Beaver – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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We all know about this incredible, workaholic medium sized mammal, native to northern hemisphere.

Beavers are the biggest representatives of the rodent family. They proudly carry another title; beavers are, in fact, ultimate examples of their genus, meaning there are no other beaver species.

Today, beavers live in several countries, including Russia, Canada, parts of Eastern Europe and are again introduced into Scandinavian lands and France.

Beavers are known under the Latin name Castor and they make the one and the only specie of the genus.

People have been fascinated by these large rodents since far past, so our greed, lust and money grubbing, unfortunately led to almost total extinction of these animals. People would hunt and kill beavers for their incredibly thick, warm and water resistant fur.

Sadly, but we, humans, are many times so disrespectful to our planet and living creatures that share the very same habitat with us.

In past, especially since sixteenth century, beavers have become incredibly interesting to humans. These skilful, tactful and hard working animals amazed explorers of Canadian wildlife at the time.

However, their precious coat was what has become so popular and wanted in Europe. When they first arrived on Canadian ground, these explorers were not fascinated by what the land had to offer.

Inspired by stories and things brought from spicy, colorful and rich Orient, they were disappointed in Canada.

However, soon they have discovered these unusual rodents and their valuable fur. Beaver fur was a trading matter of great value, because it was naturally beautiful and amazing and, of course, rare in Europe.

No matter how ridiculous it sounds, but beaver fur was most often used to make luxurious hats for high society. It is both funny and sad how our greed hurts innocent and amazing living creatures, out of pure vanity.

These cautious and caring animals are known for their incredible organization skills, their social behavior, cooperation amongst each other, their dedication, patience and watchfulness.

They are known as excellent swimmers and builders, clumsy when on solid ground.

Today, beavers are national animals of Canada; they have earned that title back in nineteen seventies.

Beavers are less known for their monogamy preferences and family oriented nature, compared to praising their building skills. Beavers usually stay committed to their first partner; they build homes for all future generations of the same family.

Even lesser known fact about beavers is that they produce the sticky liquid of musk and vanilla smell that is FDA approved for use in vanilla flavored food products for human nutrition.

Beaver symbolism

Beavers are admired and respected by native people of lands they inhabit. For Native Americans, beavers are protective spirits, wonderful living creatures that are believed to possess magical protective powers.

Native American tribal folklore considers beaver dams mysterious protective places of good energy. Beavers build dams to protect their family and offspring; humans see beaver dam homes as a metaphor for protection.

They identify beaver dams with guarding powers against evil forces and evil spirits.

Tribal folktales mention beaver dams as powerful protective and preventive force that keep evil away of human settlements, as well.

Not only Native Americans see beavers as protective spirit animals, but they also consider them lucky and fortunate. Local tribes worship beavers and respect them as hard working, dedicated and benevolent spirits.

They even believe beavers and their dams attract fortune, prosperity and good luck.

It is always good to see a beaver’s dam; it is a sign of safety, healthy environment and rich land. Cherokee Indians even practice beaver worshipping rituals. To many Native American tribes, beavers are lucky charms.

They would wear symbols that represent the animal in order to attract luck and especially to have a productive hunt. Cherokee fortune bringing rituals and practices are particularly inspiring.

People would bring children teeth as offerings to the spirit of the Beaver, to please this powerful totem and make it protect and guide them.

They also perform a tribal dance, in order to make Beaver spirit reward them and secure them successful hunt. We are all familiar with beavers’ building ski, even if we have never seen a beaver in nature or at least at the zoo.

These animals are not only exceptional builders, but also they express amazing organizational skills and tactics. Not only they are focused and well organized, but also beaver put a lot of their patience, time, precision and dedication in building their dams.

We could even dare to say they love their homes. In addition, they do build them for their dear ones. Therefore, beavers are associated with love, family and devotion.

Beavers also represent persistence and endurance.

They are marvelous architects, industrious, progressive and never giving up. They are quiet and watchful; not only they put a lot of effort in building their dams, but also in keeping those who would like to harm them away. They are timid by nature, fast in waters, protective and caring.

Beavers are bond to their homes and their families, so they stand as ultimate symbols of true loyalty, trustfulness and harmonious life with others.

Beaver totem and spiritual powers

Beaver totem is a benevolent, caring and protective guide. As we have seen, this incredible animal is never seen in a negative light; beavers are one of the rare examples of spirit animals with only positive spiritual traits.

They have their weaknesses, but those are never seen as bad energy, negativity or something evil.

Beaver totem teaches great lessons; it offers kindness, guardianship and valuable lessons.

Beaver people are creative, well organized, tactful and dedicated. They have skills and talents to be proud of.

Many people have either creativity or organizational skills, but Beaver individuals have both of these qualities.

They have great imagination, but also skills to make their fantasies come true. They are focused on their goals and there are not many things that could shake them and distance them from their work.

That is, perhaps, their flaw, as well. Beaver people could become so deeply engaged with their work, that they forget everything else.

They could neglect their loved ones (even if what they do is usually for the sake of them all) and are at risk of neglecting other interests in life.

For example, a Beaver person could be extremely successful at their job, uniquely successful and irreplaceable, but it sometimes comes to the point when everything they have in life is their job.

Be very cautious about this risk, Beaver person. Fortunately, these people have inborn sense for harmony and balance, so they are likely to feel if something like that starts happening.

Beaver people are not loud and sociable; they stick to those they know they could trust and make wonderful and supportive friends, partners and parents.

They are ready to do everything that it takes to keep their dear ones away from any danger.

Sometimes, they are even overprotective. Beaver people are highly organized, tactful and persistent.

They do not like mess and waste of time and energy. They invest cleverly; we speak of all forms of investments, including material, mental and emotional capital.

Beaver people love to plan and are at risk of falling apart emotionally if things do not go the way they have imagined. That is perhaps their greatest weakness. They literally feel as a beaver on the ground, when exposed to something they have not expected.

However, Beaver people are smart, strong and they could quickly stand on their feet again and start over.

Generally, they have positive approach to life, but they still need some time to recover from shock of an unexpected course of events.

Beaver people are not prone to drama, but they grieve in silence. They do not like to bother other people and rarely ask for help.

On the other side, they are very kind and good-hearted and they would gladly support others if needed.