Sagittarius Sun Capricorn Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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The sun in our natal chart describes the side of our personality we openly present to the people from our surroundings, while the moon sign describes our inner being and the part of our personality ruled by our subconscious.

The moon side of our character is not easily visible to people because we have a tendency to keep it hidden or show only parts of it to our closest friends.

People who are born with their sun in Sagittarius and moon in Capricorn are not as open and disorganized as some people with sun in this sign are. They usually have order and structure in their actions, although they are not as stiff and rigid as some Capricorn people are.

Both their sun and moon sign ease the negative traits of each of these signs which is a very good thing.

These people are optimists, although they don’t usually rely on their good luck to ensure the success of their actions, but on their efforts and hard work.

They don’t allow themselves to get overwhelmed with negative thoughts and depression although they can be prone to such feelings from time to time.

They are independent and confident. They are also ambitious and love success. They also love the money and rise in status which comes with success.

They are not typical Sagittarius because they are usually very organized and focused. They usually don’t allow circumstances to surprise them and take precautions to prevent any unwanted events, if that is possible.

These people are adventurous types, but they usually plan their adventures. They don’t embark on them impulsively and without giving them a thought.

These people are not reckless in their actions and behavior. They make sure to provide the best possible results.

These people love to travel, but they also don’t travel impulsively and without a plan. They usually travel to places where they can learn something new and broaden their experiences.

They enjoy learning about different cultures, especially about their history. These people are usually very knowledgeable and are very educated.

They have knowledge on variety of subjects and don’t have a problem starting and maintain a conversation with different people. They enjoy meeting people, although they are usually choosy about whom they approach and talk to, unlike most Sagittarius people who usually don’t mind who they spend their time with and who they talk to.

These people love diversity, but they are selective about the people they hang around.

They usually have a high opinion about themselves and their abilities. They usually don’t appear egotistic, but they sometimes are.

These people are usually relaxed and easy going, but when something is very important to them they don’t let any detail to chance. They don’t like to lose and their greatest motivation is the success of their actions.

These people often choose a profession which involves some kind of order and organization combined with movement and going places. They often travel for work. They love good quality items.

They are not typical Sagittarius people who don’t mind where they will sleep when they travel and only live for adventure. They desire to provide more than basic conditions for themselves and their families, and that costs money.

These people desire a lifestyle which is above average. They love financial stability and being able to buy whatever they want, so they make sure they provide it for themselves.

They are not as open like typical Sagittarius people and can be considered a bit of loner. They love spending time alone contemplating the secrets of the Universe and our existence.

They are fun and interesting to be around and yet, there is a dose of seriousness about them, which typical Sagittarius people don’t have.

These people love spending time in nature and love outdoor activities which include walking, running, hiking, etc.

They love to be outside whenever they have the chance. They are sports types and prefer individual sports where they compete against themselves and test the limits of their durability.

These people usually have strong willpower and they are not prone to giving up on things and projects and changing their mind easily; that is another trait, which makes them different than typical Sagittarius people.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Capricorn:

– responsible, reliable, thoughtful, serious, playful, joyful, interesting, educated, frequent travelers, friendly, passionate, adventurous, good providers, financially secured, nature lovers, sports types, sociable, knowledgeable, focused, etc.

Bad Traits

The good traits of Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Capricorn:

– not very emotional, distant, reserved, loners, etc.             

‘Sagittarius’ Sun ‘Capricorn’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with Sagittarius sun and Capricorn moon usually aren’t hesitant to approach the people they like. They are usually choosy about whom they choose to approach, unlike some other Sagittarius people who are prone to approaching people without liking them much.

These people have the Sagittarius friendly approach, but they tend to remain reserved and a bit distant. They can appear both fun and playful and serious and stiff at the same time.

People who interact with this person and are romantically interested in them can easily become confused about their intentions towards them.

They usually intentionally behave like that because they don’t want to give false hopes to people before deciding what they want to do and whether they want something serious with that person.

The main reason is their fear of losing their freedom for a person that is not worth their effort and doesn’t meet their criteria.

Another reason is their need to take their time and check whether the person they are interested in, is the right one for them.

These people are passionate, but usually don’t appear that way. These people can be promiscuous and prone to changing partners, but are usually devoted and faithful when the right person appears in their lives.

They are one of the rare Sagittarius people who are not reluctant to start a relationship or get married when they find a person they consider is worth such a sacrifice.

It sounds a bit rough when we say that commitment is a sacrifice for these people, but in a way it is because it deprives them of their independence and freedom to do what they desire, when and with whom they want.

A relationship or marriage is a union of two people who need to find mutual understanding and agree on the life they will have together.

These people don’t like restrictions and relationship or marriage is one of the greatest life restrictions.

They are not very emotional and have a fun and playful approach to relationships. These people enjoy doing fun stuff with their loved ones and are usually initiators of their adventures together.

They often organize their mutual trips and outdoor activities. Their ideal partner should be someone who is open and easy going as they are, but at the same time responsible and organized.

These people need a partner who will understand their need to keep a part of their freedom and independence and be like that themselves. They desire a partner who already has an established life with a lot of activities besides spending time with them.

They cannot stand people whose only occupation in life is finding a mate and spending time with them without having any other interests and occupations.

Another thing they might consider restrictive to their freedom are children.

They love children, but often choose not to have them because of fear of how will they affect their freedom and because they don’t have enough time to devote themselves to parenthood.

Many of these people have children and make good parents who are a good example of seriousness and responsibility and relaxed approach to life.

They give their children the freedom to evolve and develop on their own, providing they respect some restrictions and fulfill the duties they have.

These people are good providers and make sure their loved ones are taken care of.

Best Match For ‘Sagittarius’ Sun ‘Capricorn’ Moon

The best match for a Sagittarius sun and Capricorn moon is another fire sign with a bit of earth influence.

They could also get along with an air sign with air and fire influence.

Water signs are usually not a good match because of their overly emotional nature which could easily get hurt and provoked by their often nonchalant attitude.


People with sun in Sagittarius and moon in Capricorn are both open and easy going and serious and very organized.

They love adventures, but are not as spontaneous like some other Sagittarius people to embark on them. They usually plan their adventures and trips to make sure everything goes smoothly.

They also plan and organize their other activities because they want to make sure they don’t make any mistakes and ensure the success of their actions and endeavors.

These people are not very emotional and have a friendly approach to their potential mates.

They don’t want to give them false hopes and that is why they take their time before getting to know them and deciding whether they want something serious with them or not. They are not hesitant to commit when they find the right mate.

Although they are often promiscuous, with the right partner their behavior usually changes and they become faithful.

These people are independent and love their freedom very much, which is why it is often hard for them to give up on them because of a relationship or marriage.

These people love success and the benefits money provides.

They make sure they provide the financial security which will enable them to live the lifestyle they desire. They are good providers for their loved ones, making sure they don’t lack anything.

Although they often don’t want to have children, when they do have them, these people make good parents.