a child or stillbirths.

It does not have to be bad omen, only a reflection of her worries. Pleasant pregnancy dreams also usually reflect positive thoughts a future mother has about the baby, the pregnancy, the delivery and else.

Couples who wish to have kids, particularly women who have difficulties staying pregnant, would often dream about pregnancy.

In that case, it is a reflection of an unfulfilled desire. In those who do not have kids or do not even think about it, dreams about pregnancy are more symbolical. Such dreams often represent a creation of an idea, nurturing one’s own ideas, inventions and so on.

Dreams about pregnancy mean one should take good care about their ideas, be patient and let them grow.

Dreams about pregnancy test

Dreams about pregnancy test often occur in women wanting children, as well as their partners.

Sometimes, such a dream could be a woman’s intuition telling her she got pregnant, whether it was planned or not!

It would be good to check it out, if you suspect anything. In that sense, a dream about pregnancy test could suggest an unexpected turn of events in your life.

A pregnancy test in a dream suggests a major change. It does not necessarily have directly to be connected with childbirth. It has to do with any major changes in life, planned or sudden.

Of course, if the test was actually applied in a dream, the meaning of the whole dream depends on the test results and a dreamer’s emotions related to those results.

Dreams about getting a pregnancy test

Dreams about getting a pregnancy test, buying it at a pharmacy store and applying it are associated with things you suspect are about to happen in waking life.

If you are a woman planning pregnancy, the dream is clear; you want to know if it will happen, when will it happen and so on.

A future dad could also dream about the same. Any person who wants to have children could have a dream about it.

Getting a pregnancy test done in a dream, but not feeling quite good about it, means you expect some things to happen, but you are deeply insecure about them.

Maybe you and your partner are considering having children, but are still not quite sure about it. Maybe you even doubt a relationship you are in. In the more symbolical sense, the test means you want to challenge your own ideas.

You want to apply some kind of test upon your own ideas, in order to see whether they actually work or not.

Now, depending on the results of the test, you might feel disappointed or relieved, in any of the scenarios given.

We will see what different results and reactions to them could indicate in a dream.

Dreams about never learning the results of a pregnancy test

On the other hand, if you bought a pregnancy test, but never applied it, it means you are unready to face the truth about something in waking life.

You are probably unready to take the next step in your relationship and start a family.

Maybe you are unready to face consequences for something you did in reality.

If you got the test and applied it, but never seen any results, it means you are in great anticipation of something in your life, but there are still obstacles to it.

You want to know what lies in front of you, you try hard to get certain answers, but somehow they always slip away.

Maybe the dream is trying to tell you to wait, be more patient and the answers will come just in time meant for it.

Dreams about a positive pregnancy test results

Dreams about positive results of a pregnancy test have different meanings, mainly depending on your feelings towards such results. I

f you are actually planning pregnancy or to become a parent, the positive result in a dream could really encourage you and make you feel very good about it.

The dream could simply be a good sign about the pregnancy itself.

If your current reality has nothing to do with having family and children, the positive result is a confirmation of your work. It will most likely pay off and bring you great satisfaction and success.

You should be very happy about it and think positively about your efforts.

However, if it happens you feel odd about getting positive pregnancy test result, the meaning might be different.

People planning pregnancy could feel strangely uncomfortable about getting positive results, because it actually means the thing is happening for real. It is a major change in anyone’s life.

A future mother could be scared about her own health, worried about whether the pregnancy will go well or not. The dream is a test of people’s readiness to have children at all.

If there is no real life association with pregnancy and ideas related to it, the negative feeling also comes from fear. A person might be insecure about their abilities, qualities and else.

Sometimes such a dream means a person thinks he or she does not deserve the success, the praise and admiration from others.

The dream reflects the fear of success, which is, in fact, a very common feeling.

Dreams about a negative pregnancy test results

Dreams about negative pregnancy test results also have different meanings. Thos who think about having children could feel gravely disappointed after receiving negative results in a dream.

The dream reflects the fear of loss, the fear that something will go wrong with the pregnancy.

If they struggle to have kids, the dream definitely reflects their worries and overall anxiety that accompany their efforts.

However, if they feel relieved, it means they are not ready to make such a major change in life. Maybe it is only a challenge. Their subconscious plays tricks, in order to make them come clear with their desires.

A relief upon receiving negative pregnancy test results means a dreamer is unready for making major changes.

Just as in the previous case, this relief could be associated with changes that are not negative themselves, but would represent too much of a burden for a dreamer.

For example, a great success in any field is usually thought of as desirable, but people often forget that responsibilities are much greater with a greater success.

The dream indicates you will probably avoid such thing or that you will make a decision that would make you feel content.