Dreams About Snow – Meaning and Interpretation

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There is some magic in beautiful snowflakes, tiny and yet so complex and ultimately artistic filigree work from the skies. It is hard to resist the magic of snow, even for those sensitive to cold winter temperatures and all those that feel gloomy over short chilly days.

The enchanting crystals of ice, lace decorations that come in the most unbelievably beautiful patterns and shapes, sparkling hoarfrost, reflections of streetlights over snowy pavements, all of those images make us feel as we have entered another, magical dimension.

Snow, as a natural phenomenon, has been put in various constructs of humankind. Since the first time people have seen it, snow has been having numerous symbolical meanings, all around the world.

Snow, just as the change of seasons, represent another of nature phenomena humankind has always been forced to adapt to.

In different cultural systems, show has different meanings, which greatly depends on a place on earth people live in.

Just as many other climate phenomena have been explained through concepts of magical and mystical, snow also carries mysterious symbolical meanings. Many of natural phenomena humankind has not been capable of understanding were ascribed some supernatural, strange forces.

Today, of course, we know how snow is made, but that fact does not change our way of seeing snow as something profoundly exceptional, inspiring and magical.

The magic of snow

Symbolism of snow is wide and all present; the magic and the mystery of snow has been mentioned even in parts of the world where it is never snowing. Just as it is the case with other natural phenomena, cultural conceptions of snow are many.

It has been considered something that is, at the same time, dangerous, powerful and frightening, but also enchanting and beautiful.

Thick, sparkling snow cover represents the ultimate peace, tranquility, static; all of vegetation and a great part of living creatures spend days of winter resting, sleeping, not moving and taking only a little action, if taking any action at all.

On the other hand, snowstorm represents something totally opposite; it is a symbol of raging nature, of its invincibility, of its rule over our world.

Raging snowstorm has always been seen as something out of this world; even the most skeptical ones, those who would find a sober, scientific explanation of everything, sometimes doubt if there is something more to it.

Snow represents many things, from beauty, purity and peace, to invincibility, danger and threat. Just think of those scary snowy wastelands of Arctic that has swallowed numerous of brave polar lands’ explorers and their mighty ships.

Snow also symbolizes purity, divinity, beauty and perfection. It stands for things unstained by any impurity.

It is a common metaphor found in art and literature; many poets would describe a beautiful, gentle and fragile virgin as a lady of a skin so pure and pale, as first snows of the year.

Snowflakes, one of the best examples of nature’s artsy hands’ creations stand for perfection, creativity and uniqueness.

Snow is also associated with death and its inevitability. It is associated with descending of vegetation and winter sleep of the living life, so, symbolically, it also represents death and coldness.

It sometimes symbolizes hard times; in old tales you could rarely find snow described as a phenomenon that is desired; because people were more dependant of natural resources at the time.

Nature’s cycles have taught people to gather food for cold winter months, when all of their crops are asleep under merciless, but beautiful cover of ice and snow.

The thickness of snow cover, the frequency and amount of snowfalls, the length of winter, those have always been natural phenomena associated with activity of forces unknown to people.

Dreams about snow

Dreams about snow could be particularly interesting and variable. For some people, dreams about snow are relaxing and soothing, while for others are discomforting and disturbing.

It all depends on personal opinions on snow and winter, but also on a great number of factors related to certain dream.

Was there a snowfall or just a landscape covered in snow? What were you doing in the dream? Have you only seen snow from the inside or were you out, freezing?

There are so many different scenarios in which snow can take specific form in your dream, so it is good to recall as many details as you can.

However, the energy of that dream will be decided upon your feelings related to it. Dreams about the strongest and the most expressive of natural phenomena, such as rain, thunder, wildfire and, of course, snow, are commonly associated with intense emotions.

Snow, as an element of a dream, often reflects feelings of loneliness, sadness, being distant from people, deep sorrow, self-pity and so on.

However, it could also reflect feelings of calmness, tranquility, even harmony and peace. Sometimes, snow reflects the idea of purity, divinity and perfection.

It all depends on a dreamer. However, in all of scenarios, snow symbolism has a strong effect and it could help a dreamer better understand his or hers current situation in waking life.

Dreams about seeing snow

Dreams about seeing snow, such as in dreams about seeing a landscape covered with snow reflect deeply rooted emotions, related to sense of loneliness or solitude and a sense of being distant from other people.

