Dreams About Iguanas – Meaning and Symbolism

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Iguanas are herbivorous lizards native to the tropical areas of South and Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico.

These lizards can reach the length of up to 1.8 meters including the tail. Different types of scales cover different areas of their body and they can vary in color.

These animals have an excellent vision and they can discern different colors, shapes, shadows and movement at long distances.

On the other hand, they are usually hard to spot because they have an ability to blend in their surroundings.

Iguanas are not animals most people see often. Most of us will never see it alive or in the wilderness.

Yet, these animals find their ways into our dreams and that usually has some significance for our lives.

Dreams about reptiles could be related to some of our instinctive reactions and feelings.

They could also be related to our sense of survival as well as some automatic reactions and needs that are unconscious.

Because they shed their skin periodically, reptiles in our dreams could indicate the inevitable changes we need to go through and accept.

Often a dream about lizards and iguanas in particular could be a sign from our subconscious that some change is approaching and that we need to do all we can to protect ourselves to go through the change as easy as possible.

In some cases, a dream about iguanas could also indicate keeping under control our self-destructive tendencies and not letting our instincts and urges lead us into danger or cause us harm.

The dream is reminding us to use our brains and make rational decisions and actions, rather than instinctive and based on our urges.

Sometimes dreams about iguanas could be a sign from our subconscious to examine whether your life and actions are exclusively dominated by your urges and instinctive needs.

You need to realize whether these actions have been jeopardizing you in some way and whether a need exist for you to change your behavior in some way.

Because iguanas shed their old skin, dreams about iguanas could symbolically represent getting rid of something that doesn’t serve us anymore.

These dreams could indicate getting rid of people who are a bad influence or fill us with negativity.

They could also indicate finally getting rid of some bad habit that has been detrimental to our health and wellbeing.

They could be a sign of leaving the hurtful past behind because it was only preventing our progress. Iguanas in dreams are often a sign of personal transformation for the better.

These dreams could sometimes reveal your fear of someone who makes you feel bad and unworthy.

Sometimes it indicates needing to put other people’s needs before yours and feeling bad because of that.

Iguana in your dream could also symbolize something or someone you find intimidating or domineering over you.

Dreaming of having a pet iguana – If you dreamed of having an iguana as your pet, that dream could reveal your tendency to manipulate other people, especially the ones that are close to you.

Maybe you have a tendency to use fear to make someone be with you or stay with you. Maybe you tend to scare someone or make them feel unpleasant using the fact that they are dependent on you.

Dreaming of being an iguana – If you dreamed of being an iguana, that dream could indicate your strength and invincibility. Maybe you are faced with a lot of difficulties in life but you are not planning to give up on your dreams.

This dream could also reveal your fear of becoming unemotional because of the hardships you need to go through.

Dreaming of seeing an iguana or iguanas – A dream about iguanas is often a sign of potential attack from your enemies and people who don’t like you. This usually refers to people at work who cannot stand your success and would do anything to remove you from the pedestal you have put yourself on with hard work and your achievements.

You are probably a very responsible person who does all their duties on time and doesn’t like people who are avoiding doing their part of the job.

It is advisable to look carefully when you are signing documents because you might easily enter their trap.

Seeing an iguana in a dream could also be a sign of earning some money or additional income.

This dream could sometimes indicate the ending of your relationship due to mistrust or betrayal by your partner.

Dreaming of a dead iguana – If you dreamed of a dead iguana, you should consider that dream as a warning. It is possible that you could experience difficulties or sadness for some reason in the near future.

This dream could also indicate fake friends and people from your surroundings trying to betray you or trap you in some way, but fortunately, you will be able to see through their intentions and prevent them from harming you.

A dead iguana is usually a sign of defeating your enemies.

Dreaming of iguana shedding its skin – If you dreamed of an iguana that was shedding its skin that dream is a good sign, and indicates changes and transformations for the better.

Prepare yourself to experience some major improvements in your life.

This dream could also indicate getting rid of the old to make space for new things to enter your life.

That often means ending an old relationship to find a person that will love and respect you the way you desire.

It could also indicate leaving the old job where you feel drained and used by your employers, to find a job that will fulfill you and make you satisfied.

Dreaming of a color changing iguana – If you dreamed of an iguana that was changing colors, that dream often indicates the need to adapt to some situation or circumstances, or adapt to some person.

It could be very inconvenient for you to accept that fact, but you know that is for your own good.

This dream could also indicate someone’s deceiving behavior.

Maybe you are prone to deceiving others to gain some benefit, or you are prone to be deceived by others.

This dream could be a warning of potential betrayals and deceits that the dreamer could experience soon.