Dreams About Garlic – Meaning and Symbolism

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Garlic is a plant from the Onion genus, called Allium. Garlic is a close relative to onions.

This plant is native to central Asia and Iran and it has been in in human consumption for several thousand years. Garlic was used by the ancient Egyptians as medicine and as food flavoring.

Also, garlic was often used in Ancient Rome as food for the poor. Today, China is the greatest producer of garlic in the world. It is estimated that 80% of the food world supply of garlic is produced in China.

Garlic is easily grown. It can be grown all throughout the year in mild climates. Garlic prefers soils, rich with organic materials, but this plant is not a very sensitive one and can grow in a different range of soil conditions.

Garlic is used as component in many dishes throughout the world, especially in Asia the Middle East, Africa, Southern Europe and in parts of Latin America. Garlic is often used for preparing sauces.

Garlic was used by the ancient Chinese, the ancient Greeks and Romans, especially by their soldiers. Because of its strong medicinal properties, garlic was used to prevent cold and to treat other diseases.

Garlic is considered a very potent herb. Some people love garlic and eat it raw or the use it often in their cooking and some people don’t like it at all.

We can say that there are two categories of people when it comes to garlic; people either love it or they cannot stand it. One of the main reasons people avoid eating it, is the strong aroma that garlic produces when eaten raw.

That smell is incredibly unpleasant for the people around the surroundings. It can be disgusting for people who are around to sense that smell.

The people who love eating garlic can also dream about it often. Dreams about garlic can also be induced by some events related to garlic, either cooking with garlic or eating it, or seeing it.

Garlic can also appear in dreams unrelated to any daily events and in such cases it could have some special meaning for the dreamer.

For determining the meaning of a dream about garlic, it is important to consider all the details of the dream, as in other cases of dream interpretation.

It is important to notice the role that the garlic had in the dream, for example, how it was used, was it only seen by the dreamer or it was used to cook some dish, etc.

It is also important to notice the condition of the garlic, where it was, the surroundings and the people that were present in the dream.

From these details, we can get a lot of insight and information about the message that the dream wants to convey to us.

Because it has such a strong aroma, garlic is often considered a symbol of tears and disappointments.

Some dream interpreters consider garlic as a sign of some sad events that will cause the person to cry or be sad about or in general a sign that something bad will happen to the person that had a dream about garlic.

Sometimes, a dream about garlic could be a sign of some kind of illness that the person might experience or someone in their surroundings. Garlic is known to be a strong natural medicine for some health conditions, especially the cold or the flue.

That is why it’s presence in a dream could be a sign of the person soon becoming ill soon or in some other cases, it could mean that the person will improve their health in the upcoming days.

If the person had cold or the flu, it could mean that in the upcoming days the condition of the person will improve. If the dream indicates a disease or illness, fortunately it is nothing to be feared about and it usually indicates a minor cold or the flu that will last a short while.

Oftentimes, this dream could be a warning about the person’s health and it could be a sign that the person should be more attentive to their health and their overall well-being, and the health of their family members.

This dream could mean that maybe someone in their family needs their attention and that they should attend to the wellbeing of their family members.

A dream about garlic often symbolizes your position in society and often indicates changes in your social status. It could indicate the rise in your status and often indicates confidence and faith in your abilities to achieve success.

Garlic in dreams could have a variety of different meanings. Here are some of them:


In the folklore of many cultures garlic is used as a remedy for protection against evil forces.

That’s why it could symbolically mean protection. Garlic in your dream could indicate that you possible fear for your safety or you feel that you’re in some other way jeopardized and you need protection.

Maybe you even believe that you are under a magic spell or that some negative forces are active around you and that’s why symbolically your subconscious is causing you to dream about garlic.

Maybe someone is drying out your energy and that you don’t feel well in someone’s presence, or you want to get rid of someone’s presence that is not good for you and that’s why you could be dreaming about garlic.


As we said earlier, garlic has many medical properties and is beneficial for our health, especially during seasonal flu and cold.

A dream about garlic could be a sign that something is wrong with your health or that they’re going to get sick in the upcoming days.

It could also be a sign that you should be working more on improving your health and taking care of your well-being.

It could also indicate your health improving if you currently have a cold or have some other health issues.

Courage and strength

Garlic is a very enduring plant and it is a symbol of strength and courage.

Maybe you are dreaming about garlic because you’re in a situation that requires your courage and strength to confront some issues.

Maybe you have been annoyed or anxious about something and you need a lot of strength and patient to overcome this situation.

This dream usually indicates that you will be able to overcome the difficulties you’re encountering.

Dream about Garlic – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about cooking with garlic – If you dreamed of using garlic to prepare some dish, that dream could indicate your desire to make your life more interesting.  Maybe you feel that your life is boring and you need something to make it more interesting.

Dreaming of eating garlic – If you dreamed about eating garlic, that dream could be a sign that you feel you need some kind of protection in your current life circumstances. Maybe you are experiencing a situation where you feel unprotected and you feel you need protection and support.

A dream about eating garlic is usually not a very good sign. It could be a sign of quarrels and conflicts within your family. It could also be a sign of relationship problems.

Maybe you will be forced to help some relative that’s not feeling well and you will learn a lot from that experience.

Dreaming about planting garlic – If you dreamed about planting garlic, that dream is really is a good sign and it could indicate your desires and attempts to make improvements in your life and your personality.

This dream could also indicate your attempts to repel negativity from your life in any way possible.

You are probably a person who tends to be surrounded with people who spread positive energy and optimism and you don’t let negativity enter your life.

This dream often means success and winning over your enemies. This dream could also indicate using alternative medicinal methods to improve your health.

Dreaming of weeding a garden with planted garlic – If you dreamed about weeding your garden where garlic is planted, that dream could be a sign that you are changing some of your beliefs or ideals.

Maybe you are completely changing your tastes and preferences in life and it could mean that you are changing your perception about people and their reactions and possibly becoming more tolerant and receptive to their differences.

Dreaming about a bunch of garlic – If you dreamed of bunch garlic and that was the focus of the dream, the dream could indicate beginning to fight your enemies. It is usually a sign of being victorious against them.

This dream also wants you to make thoughtful and wise decisions and not react hasty because it might turn against you.

Sometimes this dream indicates commodity and pleasures in life.

A dream of garlic also indicates health improvement and healing as well as a general recovery, either from physical or psychological illness.

Dreaming of buying garlic – If you dreamed about buying garlic that is usually a good sign and it could indicate that you’re completely healthy. Possibly you were worried of having some illness because of some symptoms you experienced and you will discover that everything is alright with you.