Dreams About Puppies – Interpretation and Meaning

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Dogs are symbols of friendship and loyalty. This symbolism is well deserved. Dogs are especially devoted and loyal to their owners and are ready to defend them with their lives. People who have dogs and puppies often dream about them because they consider them as part of their families.

In dreams, dogs often symbolize security and loyalty, our friendships, but also unused gifts and talents.

Puppies are usually a good dream symbol. If you dream about puppies, such dream could symbolize improving your relationships with your friends, and strengthening the bond between you and them. It is often a sign of stable and pleasant relationships with your friends.

In some cases, a dream about puppies symbolize some of your friends as loyal, devoted, honest and trustworthy, and sometimes such dream represents you in a role of a friend. Puppies in a dream can sometimes be a reason to worry, and that is when something was wrong with them in the dream.

A dream about puppies could be a sign of your strong emotions about some situation or a person. It could also reveal your protective attitude towards someone you care about. It could mean taking care of something or someone or feeling very attached to something or someone. It could also symbolize your devotion and loyalty towards some person you care about.

In some cases, a dream about puppies symbolizes someone or something which makes you happy and satisfied. It could also symbolize meeting someone new, starting a new relationship, beginning something, finding a new job, etc.

A dream about puppies could reveal being sensitive about something which is currently developing in your life. That could be a child, a relationship, a project, or something else, which occupies much of your attention.

In some cases, this dream symbolically represents waiting for the fruits of some efforts or investments you have made in the past. You might be waiting for your well-earned reward for something you did. It could also be a sign of making plans for something which needs to grow and expand over time.

Dreaming about puppies could reveal your caring and nurturing side, and the worries you have about your loved ones and family members, wanting to protect them.

Puppies in a dream could be a sign of flirt, meeting someone new, feeling happy. They could also signify the development of your personality and your personal growth. They could also signify your friends and the fun you have when you are together.

Dreams about puppies could also symbolize jealousy or obstructing and underrating other people’s initiative and actions.

Dreams About Puppies – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about a puppy in general – If dreamed about a puppy or puppies, that is a very good dream, and symbolizes your joyful and happy nature. In some cases this dream symbolizes the development of a friendship with someone.

Dreaming about many puppies – If you saw many puppies in your dream, such dream could symbolize encounters with people much younger than you. It might be a sign of teaching someone or taking care of someone younger.

Dreaming about playing with puppies – If you played with puppies in your dream, such dream is a good sign. It might symbolize receiving a present from someone soon. Sometimes it symbolizes your desires to become a parent, or it might reflect your nurturing tendencies.

Dreaming about feeding puppies – If you dreamed of feeding puppies, such dream is a good sign. This dream often symbolizes current friendship, becoming a romance. It could also symbolize success and progress at work or in your career, such as a new job, a promotion, the beginning of a new project, etc.

The number of puppies increases the time needed for these events to happen, like days, weeks, etc.

Dreaming about dead or wounded puppies – If you saw dead or wounded puppies in your dream, such dream isn’t a good sign. This dream is often a warning to begin paying more attention to your friendships and devoting more time to your friends.

Dreaming about nurturing some puppies – If you nurtured puppies in your dream, such dream is a good sign. This dream could represent you being a good friend that others can always rely on.

Dreaming about nurturing a puppy – If you nurtured some puppy in your dream, such dream is a good sign, symbolizing your responsibility and tendency to take care of and provide for your loved ones. You are a good and reliable friend.

Dreaming about an abandoned puppy – If you found an abandoned puppy in your dream such dream is a good sign. This dream could symbolize soon meeting someone who will become a very good friend.

In some cases, such dream could be a reminder to devote more of your time to yourself and relax a bit.

Don’t make your life look like one giant obligation, and instead try to enjoy more.

Dreaming about black puppies – If you saw black puppies in your dream, such dream usually isn’t a good sign. It could indicate trying to accomplish your goals using force or some other violent ways. It might symbolize some close friend who is aggressive or has excessive reactions.

This dream could also signify being angry at someone.

Dreaming about white puppies – If you saw white puppies in your dream, such dream symbolizes being satisfied with some area of your life. You might be on your way to achieveing some important goals and you are very happy because of that.

Dreaming about brown puppies – If you saw brown puppies in your dream, such dream is a good sign. This dream often symbolizes doing something in a very easy way, or doing something to make your life easier and more pleasant.

Dreaming about a pet puppy – If you dreamed of having a pet puppy, such dream often symbolizes changes happening in your life soon. You might be forced to begin taking care of someone, like a family member, etc. It is often a sign of new responsibilities you need to undertake.

Dreaming about a puppy barking – If you dreamed about a puppy barking at you or at someone, such dream usually isn’t a good sign. It could symbolize experiencing minor quarrels and disagreements with someone close soon.

You should be careful not to ruing the relationship with someone you care about. Better control your behavior so you wouldn’t regret it later.

Dreaming about puppy sleeping – If you dreamed about observing a puppy sleeping, such dream could signify teaching someone younger than you and being praised for the work done.

Dreaming about puppy dressage – If you dreamed about giving puppy dressage, such dream usually signifies teaching someone, or taking lessons and learning something in the near future.