Koala – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Koalas are beautiful animals, which people simply adore. They are marsupials, native to Australia. They are close relatives to wombats. Koalas usually live in eucalyptus woodlands, and eucalyptus leaves are their usual diet.

Due to the limited calories and nutrition they receive from their diet, these cute animals are sedentary types which tend to sleep up to 20 hours during the day.

Koalas are very choosy about their diet and although they mainly eat eucalyptus, they don’t eat leaves of all eucalyptus trees but only some of them.

Koalas are marsupials and the babies they give birth to, are undeveloped and continue their development in their mother’s pouches.  There, the baby koalas stay around six to seven months. The babies are known as joeys. Mothers form very strong bonds with their offspring.

These animals have a very nurturing nature. The babies are very tiny, born still in the embryonic stage. When the joeys become too big to be in the pouch, the mothers carry them on their backs, similar to monkeys.

Mother koalas form strong bonds with their young and they keep the babies close to them for up to 12 months, when they let them be on their own.

Male koalas have special scent glands which emit secretions they use for marking their territory. Koalas are very protective and don’t let intruders in their territory easily.

These animals live in trees. They are mainly nocturnal animals because it’s cooler during the night. Because they sleep up to 20 hours per day, they usually use these night hours to do all their choirs, like gathering food, eating, grooming, etc.

Koalas are usually asocial and the only strong bond is formed between the baby and the mother during the growing up phase. They have different vocalizations they use to communicate to each other.

The koalas’ body fur keeps a constant body temperature for these animals and it helps repel water as well.

The koalas’ biggest threat is the loss of their habitat due to urbanization and agriculture.

What does the Koala Symbolize?

Koalas have different symbolic meanings. They symbolize calm, peace, stability, harmony, happiness, joy, releasing stress, relaxing, faith, nurturing, caring, friendship, communication, sensitivity, safety, parenting, motherly bond, protectiveness, balance, strength, confidence, close family ties, inner guidance, and intuition. 

The Meanings of Koala as a Totem Animal

Koala totem animal can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Calmness and peace. Koalas appear so peaceful and calm. These creatures have a soothing effect. They have a calming appearance which instills peace in others. The koala spirit animal teaches us the gift of peacefulness and calmness. It teaches us to maintain our peace, regardless of the circumstances which surround us.

This spirit animal is asking you to establish harmony and joy in your life and do all you can to maintain your happiness.

The koala teaches us to release the stress from our daily lives and enjoy the simple things in life. It also asks us to connect more with nature.

Protectiveness. Koalas are very protective and tend to defend their territory. As totem animals they teach us to be protective of the people we care about and do our best in protecting them from any harm.

Nurturing and caring. Koala mothers are very nurturing and caring mothers. They take a very good care and form strong bonds with their babies from the moment they are born because these babies are so tiny and weak. The koala totem animal gives you the gift of nurturing and taking care of the ones you love.

It also teaches you to nurture your relationships with them and appreciate the love and care you receive.

Releasing stress and relaxing. Koalas teach us of the importance of a good rest and relaxation. These animals preserve their energy by sleeping almost 20 hours every day. As a totem animal, the koalas are asking you to stop exhausting yourself and find time to simply rest and relax. You need to find time for yourself and your needs.

This totem animal is reminding you of the importance of releasing stress and negativity from your life.

Parenting. Koalas, especially the mothers, are very good parents. The mothers carry the babies in their pouches for months, and when the babies outgrow the pouch they carry them on their backs. These mothers are truly dedicated to their children and their wellbeing. The koala totem animal teaches the gift of being a good parent and taking good care of your children.

The koala is asking you to embrace the role of a parent with joy and in a relaxed manner.

Balance. Koalas are an arboreal animal, which means they spend most of their time on trees. They use their claws for climbing the trees. Being almost all the time in the treetops, koalas need to know how to maintain their balance and remain there, even during sleeping.

The koala totem animal teaches you the importance of balance in life. Whatever the circumstances are, you need to maintain your balance and stability in all areas of your life.

Koala as Your Totem Animal

If koala as your totem animal, you are most likely a person who has a calm and peaceful personality.

You don’t rush anywhere and you act as if there’s always time for everything you desire to do. You know how important is to live a stress-free life and you tend not to stress yourself over anything. You tend to rest well and gain the necessary energy for your daily endeavors.

You are probably very sociable and get along well with most people. You are happy and joyful and tend to instill the same in other people as well.

You are a person who doesn’t rush anywhere. You accept the circumstances as they are and don’t make a big deal of anything. You enjoy helping others and taking care of their needs, usually without expecting anything in return.

With the koala as your spirit animal, you most likely calm other people. They enjoy your company because you make them feel relaxed and happy. You have a strong intuition and you know how to follow it. You instinctively know when it the time to act.

You are often surrounded with people who need your help and calming advice. Because of that, you need to know how to protect yourself so you won’t be abused by people who are draining your energy.

Most likely, you are very imaginative and sometimes have psychic abilities you should pay attention to. You could enjoy doing your activities at night and sleep during the day.

You could also have a tendency for laziness and procrastination. You could postpone your actions indefinitely.

The koala might be teaching you to change these bad traits of yours.

The koala totem also makes you very emotional but also restrained. You don’t demonstrate easily your emotions. You have difficulties letting people in your close circle, but you are loyal and devoted once they get in.

You need plenty of time to relax and rest. 

And if the Koala Appears in Your Life?

A koala appearing in your life could be an indication that you have been exhausting yourself lately and you need time off to rest and relax. The koala is asking you to release your anxiety and stress.

You could plan a trip to the nature or spend time with family members or simply don’t do anything and just relax.

You could also be suffering from sleep deprivation and the koala appearing in your life could be a reminder that you need more sleep.

The koala could also be reminding you to distance yourself from people who are draining your kindness and energy and recharge and release the accumulated negativity.

This totem animal appearing in your life could also be asking you to enjoy life more and spend more time in the beauty of nature. It reminds you to slow down your life pace and simply enjoy it as it is.

This animal also appears when you need to get in tune with your intuition and learn to listen to its messages.

A koala could also appear when you are becoming a parent to teach you of the process of parenting.

When to call on Koala?

You should call on Koala totem animal when you:

  • You need more sleep;
  • You need rest and relaxation from overwhelming obligations;
  • You need to maintain your calmness and peace in some situation;
  • You need your own time and space;
  • You need to begin trusting your intuition and inner guidance;
  • You are becoming a parent and you need parenting tips; 

Dreams about Koala – Interpretation and Meaning

People don’t often dream about koalas, unless maybe in Australia where these beautiful creatures live.

When you dream about a koala that dream could possibly indicate your spirituality and spiritual awareness. It is also a reminder to take care of yourself or someone else.

This dream could indicate the need for you to relax and provide yourself more daily rest. Maybe it signifies your desire to avoid dealing with some issues or doing something.

In some cases, a dream about a koala indicates dependency issues. Maybe you need to gain your independence and trust in your abilities to succeed on your own.