IQ 96 – Score Meaning

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Intelligence is defined in many different ways, but in general, it represents the person’s ability to gain knowledge, to gather information, find solutions to problems, imagine and create things, reason, understand, etc.

It is a blend of cognitive abilities and the general knowledge of a person. Animals and plants also have intelligence according to science.

The level of intelligence is measured through intelligence tests. They are created by psychologists to measure the person’s cognitive skills and they are usually a mix of different tasks, which can be perceptual, conceptual, quantitative, and verbal. The results of these tests give the person’s IQ score.

Intelligence tests are usually used by psychologists to determine whether the mental age of children matches the average age of children of that age.

These tests are also used to check the abilities of potential job candidates and determine whether they are suitable to perform a certain job or a task.

IQ scores are used to demonstrate the person’s level of intelligence. They are determined by the scales on IQ tests.

In some cases, the results are not matching the person’s real intelligence level, due to objective psychological and/or physical circumstances present while the person was doing the test.

That is why these tests usually have a tolerance of up to 10 or 20 points.

Most people have average intelligence which ranges between 90 and 109. Scores above 109 are above average intelligence and lower than 90 below average intelligence.

It is important to note that these results cannot be a cause for disappointment and worry because intelligence is a changeable thing, and can be raised through education and other activities.

You only need focus and patience and your intelligence level can be raised up to 20 points. 

Types of intelligence

Most scientists and psychologists agree that there is a general intelligence, which represents the ability to learn, gain knowledge, adapt to circumstances, reason, understand, learn from experiences, etc.

There are also specific intelligences, which represent the different skills and abilities of individuals in various areas.

There is emotional intelligence as well, as the ability of the person to understand other people’s motives and emotions.

Some psychologists make a difference between crystalized and fluid intelligence.

Crystalized is the one gained through experience, while fluid is the ability of a person to find out new ways of doing things and finding solutions to problems. Crystalized intelligence is increasing as we get older, while fluid is decreasing.

Some scientists differentiate creative and practical intelligence. While the creative is represented through the creative abilities of a person practical intelligence is the ability of problem solving and dealing with different issues, and it is very similar to general intelligence.

Intelligence quotient (IQ)

The level of intelligence is expressed in intelligence quotients or IQ-s. Intelligence quotient is usually an indication of the person’s general intelligence.

Because its level is different for different age groups, intelligence tests are made for different age groups.

An average IQ score is determined for all age groups and it is used as a comparison to the person’s chronological age.

The IQ of a person is calculated with the formula: IQ = mental age ÷ chronological age x 100. For example, if a child who has 9 years does a test for his age and performs as well as the average 9 years child, he has an IQ of 100, or 9 ÷ 9 x 100 = 100. If that child performs a test for a 10 year old as well as an average child of 10 years, he has an IQ score of 111, or 10 ÷ 9 x 100 = 111.

The level of intelligence is also influenced by the person’s genetics. It is known that the child inherits intelligence from the ancestors, and parents and their children have similar level of intelligence.

We shouldn’t neglect the influence of environment and care.

Children who are raised in a healthy environment, protected and cared for by their parents who provide them with solid education are more intelligent than children who are raised in unhealthy environments, without a proper education and basic living conditions and care.

Possible causes of a bad IQ score

We already mentioned that IQ test scores aren’t always accurate due to various reasons.

Many reasons can cause the person to underperform on the test, and most of them are of psychological nature, but they can also be psychical or physiological.

Stress, tiredness, fear, anxiety, other emotional disturbance, etc. are often the cause why people don’t get a result that matches their true intellectual abilities.

Also, if bad scores appear, learning disabilities should be ruled out, because they can often be the cause of bad IQ scores.

Because of frequent possibility of mistakes, IQ tests have a tolerance score of up to 20 points. 

IQ 96 score meaning

If you or your child scored 96 on an IQ test, that means that you fall into the category of people with average intelligence like most people on earth.

If you are not satisfied with average, there are many ways to improve your intelligence, and the most important one is learning and educating yourself.

You will need patience and determination, but that can certainly be done.

IQ tests focus mainly to test the visual and spatial skills, general knowledge, logic and reasoning, knowledge in some areas like science, math, etc.

That is why it is important to start working on improving your knowledge in these areas as well as your skills.

Here are some recommended activities you could or should try to raise the level of your intelligence:

Try reading as much as possible. Reading is a certainly a proven way to boost your brain’s activity and develop your intelligence. You will gain knowledge and surely expand your vocabulary along the way.

Watch documentaries and informational programs on TV. We know it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but these activities will help you gain some general knowledge, improve your vocabulary, and raise your intelligence level.

Try meditating. Mediation relaxes your whole body, and calms your brain which is important in raising its abilities.

Have a regular diet. Eating regularly is essential for the proper functioning of our body. The brain also needs food and nutrients to perform in its maximum capacity. That is why it is important to eat regularly and never skip meals. Breakfast is the most important meal.

Work on developing your vocabulary. For the development of our intellect, it is important to develop our vocabulary and learn new words. That activity stimulates our brain and increases our knowledge at the same time.

Keep your brain occupied, but give it a rest from time to time. For the development of our intelligence it is important to keep our brains working. At the same time, we should be careful not to burden it with too many activities and find time for it to rest.

Play Sudoku. It is a proven fact that playing Sudoku is a true challenge to the brain and stimulates the development of our logic. That is why it is a highly recommended activity if you want to increase the level of your intelligence.

Focus on one task at a time and don’t give up until you finish it. While you work on raising your intelligence level it is very important to also work on strengthening your ability to focus and pursue a goal until it is finished.

Exercises keep your body in shape but they also beneficially influence your brain.

Set goals. Setting goals is an excellent way to work on your determination and it will increase your intelligence as well because it will stimulate you find ways to achieve these goals.

Drink a lot of water. Drinking water nourishes both our body and our brain. Water is essential for the brain’s health because the brain cells need to be properly hydrated to function normally.

Besides exercising and being active, it is also important to find enough time to rest your body and brain properly. They need time to recuperate to be able to function with full capacity.

Eat brain food. Eating food which has good effects on the brain is highly recommendable. Green vegetables, nuts, fish oil, and similar food should be in your diet regularly if you are trying to raise the level of your intelligence.

Listen to classical music. It is noted that classical music has a beneficial effect on our entire bodies, especially the brain. It also increases our learning abilities.

These are some suggestions on what you could do to raise your IQ score. It is important not to get discouraged and be patient.