Dreams About Eagles – Interpretation and Meaning

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Eagles, kings amongst all the birds, admirable masters of air, flight and hunt, are probably one of the animals people have the most respect for.

Since many centuries ago, eagles have been considered the ultimate symbol of freedom and victory.

These dangerous and wonderful air creatures have been a great inspiration for all of us; they symbolize the idea of higher knowledge, independence, morality and the highest of values we could think of.

These large birds are impressive, by all means.

Just a single look at their wide wings, strong bodies, proud faces and sparkling eyes make you think of eagles as true emperors of the heights we could only dream of reaching.

Eagles wake u the flame of glory, pride, self-confidence and determination, in all of us.

Of the Eagle is your totem animal, then you are a truly blessed person.

Eagle general symbolism

Eagles are a common motif in art, literature, heraldry and many of modern designs. From ancient times until the day, eagle motifs were used as powerful metaphors.

For example, an eagle could be found in various types of national standards all over the world, while, at the same time, it is commonly featured on logo designs of all sorts of companies, on sport team emblems and so on.

Whatever the use is, the message an eagle motif sends is the same. These massive and beautiful birds symbolize bravery, honor, loyalty, glory and victory.

They stand for all that is priceless, highly valued and respected. Eagles symbolize the purity of independent thought.

Eagles also stand for uncorrupted authority, royalty and leadership. Born to rule, that is what eagles are, but to rule honorably and faithfully to the cause. These proud birds symbolize dignity, trustfulness, dominance and optimism.

In even more spiritual and a bit more intimate symbolical sense, eagles represent the freedom and the independence of thoughts and emotions.

Their flight over high skies symbolically implies nothing is impossible and unreachable to us, if we only learn how to fly high.

Metaphorically, it means that the spirit of the Eagle could lead you everywhere you would like to.

No wonder eagles have been one of the favorite animals for shape shifting shamans.

Dreams about eagles

Dreams about eagles are highly motivational and inspirational. These dreams are meant to remind you of what your true qualities are and what are the values you follow.

Dreams about eagles remind us that many things we think of as unimaginable are actually possible.

Eagle related dreams are good reminders of our own strengths and advantages; these are dreams of ambition, success, life path, destiny and the circle of life.

Dreaming about animals that are considered some of the most royal and the bravest are always encouraging dreams and they could come to any person, no matter of his or hers actual situation.

Such dreams sometimes simply reflect a dreamer’s sense of importance, value and self-respect.

In other cases, such dreams should remind you of these values and they do occur in people lacking their focus, will and self-esteem. If you try very hard, you will find out that there is an eagle’s heart deep within your personality, even if you feel weak and down.

The dream is to wake up that hidden, quiet flame within your soul.

Dreams about eagles are, in the first place, dreams of freedom and independence. If you dream about this marvelous sky ruler, it means you probably feel under pressure, caged and restricted in reality.

Dreams about eagles inspire us to find our goals in life, to unleash our thoughts and open up our minds for new possibilities, new opportunities and step through doors we could never imagine we would.

Most of people get stuck in one of the phases of their life and, paradoxically, feel at the same time locked in and completely lost.

Eagle dreams should inspire us to break the chains and dare to experience something new.

Dreams about seeing an eagle

If you dream about seeing an eagle, flying or not, but free and in good shape, it means you are a proud, self confident and strong person. If you do not feel like that in reality, the dream should remind you of all the qualities you possess.

This dream means you are respected and admired by others, so you should start realizing that, if still not.

Dream about seeing an eagle means you are a person worth of honor, respect and admiration. Dreams about seeing an eagle could be a reflection of your self-esteem and your trustfulness and honor.

You know what your true talents and qualities are and you are ambitious. This is a very positive dream, meaning you should keep on doing whatever you do; do not let greed corrupt you and stay as confident, honorable and pure as you are.

Seeing an eagle in a dream means you will be successful in life; your work, dedication and effort will steadily and gradually lead you to great accomplishments.

This dream means you have all right to be proud of yourself.

What is also important, others see that as well. You are a figure to look up to. Sometimes, this could be burdening; it is not easy to be the one that is followed.

Dreams about an eagle in a cage

Dreams about an eagle in captivity means you feel caged in your life; you feel pressured, restricted and frustrated, as if somebody has ‘cut your wings’. You do not know what to do and how to escape the unpleasant situation.

The dream typically occurs in people who suddenly experience a failure or things in their lives instantly go wrong.

You are not used to failure, so you feel as somebody just grabbed you and put you in a cage.

This dream reflects incredible strength you posses, but that you cannot express or use at the moment. Perhaps you are doing it wrong; maybe you should invest your resources and your energy other way.

Sometimes we get really stubborn trying to break chains restraining us, while we are blind for other solutions. Think about that and stop wasting both your time and energy.

Sometimes others could put you in a cage, but the only one who has keys is yourself.

On the other hand, maybe you are too proud to ask for help. That is also a thing to consider.

Maybe you need someone to help you find the keys to escape. Dreams about an eagle in a cage are dreams about loss of freedom and failure.

It should illustrate your current situation, in order to help you realize that you are the one with all the answers.

Dreams about killing an eagle

If you dream about killing an eagle, it means you are a very strong, dominant, authoritative and determined individual. You are almost insanely brave, which could be both good and bad for you.

This dream means you definitely have enough courage and strength to face all the challenges in life; you are determined to accomplish your goals, no matter the cost.

You are not afraid of losing other things, for the sake of glory. You should be very careful about it.

Maybe you really have all the resources to overcome all difficulties and face those who oppose you, but see that you do not lose some really valuable things.

You should never lose people who care about you and, moreover, you should not lose your honor, your good reputation and your purity. Be brave and dare, but do not become merciless and cruel.

Dreams about killing an eagle are positive, if you have them right way.

These dreams should inspire you to pursue your goals and make you fearless in front of your enemies. However, these dreams also remind you you could lose; you could ‘kill’ the good

Eagle spirit inside. See that you not let it happen, even if it could cost you your glory.