IQ 95 – Score Meaning

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Intelligence is considered the ability of a person to reason, understand, think critically, solve problems, collect information, do creative things, and gain knowledge as a result of doing all these things, as well as from their experience.

Humans have created artificial intelligence which is now present in machines and computer programs. Scientists have also discovered that plants and animals have some form of intelligence as well.

People have realized that there are differences between different people in their level of understanding and reasoning, making conclusions, finding solutions to various problems, sometimes problems of global scale, etc. and concluded that some people are smarter than others.

Scientists and psychologists were inspired to discover a way to measure the person’s level of intelligence, and they developed tests which were aiming to measure peoples’ cognitive skills and knowledge, and the results of these tests were to determine the level of the person’s intelligence.

In time, many different tests were developed, with more or less precise results.

Intelligence tests are a combination of different cognitive tasks, which can be quantitative, conceptual, verbal, and perceptual. They are mostly used to determine the actual mental age of children comparing it with the average mental age of children of the same age.

To do that, the child’s IQ quotient, or intelligence quotient is determined. IQ can be determined through the results of intelligence tests.

Intelligence tests are also used in other situations, such as during recruitment process where psychologists use these tests designed to determine the candidates’ abilities to perform a certain job.

Intelligence tests have precise scales to determine the level of intelligence of the person solving the test. These results cannot be 100% accurate due to various circumstances which could be present during the test solving, usually of psychological nature.

The person solving the test could be disturbed, stressed, frightened, tired, or something else could prevent them from giving their best on the test. In that case, the results cannot be precise. That is why IQ tests have a tolerance of up to 20 points.

There are various scales of intelligence. Mostly, people’ IQ scores are in the range between 40 and 140. Most people are in the category of average intelligence, which usually ranges from IQ 90 to 109. IQ scores below 90 are below average intelligence, while those higher than109 are above average intelligence.

Regardless of the score on the test, it is important to know that intelligence can be raised up to 10 or 20 points, mostly through education and other activities.

Types of intelligence

Most scientist and psychologist agree that there is a general intelligence factor, which is described as the ability to gain knowledge, adapt to various situations, think abstract and criticaly, learn from experiences, etc.

People with a higher level of general intelligence learn faster than those with a lower level of general intelligence.

Besides general intelligence, many scientists differentiate the existence of specific intelligences, which represent the individual’s special abilities and skills in various areas.

Also, there is emotional intelligence, and this intelligence is described as the ability of an individual to understand people’s emotions, desires, and motivations.

According to some psychologists, there are also crystalized and fluid intelligence. While crystalized is the intelligence which the person gained through their life’s experiences, the fluid intelligence is the ability to learn new ways of doing things, solving problems and dealing with issues that arise.

Crystalized intelligence has a tendency of increasing in time, while fluid decreases with aging.

Besides the mentioned ones, some scientists consider the existence of creative and practical intelligence. Practical intelligence is similar to general and represents the ability of a person to find solutions to problems and deal with issues that arise in life.

Creative intelligence is the ability of creative thinking and finding creative ways of handling things, as well as to perform various creative endeavors.

Creative people are usually able to visualize the result of their ideas before they materialize them.

Intelligence quotient (IQ)

Intelligence quotient or shortly IQ, represents the level of the person’s intelligence. It is determined through intelligence tests which are created to measure intelligence.

These are usually tests, that measure general intelligence. These tests are created for different age groups because intelligence varies depending on the age.

Intelligence tests are standardized for different age groups by determining the average intelligence in different age groups. This process of standardization should regularly be done because it is noticed that intelligence increases in every new generation.

The IQ is calculated by using a formula: IQ = mental age ÷ chronological age x 100 or comparing the person’s chronological age with their mental age.

For example, if a child of 9 years solves a test for a 9 year old as good as the average 9 year old child, this child has an IQ 100, or 9 ÷ 9 x 100 = 100. When a child who is 7 years old, solves an IQ test for a 9 year old as good as an average 9 year old, this child’s intelligence is 128, or 9 ÷ 7 x 100 = 128.

It is important to mention that genetics has a great role in forming the person’s level of intelligence, and parents usually have similar IQ as their children.

Intelligence is also influenced by the person’s upbringing, care, education, and general living conditions.

It is noted that children with better education and living conditions are smarter than those who live in poor conditions and are not well taken for and properly educated. 

Possible causes of a bad IQ score

We already mentioned that IQ scores are not always accurate. The main reason for that is the person’s mental and emotional state during the test.

If the person solving the test is upset, tired, anxious, fears the results of the test, or is in some other disturbing mental and physical state, it is likely that the test scores won’t be accurate.

Every condition which lowers the person’s ability to concentrate diminishes the possibility of the IQ scores being accurate. Also, if the person has some learning disability, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, the scores won’t be accurate.

Because of that, if you or your child, perform badly on an IQ test, don’t be worried immediately. Many factors that could have caused that and you should check on them first.

This is the reason why intelligence tests have a standard deviation factor of up to 20 points.

Also, solving different IQ tests will often end in getting different results, so don’t be discouraged at once.

IQ 95 score meaning

If you or your child scored an IQ 95 on an intelligence test, that is an indication of an average intelligence.

That means that you or your child have a level of intelligence like most people. An IQ 95 is a common IQ and is not a reason to be disturbed about. You know that you can always put in some effort and raise this score for up to 20 points.

The fact that intelligence can be raised is very encouraging and calming. You should always check out first if this score is accurate.

You can do that by doing different IQ tests and comparing the scores. If they confirm this result, you will need to take some action to improve it.

It is important to improve your visual and spatial skills, your general knowledge, as well as your knowledge in special areas, and you also need to work on expanding your vocabulary.

There are so many activities and things you can do to raise your intelligence. Here are some of them:

Reading is an important activity which has significant role in increasing our knowledge, developing our logic and creativity, expanding our vocabulary and overall has a beneficial effect on our brain.

Doing crossword puzzles. This activity develops our logic as well as our vocabulary. That is why it is highly recommendable when you desire to increase your intelligence.

Playing sudoku. It is known that sudoku helps develop our logic, focus, attention, and in general has positive effect on our brains and intelligence.

Setting your goals. Setting goals is an important activity to strengthen our focus as well as to stimulate our brain to discover ways to accomplish these goals.

Exercises are highly recommendable to keep our body and brain in shape and stimulate their activity.

Although exercise is important to keep our body and brain fit, resting is also important for them to recover and restore their strength for future activities.

Drinking enough water. Water is essential for our existence and is necessary for the proper functioning of our entire body. Brain cells need enough water to develop and function, therefore it is necessary for you to drink plenty of water daily and keep your body and brain hydrated.

Eating properly. Food is necessary for our body as well as our brain’s performance. The brain cannot work if it’s not properly nourished. That is why you should have regular meals, especially breakfast.

Deep breathing. We all breathe, because it is a precondition for life, but most people have a shallow breath which doesn’t provide enough air for the body, especially for the brain which needs a lot of air. Brain cells need air to develop and function properly.

That is why it is necessary for the person to learn how to breathe properly as well as to regularly have deep breaths.

Making a balance between occupying our brain with activity and resting it properly.

These are some of the possible things you can do to increase your intelligence level. Whatever your score is it is important to be persistent and focused and in no time your intelligence level will increase.