Moon in Aries

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Let us enter the mysterious world of astrology once again. Today we are going to talk about one of the most familiar astrological heavenly bodies, the one we see clearly with our naked eyes, every day. It is the Moon.

Before we talk more about it, we would like briefly to introduce you to some basics of astrology, as a science. If we were to be true to our day terminology, we would call it a pseudo science.

The exact date of the birth of astrology is unknown. However, we do know for sure that it is a very ancient path. Roots of what we today know as Western astrology, modern astrology, seize back and deep into past, into ancient Persia. With expansion of Greek and later Roman civilization, it spread across Europe and into all Western world.

It is also good to know that it is not the only astrology. Of course, it is not; you have definitely heard about the great Chinese astrology and you most probably know your Chinese zodiac sign. There are also Vedic astrology, Tibetan, Japanese; some would also enlist Mayan astrology, Celtic and many more. These are all different systems.

The base of astrology is analysis of the movement of heavenly bodies throughout space. Western astrology is solar, meaning it is based on the observance of the planets as they revolve around the Sun. Chinese astrology is, for example, lunar; the Moon is in its focus. However, all of them carefully watch the skies, planets and stars and interpret what is there to be seen.

In old times, not all of today known planets were considered astrological planets, simply because they could not all be seen with the naked eye. Neptune, Uranus and Pluto were added very lately, while there are also some other heavenly bodies added to the astrological list recently, such as the planetoid Chiron.

What it has to do with you? Well, people are usually interested in natal astrology, which means they want to know what planets and stars have in store for them; what is their destiny, as written in the stars?

Your destiny could be seen in your natal chart. It is a graphic representation of the sky, as it looked at the time you were born.

This astrological chart is divided into houses and it features all planets of the known Solar system, the Zodiac circle and some other elements. These all create special relations and make unique picture. According to this chart, a horoscope can be delivered. Horoscope is what you are looking after; it is something like your astrological timeline.

By interpreting your birth chart, an astrologer creates a horoscope. Now, he or she would not tell you this or that will happen in this particular part of your life or something like that. Well, it is just a form of expression, if they say so.

Your horoscope answers to what might happen and what potentials are hidden there, in you, as a person, in your timeline, as your astrological destiny.

Personal Planets – The Luminaries

Today we focus on luminary heavenly bodies, one in particular and it is the Moon. Luminaries are planets that are bright, shiny. They are the Sun and the Moon. Now, you might be surprised, hearing that these two are planets. Well, obviously, they are not, we all know that.

However, in astrology, the Sun and the Moon are counted as planets and very important ones. They are so called ‘personal planets’, along with Mercury, Venus and Mars.

What are personal planets and what do they represent in a birth chart? Personal planets determine your most intimate characteristics and personal traits; one might say, they define you as a person. They travel pretty fast and often change positions, which makes their influence affecting an individual strikingly.

Other planets move slower, change positions after more years, so they affect whole generations more.

Each planet plays its role in one’s birth chart. Personal planets have great impact upon an individual’s destiny. Their often changes of position make their energies divide in each individual in a very specific way.

The Luminaries, the Sun and the Moon give precious information about the psychological background of the person in question.

Moon and Horoscope

Moon is particularly interesting and a very important element in one’s natal chart. Moon is primarily associated with our emotional side. It represents our ability to connect with people.

In astrology, the Moon symbolizes fertility, femininity, motherhood, home and family. It rules our feelings and our communication skills. The Moon is our sub-conscience and our inner voice.

The Sun and the Moon are the two foundation stones of one’s birth chart and overall personality. They represent vital principles; the Sun, our strength and vitality, our goals, our ruling sign and the Moon, which represents our path to all of our goals, our inner guiding voice.

The voice of the Moon should never be neglected. We could easily say that the Moon represents our soul.

The Moon is the fastest of all heavenly bodies we observe. It takes only twenty-eight days for it to travel through all the signs of Zodiac. The Moon spends two and a half day in each of the zodiac signs, which makes its impact over individual lives striking.

The Moon is associated with the element of Water and it astrologically rules over the sign of Cancer.

The Moon’s nature is cold and wet; the planet is exalted in the sign of Taurus. Moon represents the people, as a collective, the concept of motherhood and the childhood. Moon represents a phlegmatic temperament, quiet and calm. This astrological planet is characterized by emotional, inactive nature. The Moon is complementary with the Sun.

It is very important to look for the Moon in female horoscopes, since this planet is primarily associated with everything that is related to femininity in total. In male horoscopes, Moon symbolizes sensitivity, a feminine touch to it, but also female figures in a man’s life.

The Moon is always associated with night and everything the night symbolically represents.

The Moon stands for our sub-conscious mind, subjectivity, our mood, our intuition and instincts. Moon is also associated with laziness and rudeness; it is associated with childhood, since children still do not know how to control all of their primal instincts and they are dependent on their mothers.

The Moon also stands for nostalgia, art, imagination and more.

