Night – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Night is considered the time between sunset and sunrise during every 24 hours.

During night the sun is below the horizon and isn’t visible. The duration of night depends on the location and time of year. It ends with sunrise in the morning.

During night, the sky is illuminated mostly by moonlight and star light.

Night is equally important for the proper functioning of all living beings on the planet. Of course, life wouldn’t be possible without sunlight, but night is also essentially important for some life cycles and activities of some living organisms.

In early times, when artificial light was not easily available, people used nighttime to sleep and rest, while they concentrated all their activities during daytime.

Nowadays, when artificial life is a common thing, many people switch their daily activities to night and sleep during the day.

Such behavior is not very healthy because it prevents the body to regenerate which is a normal process that happens during night time sleep.

People who work night shifts especially have problems with sleeping disorders and in some cases, experience worse health issues.

Because during night, visibility is diminished, nighttime has often been linked with the unknown and danger, as well as evil. The fear of the unknown often tends to create fearful images and makes people feel vulnerable and unprotected.

The fact is that some evil and dangerous people tend to use night for their malicious actions and that is another reason for the bad reputation and fear night provokes in most people.

Also, some mythological creatures are depicted as appearing only at night.

Dream meaning of night

Because of its attributes to fear and the unknown, when night appears in our dreams, we often consider it a negative omen, but it doesn’t have to be.

Night can also be a symbol of something undiscovered or hard for you to understand, requiring you to put in more effort.

In some cases, dreams about events happening during night could be a sign that you could soon participate in some negative events.

The dream could be an indication of not being able to succeed in some of your endeavors and not being able to discover the reasons for the failure.

Such dreams could be a sign of unforeseen obstacles and challenges, as well as unknown enemies and people trying to prevent you from achieving your goals without you being able to understand the reasons behind their behavior.

Sometimes night in dreams could be a sign of secrets that you could discover, or your secrets being revealed to the public with or without your consent.

Maybe something you have kept to yourself for a long time will be shared with others through a set of unforeseen circumstances.

In some cases, night in our dreams could be an indication of some new beginnings that await you. If you didn’t dream about a complete darkness, the dream could be a sign of sudden solutions to your problems or unexpected resolving of your issues.

Sometimes dreams about night could be a sign of disappointments you could experience, but also the need of acceptance of the circumstances you are in.

If, in your dream, you were able to see clearly although it was night, the dream is a clear sign that you are on the right path and you know exactly what you want and how to get there. It is a sign of your ability to overcome any obstacles you come across without difficulties.

Often dreams about night indicate our insecurities and problems we have. Sometimes we might be unaware of the issues we have because they are repressed in our subconscious.

Dreams with the subject of night often symbolize problems, insecurities, and hidden matters.

This dream could indicate the need for the person to confront their suppressed issues and problems.

It could also be a sign from the subconscious to look within for the solutions of problems. It might be calling the person to look around for hidden clues. Maybe the solution is easier than expected and the person is missing the obvious answer.

Often dreams about night indicate impatience, lack of ideas to solve problems, and similar matters.

Night – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about wandering around at night – If you dreamed of wandering around the streets aimlessly during night time, the dream is usually a warning sign.

It symbolizes some kind of danger that you could encounter in the near future. It is a sign of bad events happening either in your professional or private life.

This dream warns you to be precautious and watch for your safety.

Dreaming of seeing stars at night – If you dreamed that you stared in the sky during the night, observing the stars, the dream can be considered a good sign. It usually represents a sign of success of your endeavors and actions.

This dream is a sign of success, although it doesn’t always indicate that the success will happen in the near future.

Dreaming about complete darkness during night – If you dreamed of finding yourself in complete darkness, the dream is also a warning. It indicates feelings of helplessness and depression.

Dreaming of preparing the bed for the night – If you dreamed of making your bed for the night, that dream is often a sign of changing your place of residence for some reason. It is possible to leave home to go study, or go somewhere work related.

This dream is usually an indication of being away from home for a longer period.

Dreaming of walking alone down an empty street during night – If you dreamed of walking alone down an empty street during night darkness, the dream usually doesn’t have a good connotation. It indicates depression and stagnation.

The dream could be a sign of monotonous period in your life, which will fortunately be a short term one.

This dream, although it seems disturbing, reminds you never to become discouraged and allow despair overwhelm you, regardless of any circumstances.

This dream is possibly asking you to concentrate more and try to figure out some unforeseen ways to solve your problems. It is a reminder not to allow boredom and restlessness overwhelm you.

Focus yourself on areas that interest you. That will help you go through the difficulties of the present moment.

Dreaming about walking through a forest at night – If you dreamed of walking through a forest during night, that dream should be considered a warning sign. It usually reveals your distress due to some issues you have.

You probably have problems you don’t have an idea how to solve.

Maybe you received some bad news recently and you are very disturbed because of what you have heard.

The news could be related to some close family members and might cause fear and anxiety.

A dream about walking through the forest at night is often a sign of a period of unease, anxiety, stress, worries and other unpleasant feelings. You might expect to be negatively influenced by the circumstances that await you.

Dreaming about walking alone at night – If you dreamed of walking alone at night, but not feeling afraid or worried, instead feeling happy and joyful, that dream is usually a sign of a joyful and content upcoming period in your life.

This dream is a sign of strong support you have in life, especially from your family.

You are never worried because you know that you are emotionally and financially secured and that you can always rely on their help.

Dreaming of being robbed while walking alone at night – If you dreamed of being robbed while walking alone at night, such dream is usually a bad warning sign. There is a high possibility of losing a substantial amount of money, or spending way beyond your means in the upcoming days.

In some cases, a dream about being robbed at night could be a sign of having problems with family members in the process of dividing the family assets.

Dreaming about seeing the sun during night – If you dreamed that it was night time and you suddenly saw the sun rising although it was still dark, or seeing the moon and the sun in the sky simultaneously, that dream should be interpreted as a very lucky omen.

This dream could be an announcement of an upcoming romantic encounter with a person who could become your romantic partner.

Maybe you don’t know that person yet, or it could be someone you already know, but haven’t thought about them in such a manner.

In some cases, the dream could indicate a possibility of invitation to a romantic date with someone you like very much, and that might lead into something serious.

Dreaming of driving a car at night – If you dreamed of driving a car somewhere in the middle of the night, such a dream usually is not a good sign. It always points out to something uncertain and unknown.

Maybe you are faced with some major decisions or obstacles on the way to achieving some goals, and you don’t know what would be the best way to react.

Maybe you feel uncertainty about your future and fear the consequences of some of your actions.

This dream often reveals the fear you feel regarding some important situation in your life. It is possible that you are facing some imminent changes and you don’t know how to adapt properly or you fear whether you will adapt to them properly.

In some cases, this dream could indicate the need to adapt to new circumstances.

Sometimes the dream is a sign that you need to become more flexible in making some decisions and plans and not be rigid about them refusing to change anything.

If things are not as you have planned them to be, you need to be willing to make changes in your plans.

In some cases, this dream could indicate a career change or some other significant changes in your life.