Juno in Leo

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Juno is the asteroid discovered after Ceres and Vesta by the German astronomer Karl Harding in 1804. Juno was first thought to be a planet like the other previously discovered asteroids.

Juno got its name from the ancient Roman goddess, Juno, who was the wife of the god Jupiter, the chief deity in the Roman pantheon.

Juno was considered a model wife because she was loyal and devoted to her husband even though she was well aware of his infidelities and frequent affairs.

Juno was the goddess of marriage, childbirth, as well as women’s sexuality. Juno was also the patron of Rome and protector of the state.

In astrology, Juno symbolizes commitment, marriage unions, long-term relationships, partnerships and relationships which require balance and effort, compromise, infidelity, betrayal, etc.

Its placement in our natal chart indicates the areas of our life which need balancing or correcting.

This asteroid is considered to have the Venus/Pluto or Libra/Scorpio energy. Its placement in our natal chart is very important and reveals how to make the most of all of our connections.

It shows the areas of our life where we need to be respected. People who have a strong Juno in their charts can be prone to multitasking and doing multiple things at once.

Juno is mostly related to marriage unions and relationship commitments. The sign and the house where Juno is placed describe the traits of our ideal marriage partner. It can give us precise details about the future of our marriage/s and long-lasting relationships.

Juno reveals which traits we need to recognize in a person to be able to consider them a proper match for a long-term commitment.

When Juno makes strong aspects between your chart and the chart of your current partner that is a significant indication of marriage union between you two. For a marriage to take place, Juno’s influence and aspects are very important.

Juno is usually placed in significant aspects in the natal charts of soulmates.

It is important to note that although Juno was very devoted and loyal to her husband, she was deeply hurt and under constant stress and doubt that her man is cheating on her.

Because of that the asteroid Juno often indicates our insecurities in our romantic relationships.

It also indicates what we consider a deal-breaker in a relationship, what behavior are we prone to tolerate in a relationship although it might prove to be detrimental to the relationship, what are the reasons why we could feel inadequate in a relationship, what behavior we consider abusive, or what could make us jealous in a relationship, etc.

It is very important to consider Juno when making a choice of our long-term partner or spouse.

The main reason why people make mistakes when choosing their lifetime partners is the fact that they only make their choices based on their psychical and/or romantic attraction to a person, which are ruled by the planets Mars and Venus.

These are not the best motives to establish a long-term commitment such as marriage because we need much more in a relationship than passion and love. That is why we need to consult what Juno has to say about our ideal marriage partner.

Juno describes in details what you truly desire in an ideal partner; a person you can imagine yourself be for life. That should be someone who won’t try to change you, as much as you won’t need to change them.

The asteroid Juno reveals how patient you are. If you are patient enough and follow the information given by Juno in your natal chart, you won’t have a problem recognizing your true life partner.

People we are attracted to physically usually are not our good marriage choice, and Juno gives us the clues to check whether the person we are physically attracted to has the traits of our ideal partner or not.

Juno describes our deep personal needs in regards to our partner.

When we realize that fact, it will certainly help us recognize our ideal mate or improve our existing relationship.

Juno in Leo Man

Men with Juno in Leo desire a woman who is attractive, free-spirited, joyful, passionate, energetic, confident, caring, and not afraid to express her love and affection for this man.

His woman should be successful and oftentimes occupy a leadership position.

They love to be noticed and desire to be the center of attention and admiration alongside their partner or wife.

They want a woman they will be proud of and excited to show in public. They often desire to be envied by other men for having such a woman by his side.

If Juno is badly positioned in their natal chart, these men might be prone to attract women who are overly dramatic, possessive, jealous, eccentric, selfish, annoying, or exhibit other similar traits.

In these cases, their women might be prone to do anything to attract their attention.

Juno in Leo Woman

Women with Juno in Leo desire a man who is strong, confident, good-looking, charming, successful, and financially well-off.

These women desire a partner they could be proud of and are happy to be seen in public with.

This partner is often in a position of authority which boosts these women’s ego.

They dream about a man who will shower them with gifts (and why not, with luxury).

They desire to be the center of attention to this man, who won’t hesitate to demonstrate their love and affection publically and as often as possible.

If Juno has bad aspects in their natal chart, these women could be prone to attract dominant, possessive men, who will treat these women as their objects without asking for their opinion about matters of mutual concern.

They could also be very jealous and controlling.  

Good Traits

People with Juno in Leo desire a partner who will be very attentive and openly demonstrate their love.

If Juno is well placed in their chart they are prone to attract partners who are confident, successful, and usually very attractive.

They want a partner they could be proud of. Their desire is to be admired by others as a couple. 

Bad Traits

People with Juno in Leo in bad aspects to other planets can be prone to attract partners who are possessive, jealous, dominant, and often aggressive.

If their partner doesn’t treat them with enough appreciation and if they don’t demonstrate how much they love them often enough, these people might begin to behave moodily and try anything to get their partner’s attention. 

Juno in Leo – General Info

People with Juno in Leo desire admiration and excitement in a relationship or marriage.

They want the romantic courtship and romantic to continue throughout the marriage and not end up when two people tie the knot.

If this person is not valued and appreciated enough by their partner or spouse, they might begin accusing their partner of lack of attention, behaving moody, eccentrically, freakishly, and selfishly.

They might try to do anything to get their partner’s attention.

People with Juno in Leo usually desire a charismatic partner by their side. Their partner should be someone who makes people turn their heads around.

They should be someone who is expressive and bold. These people need a partner who is romantic and able to make them a center of their attention.

They should be affectionate and freely express their emotions to this person.

They want to feel special in their relationship and marriage, and desire a partner who will pamper and even spoil them with their attention and expressions of love.

These people want a caring and thoughtful partner, but also one with a strong and confident personality.

They want someone who is well-respected in society and very dignified. They might easily be attracted to a leader type of personalities.

This person should also have a good sense of humor and be easy going and relaxed. They also should be energetic and enthusiastic about life in general.

People with Juno in Leo desire a partner they could be proud of and happy to present to the world. They want to be alongside their partner in the spotlight and an object of admiration of other people. This person should also have a warm and generous personality.

If Juno is making bad aspects in your chart, you might be prone to attract in your life relationship or marriage partners who you might consider overwhelming.

They might behave in a manner that is unacceptable to you trying to control you and tell you what to do and make all the plans involving you two without asking for your opinion.

In case of Juno afflictions, their partners could exhibit bossiness traits which can be unacceptable for this person and leading towards conflicts and disagreements in their relationships or marriage.

In some cases, their partners might feel awkward expressing affection to them in public, and in others they might become overly dramatic and overreact in situations where there’s no need to make a big deal.

Their partners can also become very jealous and possessive towards them.


People with Juno in Leo desire a lifetime partner or a spouse who will openly express their love and devotion.

They desire to be loved and appreciated by their partners. They are very romantic and desire a romantic partner who won’t have a problem expressing their love for them.

They imagine their ideal partner as fun, romantic, joyful, playful, energetic, loyal, devoted, generous, confident, attractive, exciting, etc.

They usually attract partners who are successful and often in positions of authority.

If their Juno is in bad aspects to other planets, these people might be prone to attract partners who are possessive and jealous.

They might often experience their partners organizing their lives without asking for their opinion which might be the reason for ending the relationship or marriage.