Hat – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Our dreams are often full of many symbols we might pay all or little to no attention.

All sorts of motifs, everyday objects and things color our dream realms and it is indeed difficult to remember them all.

However, sometimes a regular object, phenomenon or an item draws our attention and we remember everything about it. If it was so, it means that the object in question carries some significant meaning.

Mundane things, such as parts of clothing and accessories very often occur in dreams.

Sometimes they are not much more than a decoration, but even if something ‘bigger’ was there, all of them play a role in sending a message.

If one particular item stands out for any reason, it has to be more into it. It usually happens that a dreamer remembers one particular item, knowing it was important.

Today we are talking about hats! Hat is fairly common motif in a dream, if we think of it as the whole category that includes all types of hats, not only a classical hat.

In waking life, hats have both protective and decorative function.

Their symbolism is derived directly from their function, so hats represent hiding, secrets, self-defense, mystery, but also status, need for attention and the opposite and so on.

Dreams about hats

What does a hat mean in a dream? It depends, of course, on details, on a type of a hat and activities related to this hat in your dream.

The basic meanings of hat dreams could be divided in two basic categories, those of hiding and drawing attention, but there are additional meanings.

The hat is a statement, as well as it was a veil of secretes and a protective shield. How did the hat look like in your dream?

Were you the one wearing it or it was someone else doing so? Were you buying a hat or simply saw one? Was it new and fancy or old and worn out?

These are only several questions you could ask yourself in order to get the deeper meaning of your hat related dream.

Let us find out what specific hat dreams have to say. We will start with seeing a hat in a dream.

Seeing hats in a dream

If you happen to see a hat in a dream, but no one wears it, it symbolizes secrets. It may represent secrets you hide and are especially unwilling to share.

You seek for a way to bury them, to hide them; perhaps, even from yourself.

The hat is an opportunity to hide the secrets. It could also reflect your suspicion about other people hiding things from you.

If you see many hats around you in a dream, it indicates that you are surrounded with fake friends, people who pretend to be what they were not. If all the hats are black, it suggests these people around you are not only hiding their true faces, but their intentions towards you are not the best.

It could also mean that you feel exposed in certain environment and feel as if you do not know how to play bay their rules.

If those hats came in many colors, it means you really have no idea whom to trust in waking life.

All offer rather interesting ideas, but you are suspicious of whose intentions are good and whose are not.

This dream indicates you are insecure and easily seduced by attractive suggestions. You do not think by your own head, but surrender to others’ influence.

The dream occurs so to remind you do the opposite and start thinking clearly about your decisions. Do not let others seduce and manipulate you.

Wearing a new hat in a dream

If you dream about wearing or buying a fancy new hat means you are fortunate and lucky.

This dream indicates your work will pay off and people would admire and respect you. This dream is an indicator of earned and positive reputation.

The dream also suggests you are a person who likes to show off. You have all right to do so. You may be a very confident person who is not afraid to show off their value.

If the hat was an expensive, classy one, it indicates your good taste. It means people really admire both your attitude and style.

You should be happy with who you are, even if in reality you may be going through hard times.

The dream is a reminder of your value and of reward and admiration that comes after difficult period.

Wearing an old and worn out hat in a dream

If you were wearing an old and thorn hat in your dream, it reflects humbleness and modesty.

Contrary to what you might think, this dream does not indicate you will be poor and miserable, but exactly the opposite.

However, it does not necessarily indicate any material success, but something that matters more.

This dream indicates people around you appreciate, admire and love who you are, even if you fail to notice it.

The dream suggests you should value yourself as a person. It might be an indicator of success in terms of receiving honor and respect for some of your noble deeds.

You are a person with a heart wide open and you should believe in yourself.

The dream also suggests there are far more important things in life, even if our financial and material aspect indeed matters a lot.

Wearing an old hat could have to do with completely different issues. It perhaps means you are unready to make any changes in life and throw away old habits.

You are, in fact, unwilling to change and you stubbornly stick to your attitudes. Think about if it was really good for you.

You are stuck in the moment and prevent yourself from moving forward, perhaps because of fear or simply lack of enthusiasm and motivation.

Dreaming about a hat falling off your head

The dream indicates your mysteries will be all revealed and secrets no longer hidden. It could mean different things.

For example, you have been trying to maintain the reputation of a mysterious, hard to get to know person, maybe a bit cold and reserved, but slowly you let someone approach closer.

Your shield and the veil are gone. You might feel vulnerable and exposed, but in this case, it is not a bad thing.

On the other hand, it could indicate secrets you have been trying to keep to yourself will eventually see the light of the day.

Those could even be lies about something important, regardless of if you told the m out of good or bad intentions. Either way, this dream indicates facing the reality and consequences of your own doing.

People will see you in ‘real light’, for better or for worse.

Throwing away or destroying a hat in a dream

If you thrown away a hat in a dream or tried to get rid of it or even destroy it in any way, it means you are tired of holding back and of keeping secrets.

Perhaps you are a trustworthy person others confine in, but you cannot carry their burdens anymore.

Maybe there are things you kept to yourself solely because you wanted to appear better in other people’s eyes.

No matter the initial reason, you do not want to hide anything anymore.

Losing a hat in a dream

This dream indicates a dreamer’s insecurity and lack of self-confidence. You need your hat so to defend yourself and put a wall between yourself and the world.

Now you have lost it and you feel disturbed and confused.

The dream might reflect such feelings that you are aware of in reality.

It could also indicate that the time has come to build up your self-confidence. You should step ahead bravely, without putting steel walls around your persona.