Gemini Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Although it sometimes seems impossible that two people could have an excellent relationship when having such different characters, the explanation lies in their astrological compatibility.

These two, whose relationship seems impossible to everyone around them, usually have compatible horoscope signs, as well as some other beneficial astrological placements in their natal charts which make them compatible, and enable them to establish a long-lasting and harmonious relationship.

Even if you only know someone’s horoscope sign, that can be useful information to determine whether you two are compatible for some relationship.

In the below lines, we will give you an insight about the general compatibility between Gemini man and Taurus woman, based on the characteristics of their horoscope sign.

Gemini Man

If you are a down to earth type of woman, you might not be able to understand this man.

Like the symbol for his sign, at least two personalities lie in his character, and often there are more than two of them. He can appear as a different person every time you see him; that is a part of his character and you need to get used to that and consider it normal.

This man is highly intelligent and very interesting. He is always in the center of activities, mingling around people. He enjoys gathering information and the latest news, about people and events.

This man loves to be informed. He is also very funny and both men and women enjoy laughing at his jokes. In public gatherings, you will often find the largest crowd around this man; people adore listening to him and love the energy he emits.

These men are usually good looking, but not many of them are not macho men. They are more of intellectual types, and they conquer women with their wit rather than with their looks. And women simply adore them.

Gemini men are usually not jealous and prefer women who don’t have this trait as well. They love their freedom and they won’t allow anyone to jeopardize it. In return, if you are in a relationship with this man, he will respect yours as well.

Don’t expect him to tell you about everything that is going on in his life. If you don’t bother him with constant questions and suspicious remarks, he will reward your attitude with incredible honesty and devotion.

Gemini men don’t have the fiery passion of fire signs, or the sensuality and seductive approach of a Scorpio or a Taurus man. Their main weapon is their brain. And that is enough for them because it is deadly for the prey they are targeting, which are very intelligent and interesting women.

They are overwhelmed by women who have what to say, and who are not intimidated by their approach. If a woman has no problem responding to his witty remarks and does it effortlessly, this man is hooked.

He needs constant mental stimulation, and a woman he chooses should be able to fit into that need. He is a quick-witted person and is very active.

Stagnation of every kind bores him. The best way to get this man out of your life is to stop changing.

The women this man is attracted to are usually air or fire signs. Being an air sign himself, he has a problem dealing with the stubbornness and stagnant character of earth signs, or the jealousy and possessiveness of a water sign.

He is all about change. He himself changes all the time.

Gemini men are usually not cheating types, although they might do that if they are not satisfied in their relationship or just for the thrill of change (this also happens when they sense some lack in the relationship).

The Gemini man loves action, and is in always going places. He enjoys the excitement of meeting new people, gaining new experiences, and learning new things. If he doesn’t have some placements in his which will make him attached to his home, a typical Gemini man is only a guest in his house.

If he doesn’t travel a lot, in which case he is not able to physically be there, he will try to spend as less time as possible there, often only to sleep. These people often travel a lot, for business and pleasure, and they often combine the two.

They are good with their words, and usually don’t have problems communicating with people. They have a lot of friends and acquaintances, but they are not very emotionally attached to them.

To be honest, these people are not very emotional (unless they have some prominent water influence in their charts). They don’t attach themselves to people, and often change their focus of interest.

When they are in love with someone, they usually change some of these traits, and become a devoted and loyal partner who supports their woman. Even if you become his girlfriend or wife, you should always remember that there is a part of this man (or parts), which he will always keep to himself. You need to respect that fact.

When he realizes that you are not a threat to his freedom and his privacy (regardless of how close you might think you are, he always needs to feel free and that his privacy is protected), he will begin relaxing and at one point they will become not as important as they were before they met you.

If you are ready to give him that and are prepared to wait, he will be your reward.

Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman is a typical representative of an earth sign, firm and stable on the ground. This woman knows what she wants and she won’t settle for less. She appreciates traditional values and roles in a relationship.

According to her opinion the man is the one wearing the pants in the house. She is quite happy wearing beautiful flowery dresses and be the most feminine woman you can imagine.

These women are not weak; quite the opposite, they are firm like rocks, and they will stand up for their beliefs.

They respect their home very much and try spending as much time possible there. They aim to make it as comfortable as they can. They enjoy decorating it and they usually do it without anyone’s help but their own creativity and talent.

