Holding Hands – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

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Hands in dreams often indicate your relationships with other people. Hands symbolize protection, authority, justice, and they serve as a means of communication in some cases.

Holding hands with someone often implies a close relation to that person and usually signifies love and affection. We hold hands with the people who are dear to us, but we can also hold someone’s hand when we desire to help and protect that person.

Dreams about hands often indicate the need to help someone or someone helping you. Sometimes these dreams encourage you to ask someone for help in situations when you might be hesitant to do so.

Dreams of holding hands are not common dreams, but often indicate love, connection and affection you feel for this person. Often such dreams reveal your anxiety and fear about the person whose hand you were holding in the dream. You might be afraid of losing contact with this person or this person leaving you for some reason.

It might be a sign of distancing yourself from that person and the stress you feel because of that.

Holding hands in dreams also symbolizes friendship, deep emotions and affection, as well as a close bond you have with someone.

People usually have these dreams when they fear losing someone important in their lives for some reason. Maybe you feel attracted to someone and your subconscious is revealing that fact to you through this dream. Usually these dreams reveal your affection towards someone and possibly your expectation to have that affection reciprocated by that person.

Holding hands is usually a very intimate act and could reveal strong inner-feelings towards someone.

You could be surprised after having such a dream by the depth of the emotions you have for someone.

Dreams of holding hands often reveal your desire to become good friends with someone and often your desire is to become more than good friends with someone you deeply care about.

Dreams of holding hands are often a sign of loneliness and desire for company. If you have such dreams often, you should ask yourself why that happens. Is it because you feel lonely and isolated from others?

If the answer is yes, try to figure out your part in that situation and do all you can to change it. Try giving initiative for socializing and become more open to contacts with other people.

If you have problems in communicating and establishing relationships with others, try seeking help from someone you trust or even the help of a professional.

Often dreams in which you hold hands with someone or seeing someone holding hands are a good sign. They often indicate encountering love and affection from someone soon.

If you are single, and you dreamed of holding hands with someone, that dream could indicate soon meeting someone who might become very important in your life, and possibly your new romantic interest.

Sometimes this dream could indicate having good luck in the upcoming days. In some cases, it indicates acquiring some new knowledge. 

Holding Hands – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of holding hands with a stranger – If you dreamed of holding hands with someone you don’t know in real life, that dream reveals a lot about your current state of emotions. You are probably feeling very lonely at this moment and you desire physical and emotional affection in a committed relationship with someone. This dream is often an announcement of the start of a committed relationship soon.

Sometimes, this dream could reveal your desire to form a stronger bond or a friendship with someone. In some case, this dream symbolizes doing charity work or your volunteer activities.

Maybe it is a sign that you will soon become a part of some charity organization and begin doing humanitarian work.

This dream could also indicate receiving help when you need it not only from your friends but also from other good people in your surroundings.

Dreaming of holding hands with someone you know – If you dreamed of holding hands with a person you know, that dream might indicate your need to have some trustworthy person in your life to confide some important secrets or facts about yourself.

Dreaming of holding hands with a friend – If you dreamed of holding hands with someone who is your friend, that dream could reveal some fears you have about this person. Namely, this dream could reveal your fears of distancing yourself from this person or this person distancing away from you. You might be fearful for your friendship and its future.

In some cases, this dream symbolizes your loneliness and feelings of isolation from others, as well as your desire for intimacy or bonding with your friends.

Dreaming of rivals holding hands – If you dreamed of seeing rivals holding their hands, that dream usually isn’t a good sign, but also doesn’t affect you personally. This dream often indicates conflicts and arguments which might arise between those two individuals; you most likely won’t suffer any major consequences, rather a small inconvenience.

Dreaming of holding hands with someone who is a fictional character – If you dreamed of holding hands with some fictional character, that dream is often a good sign. This dream often signifies soon meeting someone with a strong character and very creative. It might be someone artistic, with a unique personality or interests.

You will most likely be the one to keep this relationship going, and you could be asked to give some advice to this person as well.

Dreaming of holding hands with the person you are in love with – If you dreamed of holding hands with the person you love, that dream usually isn’t a good sign. This dream is often a sign of financial difficulties and losses you could soon experience.

Dreaming of holding hands with someone you like very much – If you dreamed of holding hands with a person you like very much, that dream is often a very good sign. It could reveal that your feelings for this person are getting stronger every day. This dream often reveals that you think about this person very much and you imagine being with her in a committed relationship, and because of that your subconscious has provoked this dream.

This dream could be an encouragement from your inner being to gather the courage and strength and give the initiative for getting to know this person better, or, if you already know this person, for something more serious to begin between the two of you.

Sometimes this dream reveals your concerns for the person you like and your subconscious feeling that this person needs your help for some reason, as well as your readiness to help this person.

Dreaming of holding hands with a great religious leader – If you dreamed of holding hands with some great religious leader, that dream is often a concerning sign. This dream could indicate having some ethical or moral issues you need to deal with. These matters could be related to your professional or private life, but they are creating obstacles on the way to success in these areas.

This dream often indicates the need to make some important choices and not being sure about the right thing to decide.

If you had such a dream, it should be considered a reminder to think well before making some significant life choices and decisions, so you won’t regret not doing that in the future.

Dreaming of holding a child’s hand – If you dreamed of walking and holding a child by the hand, that dream is a good sign. It often indicates resolving some difficult issue in your life. It could indicate finding an easy solution to a problem which has bothered you for some time.

This dream signifies your satisfaction for being able to do that.

Dreaming of holding hands with a disabled person – If you dreamed of holding hands with a person who is disabled, that dream could indicate some events which will put your current relationship on a trial. You might be asked to prove your commitment and love towards your partner.

Maybe some outside circumstances could shake your relationship a bit and you might be forced to fight for your partner or to prove your dedication.

It is a sign of your devotion and love you have for your partner regardless of the circumstances and your willingness to stand by your partner’s side no matter what.

You are willing to overcome any obstacle to defend your relationship and that will only strengthen your bond and provide the relationship’s survival in the future.