IQ 153 – Score Meaning

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Many psychologists have devoted their work to discovering the mystery of intelligence and discovering the way of measuring it. Since the beginning of the 20th century, children and adults are solving intelligence tests to determine the level of their intelligence.

This trait can be defined in many different ways because it is a complex concept.

In general, by intelligence many consider the person’s cognitive abilities, such as the ability to reason, think critically, gather information, solve problems, gain knowledge, be creative, etc. It is also the ability to learn from experience.

Intelligence tests usually combine different cognitive tasks of conceptual, verbal, perceptual, and quantitative.

First intelligence tests appeared as a result of trying to find a way to measure the mental abilities of children and differ the ones with normal mental abilities from those who weren’t as mentally able as other children.

One of their roles is still to measure the mental ability of children and compare it with the average mental ability of children of that age.

They are used to determine the IQ or intelligence quotient of children. Intelligence tests are also a tool for psychologists during recruitment processes when they use them to assess their potential candidates and how suitable they are for a certain job.

Intelligence tests have incorporated scales to determine the results. The results are sometimes not precise or accurate because of various circumstances present during the test.

For example, if the person is tired and lacks focus and concentration, the results won’t reveal the true level of their intelligence. For that reason intelligence tests have a tolerance scale and tolerate deviation of up to 20 points.

Many scales of intelligence exist. Most of them agree that scores between 90 and109 belong to average intelligence.

According to the current Wechsler IQ classification, intelligence above IQ 130 is considered Very Superior, an IQ between120 – 129 is considered Superior, IQ between 109 – 119 is considered High Average, IQ between 90 -109 is considered Average, IQ between 80 – 90 is considered Low Average, IQ between 70 – 79 is considered Borderline, and IQ 69 and below is considered Extremely Low.

Whatever the test score is, it is important to know that intelligence isn’t a fixed and unchangeable trait and it can be raised through organized efforts and activities, as well as education.

Types of intelligence

Intelligence is a trait of human personality which is very complex and composed of various other traits which is why it is not easy to define it or claim that there is only one type of intelligence.

General intelligence is a type of intelligence which comprises the person’s cognitive abilities. They are the ability to gain knowledge, learn from experience, adapt, reason, etc.

Multiple intelligences or specific intelligences stem from the idea that intelligence cannot be generalized because it is so complex and comprised of various aspects. One person cannot possess all of them, and some are better in some areas and others are better in other areas.

Psychologists who advocate for the idea of multiple intelligences don’t like the idea of general intelligence and oppose the fact that most intelligence tests test the general skills of a person and knowledge that is mostly acquired in school.

The idea of multiple intelligences is that each of them represents the person’s special skills in a certain area. There are:

Musical intelligence or music smart

Logical – mathematical intelligence or number/reasoning smart

Verbal – linguistic intelligence or word smart

Intrapersonal intelligence or self-smart

Interpersonal intelligence or people smart

Bodily/kinesthetic intelligence or bodily smart

Visual-spatial intelligence or picture smart

Naturalist intelligence or nature smart

Crystalized intelligence is the kind formed during the person’s lifetime of experiences. This type increases as the person gets older.

Fluid intelligence is a kind of intelligence represented by the ability of a person to discover new manners to deal with problems and everyday issues. It decreases as the person ages.

Emotional intelligence is very important. It represents the ability of a person to understand and accept other people’s feelings, desires, and motivations.

Practical intelligence is the ability to find practical solutions to different life’s situations. It is similar to general intelligence.

Creative intelligence is represented by the creative abilities of a person. It is considered an ability to think creatively and create things. It is also the person’s ability to find some creative way to handle things.

Intelligence quotient (IQ)

Intelligence is measured in IQ-s. IQ is an abbreviation for the intelligence quotient which represents the person’s level of intelligence. The IQ is determined through IQ tests mostly created to measure the person’s general intelligence.

IQ tests are made for different age groups because intelligence increases with age. These tests are standardized by determining the average intelligence level for each age group.

The process of standardization is done regularly because intelligence tends to increase with every new generation.

The formula for calculating IQ is mental age ÷ chronological age x 100.

The formula is based on the idea of comparing the mental and chronological age of a person to determine their level of intelligence. The person’s mental age is determined through intelligence tests.

For example, a child who is 8 years old who solves an intelligence test for a 10 year old as the average 10 year old, is considered to have Superior intelligence because this child has an IQ of 125.

The person’s IQ is a mix of different factors. Genetic plays a very important role in the forming of the person’s intelligence.

Children inherit intelligence from their ancestors, and it is noted that they and their parents have a similar IQ.

Besides genetic, environment also plays a great role in the forming of intelligence. Poor living conditions, lack of education and care are the cause of decrease in intelligence.

Children who are raised and living in such conditions have a lower IQ than children who are fortunate to have proper care and education. Many of them never have the chance to reach their full potential because of that fact. 

Possible causes of a bad IQ score

IQ scores can sometimes be inaccurate. The reasons can vary, but the most common reasons for such scores is the actual mental and psychical state of the person doing the test.

If the person who is being tested is disturbed, anxious, upset, tired, confused, cannot focus, fears the result or is experiencing some other state which prevents this person from concentrating on the test, the results cannot be accurate.

These results can also be inaccurate if the person has some learning disability, for example, dyslexia. In case of bad results on the IQ test, it is always advisable to rule out such possibility.

Because of these situations which cannot be predicted, IQ tests have tolerance in scores of up to 20 points.

IQ 153 score meaning

IQ Scores above 109 are considered above average, and those above 130 belong to the category of Very Superior intelligence.

If you have an IQ score of 153 you are in the group of so-called genius people. You belong to less than 2% of human population. This IQ is an indication that you are very gifted and talented.

This IQ score opens a lot of opportunities before you, but it is up to you to use them wisely and not succumb to feelings such as vanity and believing that you are better and superior to others because you were fortunate to be more intelligent than greater part of the human population.

Because you have been so blessed with such a trait, try to use it up to its maximum and for your benefit, as well as for the benefit of those who are less fortunate than you are.

Don’t allow your talents to be wasted or use them to do bad or dishonest things. You have a big responsibility because you are among the chosen minority.

The Universe has given you this gift to make a change in this world and try to discover your way of making a change and creating something of lasting value.

You probably know that you are special and the fact that you have such a high IQ score is only a proof of that.

Don’t allow that fact keeping you from being a part of the community and people who are much lower on the IQ scale than you. Treat every human being with respect that they deserve.

You can even give initiative to help these people raise their intelligence and become a more accepted part of the community.

By doing good deeds you will only prove that you are worth the blessing you have.