Taurus women love beauty and artistic expression in all forms. They are often multi-talented. The typical Taurus woman will probably know how to make gold out of clay. They are able to create miracles with very few resources.

Their homes are a mix of comfort and various contents. You won’t get tired looking at all the beautiful pieces and decorations, which these women have most likely crafted themselves.

The Taurus woman, like her male counterpart, loves the pleasures that life can offer. She loves to be pampered by her man and enjoys when she is the center of his attention. In return she will do everything to please him, from cooking a delicious meal to giving him a back rub to ease his tension after work.

Being mostly a home type, she prefers men who have similar needs.

She can sometimes be overbearing, stubborn and difficult to handle. It is a part of her character and none of us is perfect either. The sign of Taurus is a fixed earth sign, which gives this woman a dose of perfectionism and desire to fit everything and everyone into her idea of a perfect relationship.

Unfortunately, that is usually not how things go in life, and which causes her disappointments and anger attacks.

She is also prone to jealousy and possessive behavior, which can be difficult to accept for most men. She can also be prone to clinginess and overly attached behavior. these are traits she should work on dealing with because they are usually the reason why she experiences emotional disappointments and even drives men away.

She is very emotional and passionate. Her man needs to be as well. She wants to feel loved and desired and her man must demonstrate that through his words as well as his actions.

In return, he will be rewarded with a beautiful woman, with a bunch of fantastic qualities.

Love Compatibility

The Gemini man and a Taurus woman are not a good love combination.

They have very different characters, different interests, and different approach to life. While the Gemini men are always on the move and constantly changing something in their lives, they sometimes find it difficult to leave the comfort of their homes.

Gemini men are not very passionate, at least not in the way that the Taurus woman expects her man to be.

She is also about exchanging tenderness and emotions, and the Gemini men demonstrate their love in a different manner.

They are jokers and these women are usually serious, and their sense of humor differs. They can be overbearing for the lighthearted Gemini men which won’t take a long time to decide that she is not the kind of woman he is looking for.

She will understand that as well. If they don’t have some other placements to bond them, they will part ways soon.

Marriage Compatibility

These two rarely end up getting married, unless there are some other elements in their natal charts which neutralize the differences between their characters.

If they do get married, this will most likely be an unsatisfying experience for both the Gemini man and the Taurus woman.

He will feel inhibited for being under constant pressure to be at home and spending time with his wife, while she will feel pressured to make him spend more time with her and around the house.

The constant pressure and struggle to make the other one accept their way of seeing things will most likely undermine this marriage so much that it will naturally collapse. 


A friendship between a Gemini man and a Taurus woman is not a common occurrence. They have a lot of differences, and will probably be annoyed by one another’s characters.

She will consider him inconsiderate, unreliable, too airy, and inconsistent, and he will think of her as boring, uninteresting, stagnant, and slow.

It is highly likely that these two won’t even notice each other, or if they do notice each other, it will probably be to conclude how difficult or strange the other one is.

Of course, there is always a likelihood that the two of you have many intertwined planetary placements which brings your characters closer, in which case you might establish a long-lasting friendship where you will both understand and appreciate each other’s differences and tolerate them. 

Cool Facts

The Taurus woman is a very sexual being and she is attracted by men who exhibit the same traits. The Gemini man on the other side isn’t as passionate and can be lightly perverted.

Because he loves playing different roles in life, he is like that when it comes to his sexual life, which is often unacceptable to the Taurus woman who is a traditional type and usually considers such behavior as weird.

These two can have difficulties meeting up in the middle when it comes to the things that they will do together.

They have completely different interests and it is hard for them to overcome these differences and find an activity they will both enjoy.


A relationship between a Gemini man and a Taurus woman isn’t unlikely, but it is rare and often short-lived. They need a lot of energy and effort, and overcoming differences to manage to stay together.

The price of changing your personality or being forced to put up with things you don’t want is often way too big for two people who are not a good match to be in a relationship, to begin with.

That is the reason why these relationships rarely start, and even then, they don’t move further from a mere acquaintanceship.

The only time when these relationship can be satisfying for the both, is when they have some other bonding placements in their natal charts. In other cases, this relationship, if it starts, is usually condemned to failure.