At first, it sounds as those dreams have negative meaning, but that is not always the case.

If you feel lonely and sad in reality, this dream is a reflection of such emotions, obviously, but it could also have another side.

Dream in which you see a snowy wasteland may reflect your deep need to actually be alone and make a better insight into your own heart’s desires. You have been letting others control your life for long and it actually makes you feel distant more and more.

You want to separate from everything and take some time for yourself. It could be hard, not having anyone around, but it could also be helpful, healing and eye opening.

However, if you are looking at a snowy street or a landscape from inside a warm, cozy home, it means you feel content with your life or that you have to realize that you have all the reasons to be happy.

Your environment is safe and secure and it offers you many opportunities to relax and enjoy; you only have to be aware of that.

If you are seeing snow while you are with another person, that means you have amazing support in your life; you have people who will be by your side even in cold and hard times.

Dreams about snowflakes

Dreams about snowflakes are amazing and good. If you dream about carefully studying the shape and pattern of snowflakes, it is a reflection of your need to analyze everything in your life, in order to find the best way to make it better.

You are a creative perfectionist and this dream only proves that, so go for it. Dream about snowflakes imply you will soon put your imagination into reality.

On the other hand, snowflakes may appear perfect, but they are not forever; they disappear quickly once you touch them, for example.

In that sense, snowflakes in dreams symbolize beauty of the moment and inevitability of ending of things.

That said, this dream suggests you should live for the moment, meaning you should appreciate and enjoy all things you now have. Melting snowflakes in dreams symbolize the end of all things to come, the cycle of existence on a minor plan.

There are truly precious things around you, but you have to open your eyes and notice them.

These things are unique, just as snowflakes are unique, even if they might appear similar.

Each person has a story to tell, that is another message of this dream.

Dreams about snow falling

If you dream about snow falling, this means a period of purification comes your way; you need some kind of restart, new beginnings. If the weather is calm and the snow is falling, it means you will soon discover some new roads to step onto.

This is a positive dream and it also reflects your inner peace and calmness about changes.

It means you are fine with that and that you have accepted a new chapter of your life is about to begin. Falling snow covers the earth, right?

That said, falling snow in a dream represents a period of rest, sleep, a status quo phase of life.

It suggests you should not rush; you have to be patient and wait for different times. Do not be afraid to wait; anxiousness will not help, because there is still an order of things that is out of your power to control.

Be calm and save your resources for the right moment.

Dreams about playing in snow

If you dream about playing in snow, it means you have probably become tired of responsibility and work.

Everyone needs some time to have fun, to feel like a child and just let go of all the stress and negativity present in everyday life. This dream suggest you should put all of worries, all of duties and tasks aside, at least for a short time and to pamper yourself a bit.

This dream could also mean there are some really good opportunities in front of you and you should definitely grab them.

Otherwise, they will just pass you by and disappear, just as snow melts away. Open your eyes and ears and go for things that intrigue your imagination. Even if you are suspicious, it could be worth of trying.

Dreams about finding something in snow

If you dream that you have found an object in the snow, the meaning depends on the item you found, but the symbolism of snow makes it more interesting.

Dreams about finding things in snow are usually associated with a dreamer’s inner potential and talents and skills he or she is unaware of in waking life.

For example, if you dream about finding some specific tools, it means you should try doing something with those in reality. Each of objects found in snow in dreams suggest there are things you feel deep inside, but are unaware of.

It could be metaphors of your desires, talents, emotions in general. Since it has been founding snow, it means you have either forgotten about these ideas or that you have still not discovered them.

This type of dream is positive and serves as a good guideline for life.

Dreams about a snowman

Interestingly, but dreams about a snowman are not good and are often associated with emotional coldness, distance, sadness and loneliness. A snowman in a dream represents a mask, a fake smile we put on our face in reality in order to appear well in front of others.

This dream suggests you should open up, at least to your closest ones. Maybe you think they have stopped caring about you, but the truth is that they think you are completely fine.

It could mean you are pushing your loved ones away, unintentionally. You act as if you are strong, which could make you arrogant and reserved at the same time. Think if it is so.

Alternatively, snowman in a dream could represent what it is in reality; a cause for joy and fun with friends and family.