Moon in Aries – General Info

The Moon and the Aries sign seem so very different. What happens if someone has Moon in Aries, in their birth chart?

Let us find out more about this strange combination. At first, it seems they are opposed, but let us not be too hasty. Moon in Aries could be such an amazing combination; here is why. There are its good sides, as well as downsides, of course.

Moon in Aries creates a temperament and fiery personality, a one with strong Ego, very open, direct and determined in life. This person is bold and would not think twice about speaking his or hers mind aloud. These people have the courage of temperamental Aries and the sense of communication and emotions of the Moon.

This makes them particularly open when it comes to expressing their feelings.

These people always speak up their mind and express their emotions. They do not wait for the right moment or else; simply, they say it and they rarely try to hide their true feelings or attitude towards something or someone. This person invests a lot of strength into self-representation, but they never fake it.

This one wants others to see them the way they truly are.

Moon Aries would express their stance and emotional status in an open, direct and a very clear manner. You definitely know what they are about and how do they feel. These people value honesty, openness, justice and personal strength over all.

They are quite ambitious and not easily discouraged. They believe their strength lie in their honesty.

These people are indeed brave. They are brave because they hide nothing. They are determined to get to their goals with an honest and open heart. They do not ask for help, they are always ready for action and they have a lot of love and passion for what they have set their minds upon.

They see to take advantage from their failure, by learning valuable lessons.

Moon Aries are passionate. They commonly fall in love easily and are open in their intentions.

They are open and friendly in general, but sometimes impulsive and impatient. They value honesty and directness in communication, but it also means they sometimes lack sympathy and tolerance for others. They simply cannot wait for others to express their thoughts or feelings.

They are the most sensitive about lies and trickery. If you try to deceive a Moon Aries and he or she finds it out (and they have a good sense of it), be sure they will close the door. These bold, truth-lovers do not forgive lies.

They appreciate an opponent who approaches openly, they understand if someone does not like them and shows it directly, but people who do tricks in order to hurt them are not even worthy of their hate.

Moon Aries do not wait for things to happen; they risk, they dare and sometimes rush into things. However, they are usually well organized and they are capable of organizing and leading others. Their charisma and positive spirit, as well as tons of energy they posses, are irresistible.

You could imagine a Moon Aries as a brave warrior in a golden helmet, who fights for his ideals, with an honest, loyal and a passionate heart.

Good Traits

Moon Aries people are known for their love for truth. These people would never lie or try to deceive anyone, because it is below their level.

They believe the truth is the highest value and they would speak openly about things, even if that cost them something precious. They would always choose the truth, over anything else. Only this way, their conscience is clean.

They respect and value people for telling the true and would always encourage others to speak up their mind. They are highly energetic and they inspire others. They are competitive and capable of imposing their authority, if the feel it needed, but they are fair players. They are very independent and feel at their best if in charge of the situation.

Moon Aries are natural born leaders. They are dignified, admirable and respectable people.

They like to prove their capabilities to others and receive appreciation without arrogance.

They are what they are, in love, in career, in social life. They are open about feelings towards any person, so you would always know where you stand with them. They are noble, loyal, supportive friends and passionate lovers.

Bad Traits

Perhaps the worst trait of Moon Aries people is that they are impulsive and generally quick-tempered. They lack patience, which sometimes leads to foolish, not well thought out decisions.

Fortunately, they are independent and strong enough to heal and recover on their own. They lack tolerance and patience in communication with people. They cannot understand why some people find it hard to speak openly.

Although their intentions are never dishonest, people with Moon in Aries tend to be so impulsive that they say things in rush and hurt others unintentionally.

They, themselves, are not particularly sensitive to open insults or even critic (well, they do not expect it, but they will also deal with it easily), so they expect others are the same. They do have egocentric point of view and they lack tolerance.

Moon in Aries Man

With Moon in Aries, a man is courageous and very open about his emotions. He does not wait for opportunities, but he searches them out.

In a man’s horoscope, Moon in Aries could also represent a strong, courageous and open female figure

It could be a protective, bold and inspiring mother, who taught him always to speak true and to be true to his desires. It could also be a sister, a lover or even a friend, with similar traits.

Moon in Aries Woman

In women, Moon in Aries represents a restless, active and courageous spirit.

This is a lady who does not afraid of expressing her feelings and her attitude.

She is fearless, but also passionate, warm, full of love for what she holds dear. She is open about who she is and would never try to pretend she is someone else.

This is a woman of incredibly positive aura and energy. She dares, she seeks out her paths, she does not retreat before complications, but tries to overcome them, in any area of life.


Moon in Aries creates a personality of great charisma and spirit.

People with Moon in Aries are energetic, always on the run, fearless and not easily discouraged. They put true on pedestal and see it ultimate value upon everything else should be built.

Moon Aries are also impatient, restless and they lack tolerance.

Their intentions are noble, but their ways could be too intense or even aggressive to others.