Native American Zodiac Signs and Astrology

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Native American folklore is in tight relation with the world of nature.

Most of tribal beliefs have to do with powerful animal spirits.

Native Americans believe we should live in harmony with our natural environment; in their beliefs, every single species is seen to have some special, mystical and spiritual purpose. Native American zodiac is based on such beliefs.

Since they see our world as shared between all living beings, spiritual aspect of everything is also seen as shared.

Therefore, animals’ spirits could reflect in a life of a human. Seasons, natural phenomena, living beings and everything you could imagine are all connected in the great, magnificent, natural and yet so magical circle of life and existence.

Let us find out more on Native American astrology and each particular sign.

Snow Goose, in search for ideals (from 22nd of December to 19th of January)

First snows of the winter would see Goose leaving their northern homes not to return to their nests until early days of spring, when ice melts away and all of sleeping nature awakens. Native Americans call these beautiful white feathered birds snow geese and think of them as ‘those who travels beyond northern winds’.

This ‘other side’, somewhere beyond northern winds is a metaphorical, metaphysical space, associated with wisdom.

The main characteristic ascribed to Goose people is wisdom; they are said to be wise, intelligent and focused. These people are ambitious, determined and self-confident ones.

They have amazing capacities for new discoveries, new knowledge and goals. They spend their lives in search for ideal and perfection. Many times, their incredible spirit, drive and motivation make others follow them.

Sometimes, Goose people could be quite arrogant; their desire for ideals can make them underestimate minor, yet still valuable things in life. These courageous individuals do not take criticism very well, which is strange, considering they do not ask others neither for support nor for favors.

Their emotions are quite sensitive; a single critic, even a good intended one could be taken as an offense.

From time to time, Goose people could get severely pessimistic and depressed, which happens if things do not go the way they would like. Failure makes them lose their self-confidence and motivation.

They are easily shaken by personal failures, even minor ones other do not even notice. Goose people should learn to control their self-despise and forgive themselves if they fail.

Otter, unpredictable and honorable (from 20th of January to 18th of February)

People born under protection of the Otter are energetic individuals, always ready for action and play. They possess incredibly strong intuition and they are capable of seeing through others’ intentions like no one else can.

Otters are lovely, small to medium sized animals, very agile and playful ones. Otters are quite resourceful and practical animals. They dig holes and channels along riverbanks and swim very fast.

What is especially interesting about their behavior, they can imitate other animals. Otters are charming and lovely creatures, ascribed numerous positive spiritual meanings.

That said, we could assume how incredible Otter people are. These individuals are lively, active, joyful and fun to have around.

They could be little unpredictable, but they are honest, just and loyal by nature. Otter people are tempered, energetic and practical. In addition, they have particularly strong intuition and are never easy tricked or manipulated.

They are open hearted and free minded; they do not blindly follow rules and have no prejudices.

They listen to their heart, but also follow their reason. They have a logical mind and see problems as challenges, not situations to complain about. Otter people live dynamic lives and they are quite sociable; they do well in company and feel comfortable around others.

They are likely to flirt a lot! They are passionate, driven, charming and incredibly charismatic.

Others easily fall to their charms. They do not settle down easily, but they never cheat on their partners or commit adultery.

Cougar, sensible and untamed (from 19th of February to 20th of March)

People born under protection of this majestic spirit animal are in love with nature, wilderness and freedom. The hate being put into a cage and they despise boundaries, but still they seek others’ love.

If you do not try to change them or affect their behavior and decisions, you will find yourself a faithful friend or a compassionate, loving partner.

Although they prefer to spend most of their time alone, Cougar people are very sensitive, emotional and caring individuals. They are highly intuitive, honorable and loyal. Cougar is associated with spiritual guidance and enlightenment.

Like all other felines, this animal is seen elegant, beautiful, agile and graceful; that is precisely how Cougar people are seen, as well.

In Native American folklore, cougars are believed to be powerful guides on our path of discovering new depths of our consciousness and of spiritual realms.

Cougar people are sensible and sensitive, flexible, reflexive and intuitive. In addition, they are strong, persistent and determined. They have strong integrity and they do not let anyone cross bothers they have determined in the first place. They let others in to the point they feel comfortable with.

They are extremely insightful and self oriented. Cougar people are subtle, artistic and thinking. They are empathic and they need affection and love, although they find it extremely hard to let people into their most intimate circle.

Falcon, tireless hunters (from 21st of March to 19th of April)

Falcon is an impressive totem, fearless and adventurous one; it offers amazing guidance, sense of the importance of searching for new ideas, experiences and relations. Falcons are fast, agile and beautiful birds, efficient hunters to be awed.

Such are Falcon people. They are active all the time, bold, fearless and proud.

These people find it hard to sit still and always seek for new paths to this incredible world.

They are restless, adventurous spirits who live for excitement. Falcon people are impulsive, extroverted and full of life energy. They are born to be active. However, they have one particular weakness.

They are easily bored and they lose motivation quickly, because nothing can keep their attention for long. However, they always come up with new ideas and projects. They are free spirited, open, communicative, but quite self-reliant, independent and not likely to commit.

