Juno in Taurus

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The asteroid Juno is the third discovered asteroid, after Ceres and Pallas. The astronomer Karl Harding discovered it in 1804. Juno was considered a planet, like the previous two, but it was later reclassified as an asteroid.

Juno got its name from the ancient Roman goddess of marriage, childbirth, and women’s sexuality.

The goddess Juno was the wife of the god-king Jupiter, and the queen of the gods. She was also the patron of Rome and protector of the state.

Juno was very respected for the devotion and loyalty she demonstrated towards her husband, regardless of his numerous affairs and proven infidelity. Juno was the ideal model wife.

The asteroid Juno symbolizes relationships, marriage, commitment, compromises, betrayal, infidelity, etc. This asteroid indicates the areas in our lives which need balancing.

This asteroid exhibits Libra/Scorpio or Venus/Pluto energy.  It is a very important asteroid to point out our potential for empowerment. This asteroid also indicates how we can make the most of our relationships.

It also indicates the areas where we desire to be respected and appreciated.

People, who have a prominent Juno in their natal chart, are often prone to doing multiple things at once. Juno mostly rules commitments, such as long-term relationships and marriages. It describes our ideal partner.

Strong aspects between one person’s Juno and the planets of a chart of another person we are attracted to might be an indication of a potential long-term connection or marriage between these two people.

Juno’s influence is very important for long-term relationships and marriages. Soulmates usually have strong interconnecting aspects of Juno between their charts.

Although the goddess Juno was a devoted and loyal wife, she was permanently stressed about her husband’s behavior. She was in constant fear of his betrayals and was very insecure.

Juno lacked confidence because of the way her husband was treating her.

When Juno is badly aspected in a person’s chart, it gives a person traits like jealousy, insecurity, suspicion, doubts, etc. Juno in our chart indicates the situations and things which can arouse our suspicion and provoke insecurity and jealousy.

This asteroid also indicates the behavior we consider deal-breaking for a long-term commitment.

It also indicates which behavior we consider abusive or behavior we choose to put up with until the relationship becomes unbearable and we cannot tolerate it anymore.

The asteroid Juno describes in detail our ideal partner and the traits they should possess.

This asteroid describes not only the looks, but mostly the personality traits we appreciate in a potential spouse or a long-term partner. This asteroid also describes the potential for longevity of our relationships and marriages and the prospects of having more than one marriage.

While Mars and Venus describe our ideal partner based on their physical appearance and their romantic qualities, Juno describes the essential qualities we need in in a spouse or a long-term partner.

Physical attraction and romantic feelings towards our partner are a very important part of every relationship, but they are not enough.

For a relationship or a marriage to be a lasting one, there needs to be mutual understanding and trust, similar goals and acceptance of their partner without the need to change them.

Mars and Venus give us the physical and emotional traits we look for in a partner, and Juno gives us the rest of the qualities we need in a partner.

That is why it is important to consider Juno’s qualities when we look for details about our ideal life partner. Juno gives us information we should be aware of when we make a choice whether to enter a committed relationship with someone or not.

That person should possess the qualities we consider the most important for a long-term commitment. That person should accept us the way we are and we should be able to do the same without the need to change them.

Juno also indicates how patient we are as well as our ability to wait for the right thing to happen without rushing into things and situations. When we take the time to study and remember Juno’s messages we will always be aware of the potential of the person we are interested in romantically.

If we are honest to ourselves we should be able to judge whether the person is a suitable match for marriage or is just someone we are very physically attracted to.

We should follow Juno’s guidance when choosing the right mate because it is easy to be blinded by feelings or physical attraction and overlook the obvious red flags about someone we believe is the right one for us.

Juno’s traits should give us the final judgment and not only the ones which are given to us by Mars and Venus in our chart. Juno reveals our deepest needs in a partner, and knowing them prevents us from making mistakes when choosing a partner.

Juno in Taurus Man

Men with Juno in Taurus desire warm and reliable partners.

They need a woman who is good looking and sensual, but also one who will be a home type and devoted to them and their family.

They also want a woman who is good in the kitchen and loves preparing delicious food. Their woman is also artistic and has good taste.

They want their woman to be good with finances and wisely spend their money.

They are not very sociable and they prefer spending time alone with their partner, and their woman should have the same preferences.

Juno in Taurus Woman

Women with Juno in Taurus desire a confident and reliable partner, one who is able to provide financial and emotional security for them and their family.

These women are family types and desire a man who is the same.

They enjoy spending their time in the comfort of their homes alongside their family members.

They love to enjoy the pleasures of life and their partner should be the same.

They often attract men who are stable, financially well-off and focused on creating material stability for their family’s future. 

Good Traits

People with Juno in Taurus are usually very reliable and look for partners who are also reliable and able to provide them with financial and emotional security.

They are home and family people who enjoy spending their time at home alongside their partner.

They enjoy good things in life, especially good food, and their partner should share this trait with them. 

Bad Traits

If Juno in Taurus is in bad aspects in a person’s chart, they could be prone to attracting partners who are financially ruined, unstable, unable to earn money, stubborn, and controlling.

These people could also become overly materialistic, fearing poverty, or even deciding to marry to gain financial stability even though they are not emotionally connected to the person they are married to.  

Juno in Taurus – General Info

People with Juno in Taurus desire stability and firm foundations in their relationships and marriage.

Their partner should be someone stable, reliable, and be there for this person.

These people should be able to rely on their partner and fully trust them. These people want a long-term partner or a marriage partner who is able to support them financially.

They desire someone who has a stable income and is financially secured. They should be able to earn money as well as save and invest it.

Their partner is often a person who is not afraid of hard work and is focused on providing material wealth and security for themselves and their family.

These people desire someone who is grounded and confident, someone who is relaxed and is a home type.

They prefer spending time at home with their spouse or partner enjoying the comfort they have created.

They have an aesthetic ability and they desire a partner who has an eye for beauty as well.

They often attract people who are good looking and attractive. They love the pleasures of life, and their partner should also be someone who knows how to enjoy.

They are very tactile and love sharing intimacy with their partner who should have the same preferences. They don’t need adventure and excitement in their relationship.

They are not very sociable either, and are happiest when spending time alone with their partner.

Their ideal mate should be someone who shares these desires. If they are someone who is very dynamic or active, and prefers spending time outdoors exploring, the relationship between them is not likely to last.

People with Juno in Taurus love to pamper themselves and love to be pampered.

They also love good food and their partner should share this trait. They desire someone they will enjoy preparing food for, or someone who will enjoy preparing delicious food for the two of them.

These people don’t change their mind easily, and when they commit to a person or marry, it is likely to be for life. They don’t divorce easily and that usually happens when they are younger.

These people think well before making a commitment choice.

If Juno is making bad aspects in their chart, it can cause these people to become overly materialistic, worrying about finances, fearing abandonment, etc.

In some cases, this person might attract people who are financially ruined, unreliable, and unstable.

They might also decide to marry or commit to someone only for the sake of financial security disregarding their other needs.

In some cases, these people might be prone to attracting stubborn partners and have difficulties finding a common language with them.


People with Juno in Taurus are stable and reliable and desire a partner with the same qualities.

They need security in their lives and they are able to provide it for themselves.

Their partner should be a good provider, faithful, home and family type, trustworthy, financially well-off, good looking, attractive, and to know how to enjoy the pleasures of life.

These people enjoy the most when they are alone with their partners enjoying each other’s presence.