Dreams About Chicken – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams about chicken could hide various meanings. The true symbolism behind your dream is hidden in details, so it is good to remember everything you can about chicken in your dream; what were they doing, did they appear healthy and calm or something else.

Chicken are not that common dream motif, but such dreams come in many forms. You could dream about only seeing chicken, about chicken eggs, taking care about chicken, but also about killing them or eating chicken meat.

Chicken are domesticated birds and we get so much from them; they are highly valuable to humans and yet, we take them for granted.

They belong to a large family of birds with fairly similar characteristics. Speaking about chicken related dreams, we usually think of common chicken you could see at the countryside, for example. Chicken are not demanding animals and their nature as generally calm.

Chicken in dreams are often a symbol of home and relationships between you and your closest ones.

These birds represent family, family bonds, parenthood and especially relationship between a mother and a child.

Chickens could also be associated with material well being and your financial situation. They could be either good or bad omen, depending on how you see them in your dreams.

Chickens often symbolize community and  anything related to social life.

Dreams about seeing chicken

Dreams about seeing chicken could mean different things, especially depending on how the chicken looked like. Try to remember such details; it is not the same if the chicken was skinny or well fed, for example.

Generally speaking, a chicken represent cowardice and the lack of will, but could also symbolize positive concepts, such as wealth and fortune.

If you dream about seeing chicken and you want to understand the meaning behind the dream, carefully think through relations with people in your waking life, in the first place. If you dream about a fat, well-fed chicken, it is a good omen.

It means you will be rewarded for your effort and/or you will receive great honor. People respect you for what you are doing, admire you and think you are a brave, honest and a truly inspiring individual.

Most likely, you have done something important for the community.

You have dedicated yourself to some sort of humanitarian goals and now your efforts came visible to all. You are proud of yourself and you definitely deserve respect and appreciation.

If you dream about a skinny, hungry chicken, it is not a good sign. A skinny chicken symbolizes humiliation and shame.

Most probably, you are likely to experience an unpleasant situation and to be put into very uncomfortable position, because of others. Someone will accuse you of something you have not done, but you will be incapable of fighting back, because no one believes you.

You are surrounded by lies and you have to find the way out such a toxic environment on your own. People in your surroundings have no trust in you, because if false accusations.

Dreams about chicken eggs

Dreams about chicken eggs are good. Eggs represent new beginnings, new life, rebirth, roots, protection, wisdom, knowledge and much more. Think about your current situation and try to associate any of eggs symbolic meanings with your waking life.

Chicken eggs, if they are whole, of course, represent ideas that are yet to be put to light. This dream reminds you some things take time to get in shape, so you should perhaps wait a bit more.

You have some awesome ideas and plans, but keep still, take care of them and wait for the right moment. If you dream about a chicken lying on eggs, it is also a fortunate sign.

It means you will have success in your love life, which could result in finding a perfect partner and starting a new chapter of life together.

Dreams about a chicken on eggs are also reminders that you need patience in life, especially when it comes to family, mutual happiness, general and material well-being. You should value every single step you take and trust people who support you.

Always keep your bonds with those closest strong and full of mutual understanding, care, kindness and love.

Dreams about chickens

If you dream about a chicken with chicks, it is usually a good sign, especially if animals appear to look good, healthy and tranquil.

This dream usually symbolizes wedding or a similar happy event that celebrates the glory and beauty of love and life. This dream means either someone you are really close with will soon get married or have children or the symbolism is about you.

Even if you are not thinking about any of this, the dream suggests you are likely to meet your future lifelong partner.

If you are in a relationship and your partner and you are planning or thinking about spending the rest of your lives together, this dream is a reflection of all those ideas.

It is also a good omen and it means that your relationship is strong and stable.

This dream could also mean that you will have children soon and that your children will be healthy, happy and satisfied with the life you give them.

If you are planning children, relax about your future plans and all concerns, because a hen with chickens is a fortunate sign for all family related ideas.

Dreams about a dead chicken

Dreams about a dead chicken are negative. If you dream about a dead chicken, it means you have lost control over your life. It means you are under deep and strong influence of someone in your surroundings.

You do not think by your own head and you lack self-esteem.

People with selfish intentions see that and simply use it for their own good. The person has no good intentions towards you and it could even be someone who simply enjoys hurting others to make themselves look good.

Eventually, everyone will see that, but that does not mean you should let him or her hurt you. You should be cautious when opening up to someone. Think carefully of what and to who do you say things.

There are, of course, people who are supportive and good, but also those disguised. Do not act foolishly and accept all offers without thinking through.

This dream reflects your frustration about feeling helpless and weak. Perhaps you are even aware of the person or people manipulating you, but you do not stand up to protect yourself, because you lack courage and self-esteem.

You end u feeling like a coward and being truly angry with yourself. This helplessness is symbolically represented as a dead chicken in your dreams.

Dreams about killing chicken

Dreams about killing a chicken have different meanings. If you dream about killing a chicken, this dream could symbolize your need and will to conquer your cowardly side.

You have finally reached the point of not being capable of tolerating being controlled and manipulated by others anymore. You really want to take your life back and do things your own way. In that sense, dreams about killing a chicken are positive.

However, this dream could also suggest you are destroying good things in your life, because of your own deep insecurity.

You would rather end a relationship with a dear person than risk to be emotionally hurt because of some imaginary reasons you do not even know would happen at all.

You are angry with yourself and you feel as if you have to be punished for such thoughts.

Think about consequences; if you turn everyone away, you will definitely end up feeling miserable. Think about the life you have, not about what negativities could possibly come your way.

Dreams about eating chicken

If you dream about eating chicken, it is good. This dream is a fortunate sign and a good omen for your near future. It means your life is about to get better, especially in terms of material well.-being and finances.

This dream suggests you should relax and enjoy your life; you do not have to be on the move all the time.

What you have done so far will definitely pay off, so you should slow down, in order to truly see it and enjoy the positive outcomes. Eating chicken symbolizes successful business and promising projects.

On the other hand, dreams about eating chicken could be related to your emotional life. It is also a fortunate sign and it means you will feel satisfied and good about yourself.

If you see prepared chicken meat in your dream, it means you are likely to receive good news, to experience a pleasant situation, to get some additional money and, above all, to be very healthy.

Seeing chicken meat always represents something good and positive, so you should relax and have no worries about this dream.

Dreams about eating chicken are not as common as other dreams, but are definitely fortunate.