Dreams About Violence – Interpretation and Meaning

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The definition of violence given by the World Health Organization describes violence as “the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, that either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment, or deprivation.”

Violence is an inseparable part of man nature, and is very present in our daily lives. We are surrounded by violence and violent acts, in our homes, buildings, on the streets, jobs, schools, in the news, on television, etc.

Violence has severe consequences on human health and normal social functioning. Its consequences are numerous.

Many people often use violence to accomplish their desires. Violence can also be a result of negative emotions and feelings.

Because of such prevalence of violence in every society, dreams about it are common. These dreams often reveal emotional stress and anxiety a person is feeling. Maybe you are currently experiencing some chaos in your life and you cannot control the situation.

Sometimes, these dreams reveal your repressed anger or fears of loss and abandonment. They might indicate lack of control and anxiousness, especially if you experienced the violence in your dream.

These dreams are often dreamed by people who have experienced some trauma in the past, and their subconscious is expressing the repressed feelings through a dream about violence.

A dream about violence could also reveal repressed emotions of fear or feelings of inability to achieve something.

Such dreams could also indicate your anger and confusion because of some changes you are experiencing or have experienced already.

It could also be a sign that you need to make some changes in your life.

If you have dreams about violence, especially if you often dream violent dreams, you should ask yourself if you have any issues with anger and repressed negative feelings and emotions. If you realize that you do have such issues, the message that this dream brings to you is the need to address these issues and deal with them.

Dreams About Violence – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about expressing your violence towards others – If you dreamed of being violent towards others, such a dream could reveal your current emotional state. Maybe you have been stressing a lot lately, and you are on the verge of explosion. It might also reveal being filled with negativity and destructive energy, and the need for your body to release it.

In some cases, this dream could reveal hidden and repressed feelings of resentment or anger you are harboring against someone, who somehow represents a barrier to your progress.

A dream about being violent towards someone could also indicate denying something.

Such dreams are usually a sign of repressed emotions you need to address as soon as possible.

This dream could also indicate your vindictiveness and desire to get back at someone for something bad you have experienced from that person. You might also be frustrated about someone or something and the dream reveals your feeling of frustration.

This dream is often a sign of insecurity and indecisiveness.

If these dreams are recurring or are extremely violent, you might consider seeking a help of a professional to help you deal with the issues you have.

Dreaming about being a victim of someone’s violent acts – If you dreamed of being a victim of someone’s violent acts, such a dream could reveal feeling powerless about something. It might be a sign of your inability to defend yourself and your beliefs. This dream could also signify feeling guilty about something and not being able to deal with such feelings.

In some cases, this dream could indicate being vulnerable or being afraid from the world surrounding you.

Dreaming about being violent to strangers or some strangers being violent to you – If you dreamed of being violent to strangers, or them being violent to you, such a dream might reveal having an inner conflict about some issues you need to decide upon.

Dreaming about expressing violence towards yourself – If you dreamed of expressing violence towards yourself, such a dream might reveal feeling vulnerable. This dream might also reveal feelings of guilt and the desire to punishing yourself because of something you did. This dream could also indicate feeling helpless in some situation.

Dreaming about someone you know being violent towards you or you being violent to someone you know – If you experienced violence from someone you know, or you expressed violence towards someone you know, such a dream could be an indication of the feelings you have towards this person. Maybe you feel anxiousness and tension around this person and that is the reason you had such a dream.

Dreams of seeing violence – If you dreamed of seeing some violent act, such a dream could be a reflection of some trauma from the past or bad memories about some situations you have experienced.

Dreaming about seeing a violent fight – If you saw a violent fight in a dream, such a dream could be a good sign. This dream could possibly symbolize your ability to help solve other people’s conflicts.

Dreaming about feeling joy while observing some violent act – If you dreamed of feeling joyful while observing violence, you should consider such dream a good sign. It might indicate being ready to deal with some issues you have, or confront and overcome the negativity you are harboring.

In some cases, this dream could reveal your aggressive, possibly sadistic nature.

Dreaming about being a loser in a violent conflict – If you dreamed about being a loser in a violent conflict, such dream isn’t a good sign. It might reveal a strong influence of negative habits and thoughts.

In some cases, this dream symbolizes some difficult problem which is intimidating you and blocking your attempts to solve it.

Dreaming about being a winner in a violent conflict – If you dreamed of winning a violent conflict, such dream is a good sign, and indicates successfully overcoming some bad habits or negative thought patterns. Sometimes this dream indicates successfully solving some major problems you have.

Dreaming about animal violence – If you or someone else expressed violence towards animals in your dream, that is not a good sign. It might reveal repressed negativity and aggressive behavior. You should consider this dream a warning to change your attitude and release the negativity you are harboring inside.

If you have any problems and issues you should try to confront them and resolve them as soon as possible, otherwise you might cause additional problems and more negativity.

Dreaming about violence towards your family members – If you dreamed of your family members experiencing violence, such a dream isn’t a good sign, and usually reveals your fears and worries about your family members. In some cases, this dream indicates family problems and losses.

Dreaming about your children experiencing someone’s violence – If you dreamed of your children being victims of violence, such a dream reveals your inability to change some situation in your life.