Jackal – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Jackals are mammals from the genus Canis. Wolves, coyotes and domestic dogs are also a part of the same genus. They are medium-sized omnivore animals.

The term jackal is nowadays used to refer to three animal species: the black-backed jackal, the golden jackal from south-central Eurasia, and the side-striped jackal from sub-Saharan Africa.

Jackals are animals similar to coyotes. They prey upon small to medium-sized animals. They are also scavengers.

These animals can run a long time, with a speed of up to 16km/h. Most of their activities are performed during dawn and dusk.

They usually live in monogamous pairs defending their territory from other pairs which try to conquer it. They are very territorial and are marking their territory with personal scents and other markings.

Sometimes jackals form small packs, to do some scavenging, but they usually hunt alone, or they hunt in pairs.

The word jackal means “the howler”. These animals got the name due to the distinctive howling sounds they produce.

The eating habits of jackals are very disgusting.

They can eat decomposed or even diseased flesh, which has been rotting for days. They often come to the feast after the big cats, such as lions and tigers have finished their meals, to collect their leftovers. Jackals also teach their young to eat all available food.

When the food is scarce, the jackals feed their offspring with their vomit to prevent them from starving to death.

They also eat the vomit of their offspring if they happen to overeat and throw up. 

What does the Jackal Symbolize?

Jackals have been present in many different cultures since ancient times and they were attributed different meanings. The jackal is mentioned many times in the Bible. There it symbolizes isolation, loneliness, abandonment and desolation, and has other bad connotations.

In many myths and legends in different cultures around the world, the jackal is described as a solitary animal which roams through the world.

Pakistan and India consider jackals as strong and brave animals which have more courage than lions.

Native Americans consider the jackal as a trickster and transformer. They believed that gods were undergoing a process of transformation into jackals.

Jackals symbolize opportunism, intelligence, courage, isolation, solitude, initiative, determination, survival, monogamy, communication, protection, territory, disgusting things, adaptability, etc.

The Meanings of a Jackal as a Totem Animal

The jackal totem has many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Opportunism. Jackals are great opportunists. They use every opportunity to scavenge food leftovers from other animals, and they don’t have a problem eating even obviously rotting food. The jackal as your totem animal is teaching you to seize every opportunity which comes your way and be determined to seize them before someone else grabs them.

If you have a jackal as your totem, you are most likely a born opportunist and you don’t miss any chance for progress and achieving your goals.

You are always awake waiting for opportunities to get what you desire.

Adaptability and survival. Jackals are highly adaptable animals. They can manage to survive in harsh habitats. They usually hunt their prey, but they don’t hesitate to steal the prey of other animals or eat their leftovers. They do all they can to survive. This totem animal teaches you to survive and about the need to adapt to various circumstances.

The jackal calls you to do all it takes to ensure your wellbeing.

Isolation and solitude. Jackals are loners by nature and rarely form small packs for hunting together. They are usually lone hunters, or they hunt in pair with their mate. If the jackal is your spirit animal, you most likely share the same trait.

You enjoy your time alone and you do everything to provide it for yourself.

Monogamy. Jackals are monogamous animals and spend most of the time with their mate, hunting together and defending their territory. This totem animal teaches you of the beauty and importance of a monogamous partnership and reminds you to show more love, appreciation and respect to your partner.

The Jackal as Your Totem Animal

If the jackal is your totem animal, you could be considered a bit of a loner and a person who likes to do everything by yourself.

You love people, but you rather spend time on your own or in the company of your partner.

Maybe your strongest bond is with your mate.

You tend to do things together and you take pleasure in your mutual activities. You are usually a person who prefers monogamous relationships and you tend to stay with one partner your whole life.

You are a very adaptable person and not many things bother you. Whatever the circumstances you come across are, you try to find your place there and adapt. You have an opportunistic nature and you seize opportunities as they come your way.

Sometimes you might appear as calculated and reserved. People cannot easily discover your feelings

. Your attitude doesn’t reveal much. In some cases, you might possess some disgusting eating habits which might shock people who don’t know you well.

You are often someone who likes to plan for your future, and you often have tactics on how to be successful in a situation.

What if a Jackal Appears in Your Life?

Seeing a jackal in your life could mean many different things. It could be a sign that some tough times are approaching, and you need to prepare. Maybe the circumstances in your life will drastically change and you will be forced to adapt.

This encounter might be a warning about possible danger or a threat to your life and wellbeing and is asking you to pay attention to the things going on around you.

Sometimes the jackal appears to remind you to spend more time with someone close and nurture your relationship with that person.

The jackal could be a reminder to take time for yourself and relax. It could also be a sign of new opportunities on the horizon and a reminder to react fast to seize them before someone else.

The jackal could also be a reminder to express gratitude and respect to your partner for the love you are receiving from them.

When to call on a Jackal?

You should call on a jackal when:

  • You want to seize some opportunity to better your life;
  • You want to nurture your relationships with some people;
  • You should express your feelings clearly to others;
  • You need time off to relax and be with yourself;
  • You need to adapt to some new circumstances;

Dreams about Jackals – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about jackals are not common, and may have various meanings, good and bad.

The meaning of the dream is very dependent on the details of the dream, so you should try to remember them as much as you can.

Often this dream reveals being overprotective towards your family and close friends.

If you dreamed of a dead jackal, that dream usually has a good meaning, and indicates the success of your current projects and endeavors.

If the jackal attacked you in a dream, that dream is not a good sign, and usually symbolizes the enemies you have and the potential threat you could experience from them.

They might be planning to harm you in some way soon, so be on the lookout for potential attacks and attempts of backstabbing.