Dreams About Airport – Interpretation and Meaning

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Our dreams are an incredible realm of fantastical scenarios and many hidden meanings that could help us better understand our lives in reality.

So far, experts and common people have not come to the conclusion upon the nature of dreams. We still cannot tell either dreams represent only mixture of our subconscious thoughts or those scenarios are random.

Some people believe dreams are a realm in between, a fantastical world that exists on a special level. We do not know, but dreams intrigue us and we try to interpret them.

However, almost all of people agree dreams do have to do something with our deeply hidden thoughts and emotions. We believe partially dreams do reflect our waking life and vice versa.

Thus, dreams could be very helpful. Dreams about specific locations are very interesting in that sense, just as particular locations have their symbolic meanings in reality.

Today we talk about airports and dreams related to this place. Airports are places of both leaving and return; basically, airports symbolize journey, adventure, going away and returning home.

Airport symbolism is generally clear; however, what does it mean to have a dream featuring an airport? Did you dream about waiting at the airport or returning from abroad by a plane?

What did you do at the airport in your dream? Was it crowded or empty? These are few questions you could ask yourself after waking up from an airport related dream.

Think about specific details about this dream. In following paragraphs, we will try to help you understand the exact meaning behind your airport dream adventure.

Dreams about airports are usually associated with ideas and concepts of self-development, breaking up with someone or something, future, goals and ideals in reality.

Airports are places of departure or return; you rarely stay longer at an airport.

These are also places where past and future often collides, places of decisions, as well. All of that make airports powerful dream motifs.

Dreams about an empty airport

Dreams about an empty airport are suggesting you are likely to feel disappointed about certain things in your life, especially those related to your plans. Things you have planned are being stopped or delayed and you feel disappointed by that fact.

You are not as angry as you could be, but you feel down. Such a dream could be more closely related to airport general symbolism, a journey.

For example, you have planned your vacation to details, but certain situation occurred out of nowhere, so now you have to stay at home. An empty airport in dreams could also represent losing hope.

Some of your plans are definitely not going to be fulfilled and you have to accept that fact, no matter how distressing it may be.

You have to embrace the reality the way it is. An empty airport symbolizes lost dreams, lost goals and desires that cannot be fulfilled.

This motif occurs in your dreams to make you realize some things should actually stay out of your reach, in order to direct you towards new and more fortunate goals.

Dreams about a crowded airport

Dreams about crowded airport are generally good, especially if you find yourself at the airport in order to board a plane.

This dream symbolizes departures and breaking up with old habits. This dream could symbolize you are going to stand out of the mass; you are currently searching for a way to make your statement in reality.

A crowded airport symbolizes your social environment. It means you are going to be noticed, appreciated and rewarded for your contribution to the community.

On the other hand, if you feel extremely uncomfortable or you are running through the crowd, desperately trying to find someone or something, this dream could be a reflection of your unwillingness to break the circle in reality.

Maybe someone in your life is leaving (for example, moving abroad) and you have hard times dealing with that fact.

Dreams about waiting for someone at the airport

If you dream about waiting for someone at the airport, it means you are going to receive some news in reality, either good or bad. However, you have waited for certain information for too long and you will finally hear what it is about.

If you are calm while waiting, it means you are ready to face consequences of your doings and you feel at peace with yourself.

This dream could also mean your troubles are coming to an end or problems you have will be successfully solved.

Dreams about waiting for someone could be reflection of your relationship with a person from reality. Perhaps you will start a romantic relationship with someone you have waited for long.

You had a lot of understanding and patience and now the person realizes you are the right one.

If you wait for someone you know, but a stranger appears instead, it means you are likely to meet someone new and inspiring in your waking life.

Dreams about boarding a plane

Dreams about boarding a plane are dreams that represent optimism, determination and focus.

You are ready to break up toxic relationship, to leave things you cannot improve and to head for some new horizons. You have made up your mind and there is nothing to stop you.

This dream has a positive meaning and it suggests your determination to change things will prove very good. You are going to accept new opportunities and you feel extremely confident about it.

Dreams about boarding a plane reflect your adventurous personality.

You need to get moving and you feel stuck in the moment. Even if your life seems fine and stable, you need to shake it up. You need excitement, so you are going to make some really big changes in your life.

Others might think you are foolish, rushing and you risk too much, but you do not care. You know you have to live your life to the fullest in order to feel happy.

Dreams about boarding a plane also symbolize an end of a relationship.

You have to let go someone very dear to you. It could be related to romantic relationship breakup, an end of a friendship for any reason or even trying to cope with the death of someone you loved.

Either way, this dream symbolizes your way through any of these situations. Perhaps you still torment yourself in reality, but the dream suggests you should move on, because life goes on anyway.

Dreams about landing

Dreams about landing could be both positive and negative. On a good side, this dream implies your plans are going to be fulfilled and projects you have started done and finished successfully.

This dream suggests your dedication will pay off and now you could relax.

This dream also means you are going to reunite with people you have not seen for long; for example, you return to your homeland and your family, you meet friends from the past and start having time together again and so on. This is a dream about reunions, endings in a positive way, accomplishments and steadiness.

On a negative side, this dream could suggest you are feeling lonely in reality. You are constantly around people, but somehow, you do not feel as if you belong with them.

Anywhere you go, the feeling stays the same. This dream commonly occurs in people who travel a lot in reality and live in various towns.

Since they are always on the move, they find it hard to keep relations with people lively or to develop a deeper connection.

Dreams about missing a flight

Dreams about missing a flight are particularly frustrating and they are usually related to any type of loss.

This dream could reflect your fear of losing a job or your difficulty with dealing with such a situation in reality.

It could also mean your plans are going to fail and you cannot do a single thing to prevent that from happening.

This dream also symbolizes bad news that are coming all of a sudden.

You feel frustrated and lost in reality and you are extremely anxious. You have to sit down, breathe in and think slowly. Try to be rational; what is the worst thing that could happen?

Dreams about missing a flight often occur in people with anxiety and they reflect irrational fears.

Dreams about missing a flight could also mean you have taken too many responsibilities and tasks. You have overestimated your own capabilities, capacities and potential; you cannot deal with everything at the same time.

That is why you have started missing out things.

Try to be more organized and tactful in your waking life. This dream suggests you should be patient and focused on fewer things than you currently are.

In addition, it also suggests you should not freak out when plans change, but try to accept changes as a regular part of everyone’s life, yours included.