Independence and liberty are what they value the most. Falcon people live for the moment, they see to leave mark on the world, they are all about taking initiative. They live to amaze and inspire and they indeed are charismatic people many look up too.

While they prefer working alone, they find it easy to live and work in harmony with others; they are cooperative, but usually found in leading positions. Falcon people live for a fairytale love life; they are passionate and fiery, but also jealous and possessive.

Beaver, patient builders (from 20th of April to 20th of May)

Beavers are known as the most patient and hardworking builders in the animals’ kingdom. They are dedicated, paced and well-organized fellows. Beavers are associated with patience, persistence, tactfulness and resourcefulness.

People born under the sign of Beaver are therefore modest, focused and hard working.

They are not overly ambitious, but they seek for comfort and safety, which they are capable of creating and maintaining on their own. They are compassionate, understanding and caring individuals who find strength in community and support of their closest ones.

Beaver people are inventive, creative and problem-solving individuals. They are never easily discouraged by failure and they always stand up again and start anew. The modest and they have sense for all that is around; they value every single step they take and have appreciation for others.

They are protective by nature; they have the need to make others feel comfortable and secure. They are amazing teachers, supportive parents, loyal friends and devoted partners.

Beaver people are practical and materialistic, but not greedy or selfish. They love sharing and helping others; their materialistic nature is best explained as being down to earth and practical.

These people are charming, friendly and communicative. When it comes to love life, they are warm, passionate and caring. They usually do not have many partners throughout lifetime. They value family life, love children and cozy homey environment.

Deer, amazing intuition (from 21st of May to 20th of June)

People born under the totem of Deer are cautious, sensible and intuitive. They are artistic, elegant and creative, but it can happen they turn sarcastic, offensive and judging. Deer are magnificent animal spirit.

They rule forests and meadows, they are very fast and stunning in appearance. These wonderful creatures are highly adaptable and aware of their qualities and flaws, as well. They are alert, cautious and have sharp senses.

Deer people are blessed to have incredibly strong intuition and they are very self-aware and awaken. These individuals are not easily tricked, seduced or manipulated; they see through others’ intentions easily.

They are irresistibly charming, talkative and funny, but they could be annoying and unpleasant from time to time.

Deer people are not known as particularly tolerant ones; they are prone to overly criticize and judge others. It comes from their deep insecurity, which is not seen on their beautiful outside.

The thing is, these individuals have great potentials, but they are in an ongoing conflict deep within; they either doubt every single decision they make and idea they have or put themselves high above everyone else.

This makes their emotional lives turbulent and out of balance, occasionally. Deer people would do best to listen to their Owl friends, who can teach them how to find peace within their own personality.

Deer people are flirty, funny, adorable and breathtaking ones. They are hard to resist, both men and women.

Deer people are passionate and creative and they love to experiment. They are known as amazing lovers. If they fancy someone, they will take an initiative, with no second thoughts.

They are naturally seductive and in need for very physical relationship.

Woodpecker, selfless guardians (from 21st of June to 21st of July))

Woodpecker people are considered protective, caring, loving and supportive. These ones value family bonds and especially Woodpecker women are caring and protective mothers.

These people would do everything for those they love the most. This colorful bird is highly respected in shamanic traditions; its characteristic tree bark drumming is symbolically associated with pulsations of the earth energy.

Woodpeckers embody the idea of protective nature. Woodpecker people are emotional, understanding, extremely sensitive and caring. They have particularly strong empathy and they are easily stressed by others’ miseries.

These individuals worry too much; especially they worry for people they care for.

They are loyal, kind and caring, but they can be overly protective and pressing, out of good intentions. These individuals are pessimistic and anxious; they always predict the worst outcome, hoping they can prepare in time for it.

However, life often proves them the opposite.

Nevertheless, they seem to have hard times controlling their pessimistic nature. They can make it, but through hard work and enough of experience. Their anxious nature makes them extremely loving, caring, protective and supportive.

They are loyal partners and amazing parents, if only they find balance between rational concern and irrational worrying.

Woodpecker people are lovely and friendly ones; they love company, but prefer to maintain one to few unbreakable friendships and strong family bonds. The bond between a

Woodpecker mother and her children is amazingly strong and warm.

Salmon, fragile generosity (from 22nd of July to 21st of August)

Salmons are beautiful and inspiring animals that symbolize endurance, persistence, dedication, determination, adaptability and flexibility. Salmon people are inspiring individuals many look up to.

They have the sense for what is beautiful, they are elegant, intelligent and well-mannered.

Salmon people are self-confident and positive. They nature is kind and generous and sharing.

However, they have their flaws; they are particularly prone to exaggeration. Their energy and imagination are unstoppable. People born under Salmon totem are rational, but they fall for flattering.

They love to be in center of attention and to be admired and praised. They love to be in charge of everything; losing control is their greatest fear and enemy.

Salmon people have to learn to overcome fear of failure and uncertainty; we cannot control everything in the world, although we could have stability and balance in life.

True, individual balance is found in the acceptance of turbulence and unpredictability of our destiny. That is, perhaps, the most valuable lesson for all Salmon people. They could learn it from their friends, Otters.

