Why Do I Keep Dreaming About the Same Person?

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It often happens to dream about the same person frequently, if not every night in a row.

Dreaming of the same person night after night could make us feel very upset and worried.

If it is a person we know and care about, it is inevitable that we begin worrying if these dreams have some bad meaning related to that person, and wondering if something horrible is going to happen to this person.

Usually dreams about the same person reveal the state of our inner being.

We most likely think about that person for some reason during the day, and the dreams simply reflect our daily thoughts.

Dreams only demonstrate where our focus is, and in this case, it is obviously on the person we keep dreaming about often.

You are most likely familiar with the reasons you think about this person.

This person might have hurt you somehow, or you are romantically interested in this person, but you don’t have any emotional response from this person, or you might have done something wrong to this person and you feel guilty, etc.

This list can go on and on, and it can be as long as the diversity of possible human experiences with other people can be, which is indefinite.

In this text we will try to give you some clues as to why you keep having these dreams about the same person, and it is up to you to solve the complete puzzle and decipher the reasons for having them.

For example, you might be having recurring dreams about the same person because: 

You like this person very much and you wish this person was a part of your life

Yes, one of the simplest explanations of your recurring dreams about the same person is the fact that you really, really like this person and you think about this person constantly, and that goes on while you are asleep as well.

In some cases, you might not even be aware of this fact, and these dreams could actually help you realize your feelings.

This dream could be an encouragement to approach this person and inform her about how you feel.

You never know what might happen, and be brave enough to try fulfilling your desires.

If you get rejected, at least you will know that you have tried everything and you will be able to move on, without tormenting yourself anymore with thoughts about this person.

You feel guilty because of your behavior towards this person

You might dream about the same person night after night if you have some feelings of guilt towards this person. You might have done something to this person you now regret doing. You might have also poorly behaved towards this person or didn’t do something you should have done regarding this person.

Now you probably don’t know how to repay or correct your mistake, so your subconscious is sending you these dreams as a way to try to make you deal with this situation somehow so you can find relief.

The solution is simple. If there isn’t a way to amend your wrongdoings, then simply try to talk to this person and apologize.

That is maybe the exact thing you should do, to find your peace.

The worst scenario happens if the person you keep dreaming of and have a guilty conscious about isn’t alive anymore. If that is the case, try to forgive yourself for the way you treated this person, and move on with your life.

There is nothing more you can do in this situation. If you don’t do that, your guilt will continue haunting you and keeping you in the past, preventing you from moving on.

You wish this person to be alive again

We often have recurring dreams about our loved ones who have departed. It is a way our conscious is trying to keep them alive at least in our dreams.

These dreams often reveal your deep sadness and grief over this person, and your desire to bring them back into your life.

The fact that these dreams happen often, reflects the inability of the people having these dreams to accept the fact that the person they dream of is no longer alive. Instead of doing that, they continue thinking about them intensely.

For some people, dreams about their deceased loved ones represent a consolation and create pleasant feelings as if they have really interacted with these people.

For others, these dreams are disturbing and keep reminding them that these people are no longer in their lives.

This person reminds you of something

In many cases, dreaming about some person reminds you of some facts which could be important for you.

You might remember a period of your life when you used to hang around with this person.

Maybe you subconsciously want to revive some feelings you had during this period.

You might have felt happy and satisfied and you want to go back to that place again, at least in your dreams.

You see this person often or spend much time with this person

Another simple explanation of your recurring dreams about the same person could be the fact that you see this person way too much or you spend a lot of time together.

This person could be someone close, like a sibling, or a close friend you tend to be around often, and you simply continue seeing this person in your dreams as well.

Your dreams are simply a continuation of your daily events with this person.

If that is the case, these dreams are simply a reflection of your reality and there isn’t a special meaning attached to them, and no psychological issues you need to deal with. If the circumstances change, and you stop seeing this person as much, you will probably stop dreaming about her as well.

You miss this person

We often dream about people we miss a lot. Those people can be our friends and acquaintances who are now living at a distance and we haven’t seen them in a long while.

They can also be our family members or relatives who we don’t see often because they don’t live in the same town or we simply don’t have time to see them often.

Recurring dreams about these people usually reveal that you miss them and you desire to see them soon and spend time together.

Consider this dream a reminder to contact them and organize a meeting with them if you can. If it isn’t possible to travel to see them or they coming to see you, you should at least call them and show them that you care and think about them.

You could also miss someone you distanced yourself from or that person distanced from you.

That can be an estranged romantic partner; someone you were in a relationship with. Even though you are no longer together, you probably still think about this person a lot and you possibly desire to be with this person again.

You could be obsessed with feelings and thoughts about this person, so you keep seeing this person in your dreams as well. If you realize that you want to be with this person again, it is wise to stop tormenting yourself and contact her.

That way you will soon know where you stand because if that person isn’t interested in you, you will soon find out that.

And if this person feels the same way about you and is only reluctant to make the first step, than you will do the right thing by taking action, and you will both end up happy together.

The person is the main actor of your recurring nightmares

Sometimes it happens that we have nightmares about some people, and we have them night after night.

The person you have nightmares about could be someone you know or it can be a complete stranger.

Nightmares could be a reflection of some terrifying events we have experienced in the past, and these events are coming back to haunt us.

The people involved in these horrible events often appear in our nightmares because our subconscious is replaying the event, unable to deal with it.

It often happens that people, who were victims of some monstrous people, keep dreaming about them long after their experiences happen.

These people often require professional help in dealing with their fears and phobias which lead to such dreams.

It takes healing and a lot of time to put horrible events behind and continue your life without residues from the past.