Dreaming of Dead Grandmother – Interpretation and Meaning

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Grandmother in dreams symbolizes warmth, good luck, support, both material and spiritual as well as success in business.

For example, in a dream where you don’t see your grandmother clearly, but you know that she is present, that dream is a sign of financial support and help usually received by some relatives.

Dreaming of your grandmother usually symbolizes life wisdom and experiences. This dream symbolically represents the knowledge which is available to you.

Dreams about your grandmother could be a warning about your health and a reminder to pay more attention to it. Sometimes, these dreams represent an announcement of upcoming health issues.

If you dreamed of your grandmother who was looking tired and sick that dream is not a good sign and indicates your inability to change some circumstances in your life.

Seeing a grandmother in a dream unexpectedly is also a bad sign, and indicates difficulties and obstacles you could soon encounter and no one will be there to give you a much needed advice.

A happy and smiling grandmother is a sign of help and support of friends and close relatives to overcome some difficulties.

Because of the beautiful and loving relationship we have with them, we continue dreaming of our grandmothers even when they are dead.

Dreaming of Dead Grandmother – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming of seeing and talking to dead people often indicates unresolved issues you have with these people and your subconscious is searching for a way to release the burden you could be feeling because of something you did or didn’t do while these people were alive.

These dreams are often an indication of being in the company of people who are a negative influence over you. Dreams about dead people often symbolize material losses.

If the person died many years ago, the dream usually reflects the similarity of some situation like when the person was still alive to some current circumstances you are in.

Dreams about dead relatives are common dreams, especially the ones related to our close relatives, such as our parents or grandparents. These dreams usually reveal the sadness you still feel because of their loss and the inability of your subconscious to accept that fact.

This dream indicates that the grieving period isn’t over for you, regardless of the time which has passed from the moment they died.

We often dream about our dead grandmothers. A dream about a dead grandmother could be a disturbing experience, especially if you two were close while she was alive. These dreams can be incredibly realistic and you are usually not aware that your grandmother isn’t alive anymore. Sometimes you know that she is dead but you are happy that isn’t true.

These dreams bring back memories of our dead grandmother which can be good or bad and that feeling follows us throughout the day.

This dream usually leaves you wondering about the significance of this dream, and whether it carried a special message from your grandmother to you.

A dream of a dead grandmother often symbolizes grief and sadness.  Even if many years have passed since she is gone, you still remember her vividly and feel sadness because of her departure.

These feelings are buried deep inside your subconscious and they usually reappear when something, often some daily event triggers them.

Death is a very disturbing event, one which is difficult to recover from when are loved ones are the ones which have passed away. For that reason, the dream of your dead grandmother is usually a reflection of your undying love for your grandmother and the fact that you still miss her.

Sometimes, these dreams represent our grief for not being able to spend time with our grandmother anymore and our desire to do just that, even knowing that it is impossible.

Dreams of a dead grandmother are often a sign of good luck and happiness we are about to experience.

Grandmothers are our greatest helpers and supporters during the period of growing up.

Many people have spent their entire childhood with their grandmothers and they have thought them many things they still incorporate in their lives. Maybe you dream about your dead grandmother because you miss the feeling of being protected and supported, the way you felt when she was around.

In some cases, your dead grandmother in your dream is actually sending you some important messages regarding your life and current life circumstances. Because of that it is important to remember the details of the dream and the words she spoke.

Often in our dream our dead grandmother says words of forgiveness for something bad we did and still feel guilty about. Such a dream is often a way of our subconscious to deal with the feelings of guilt and release them somehow.

We often dream about our dead grandmothers when we feel stressed by our daily circumstances and we need relief of our anxiousness.

Many people consider their dead grandparents and other relatives as their guardian angels who appear to them in difficult situations to offer their help and support. They appear in symbolic forms, mostly through dreams and other symbolic signs.

If you consider your dead grandmother your guardian angels possibly her appearance in your dream is a sign of her support and guidance. Consider this dream as the support she is sending you to help you go through the difficulties you are facing.

We should not forget that the meaning of a dream about a dead grandmother depends on our feelings about her and the associations we have related to her.

Following are some possible scenarios of dreams about a dead grandmother.

Dreaming of your dead grandmother in general – A dream of a dead grandmother usually indicates that you still miss her very much and you are sad because she isn’t alive anymore. This dream is often considered a sign of soon experiencing a stroke of good luck and receiving some good news which will make you happy.

Sometimes, this dream signifies a warning about your behavior or distancing yourself from your family.

If you dreamed of your dead grandmother that dream could be a sign of some significant changes you could soon experience in life and these changes could both be good or bad, depending on the other circumstances of the dream. This dream could both be a warning or a good sign.

Dreaming of meeting your dead grandmother in the cemetery – If you dreamed of meeting your dead grandmother in the cemetery that dream is a good sign, possibly symbolizing some fortunate changes you could experience.

Dreaming of talking to your dead grandmother – If you dreamed of talking to your dead grandmother, that dream is usually a bad sign and indicates the possibility of something bad happening to you soon. This dream warns you to be attentive in the upcoming days and avoid dangerous situations.

This dream often indicates feeling that some problems are heading towards you and you will need help and support in overcoming them.

This dream symbolically reveals your desire to receive your grandmother’s help and advice in this situation.

Dreaming of your dead grandmother smiling at you – If you dreamed of your dead grandmother smiling at you that dream is usually a good sign, and symbolizes good luck you could soon experience. It could indicate encountering some new acquaintances which could become good friends to you.

This dream often indicates social gatherings and pleasant moments spent in the company of friends and acquaintances. This dream could also indicate bad luck regarding your business.

For singles, this dream indicates a possibility of soon meeting a new romantic interest through some family member and this new acquaintanceship could turn out to be a new romantic relationship.

Dreaming of hugging your dead grandmother – If you dreamed of hugging your dead grandmother, that dream could indicate a possible failure of some current projects, but also an encouragement to keep putting in efforts because you will eventually succeed to finish that project.

Dreaming of your dead grandmother asking you to go with her – If you dreamed that your dead grandmother was asking you to go somewhere with her, that dream is not a good sign, warning you to watch out for potential danger or some accidents happening to you soon.

Dreaming of your dead grandmother as if she is still alive – If you dreamed of your dead grandmother as she is alive, that dream could reveal that you are currently in a bad mood or overly emotional and nervous due to lack of sleep. It is a sign that you need more rest. This dream could also be a sign of improvement of your relationship with family members.

Dreaming of your dead grandmother cooking – If you dreamed your dead grandmother was cooking, that dream could indicate having health issues with your digestion.

Dreaming of your dead grandmother at work – If you dreamed your dead grandmother was at work, that dream could be a sign of a job change or relocation in the near future.

Dreaming of a dead mother and other living family members – If you dreamed about your dead grandmother and other living family members that dream could be a sign of some difficult problems and issues you could soon encounter. This dream possibly reveals issues you have with some family member and the tension which is present among you.

Possibly your subconscious expect more problems to arise due to these unresolved circumstances.

Maybe the appearance of your dead grandmother in such a dream reveals your need for help and support to go through these difficulties and resolve the problems you have.

Dreaming of quarreling with your dead grandmother – If you were quarrelling with your dead grandmother in a dream, that dream usually indicates being confused about your priorities in life. This dream is often a sign of inner conflict about what your goals are and encourages you to begin resolving it by deciding on your goals and setting the priorities in accomplishing them.