Salmon people are emotional and emotionally fragile and vulnerable, so you have to be gentle with them.

Although they like to boast around and attract attention (they easily win others’ heart thanks to their irresistible charm), they are, in fact, fragile. They are prone to making drama out of minor problems, such as of small arguments and disagreements.

Bear, good-hearted dreamers (from 22nd of August to 21st of September)

Bear totem is one of the strongest and the most down to earth one. People born under the protection of bear are grounded, steady, patient, positive and good-hearted. They are very self-aware, self-reliant and independent, but they are kind, warm and loving.

That makes them wonderful, loyal and precious friends.

Bears are considered one of the strongest species on earth, in both symbolical sense and reality. Native Americans see bears powerful spirits from fantastical lands of dreams. Bear people are believed to have special powers, to be insightful, intuitive and even to have some psychic powers.

They are particularly prone to daydreaming.

However, they know where their limits are and they never lose touch with reality. In fact, they could maintain connections with both of the worlds. They are calm, patient, stable and independent.

People guided by this magnificent spirit animal seek for an ideal form; they would divide things into pieces than try to put them back to gather, in order to achieve the ideal combination.

They are dedicated and focused in everything they do. When it comes to emotions, Bear people are not good at showing emotions. They appear reserved and cold on the outside, but that comes from their inborn incapability of expressing emotions and especially affection openly.

However, when a bear person falls in love, he or she becomes fully committed to their partner and relationship. In love, they are caring, gentle, extremely protective and supportive of their partners.

Crow, friendly loners (from 22nd of September to 21st of October)

Crows are appreciated animal spirits amongst Native American tribes. They are considered powerful, guiding and protective totems; they are commonly found as clan totems. Crow people hate arguing and fight. However, paradoxically, they are commonly initiators of conflicts, because of their turbulent, tricky nature.

They are overall cooperative and they seek harmony within community, but they are indeed prone to mood swings. Crows are considered magical, mysterious and powerful spirit animals.

They are commonly seen mediators between our human world and mystical realms of nature and its spirits.

Crow people are attracted by mystical knowledge and keen to investigate depths of human soul. Although one could mistake them for solitary and introvert, Crow people actually love company.

They would retreat from time to time, but they feel at their best amongst their friends. They are welcome in groups of friends, because of their friendliness, sociability and lively nature.

As we have mentioned, they are sensitive to disagreements and arguments, but they are the most common cause of such problems, exactly because they try too hard to prevent any escalation of a conflict.

Crow people are romantic souls, from head to toes. They enter relationships with their hearts wide open and they are not afraid of failure, breakup or rejection.

In seeking for true love, they are unstoppable and invincible. They have much love for the world and for others.

In relationships, both men and women Crows are adorable, very kind, soft, caring and cuddly. They are said to be some of the best lovers.

Snake, into extremes (from 23rd of October to 22nd of November)

Snakes have always been associated with life, creation, immortality, energy and existence.

They are awed, despised and loved by various civilizations and cultures. Native Americans see Snake totem both beautiful and dangerous, wise, deep and mysterious. Snake totem stands for rebirth, renewal, eternity and transformation, cycles of life.

Snake people are a true enigma to others. On the surface, they appear dark and mysterious, but the truth is they are extremely intelligent, self-aware, insightful, intense and unpredictable.

You could never say what they are up to. They feel at their best going to extremes; they find it hard to reach balance and they are never content with things being just right.

They either fall into a great despair or raise into heights of self-confidence, hopefulness and ambition. Snake people are introvert.

They do not complain and all of their concerns they keep for themselves. They try to resolve everything on their own and they rarely ask others for help. They appear strong, confident, unbeatable, even too proud and arrogant.

They should learn to be more flexible and to accept they are imperfect; just as real snakes do, Snake people should learn to transform and change. Snake people should try to stop controlling their emotions, because that is a futile job; Snake people are vain and they know it.

However, their independence, self-reliance and inner strength and intuition usually keep them from harm. They are not easily hurt by others’ words or actions; they simply do not care.

Snake people are considered seductive and mysterious. That said, they could be amazing lovers that make a relationship full of excitement.

Owl, freedom over all (from 23rd of November to 21st of December)

Owls people are born adventurers, ones addicted to experimenting, taking risks and discovering new horizons, both materially and symbolically. Owls are nocturne creatures, associated with wisdom, clairvoyance, intelligence and intuition.

Although owl people love to take risks, they are rarely thoughtless and unreasonable.

In fact, they are calm and patient when making plans and decisions. However, they are driven by fantastic, grandiose ideas. The main goal of an Owl person’s life is finding sense in everything.

Their potentials are great, but the pity is they cannot decide priorities. They have to learn to divide important from what it is not and to discover true desires of their hearts.

They have too many interests and too many plans. Owl people make great connections with falcon individuals; from them they could learn much about finding focus and staying true to it.

It is said that Owl people are, besides Salmon and falcon people, some of the most imaginative and the most spirited ones.

They have immense charisma and charm and they easily win hearts of the opposite sex. Owl people do not like commitment; they value their freedom above everything else. They seek for a partner who will support their dreams and never put them into a cage.