Saturn in Libra

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What is a horoscope and what role do planets play in it?

Horoscope is one of the most important parts of an astrological analysis. People usually refer to personal horoscope and natal astrology, but it is good to know that there are many branches of this mysterious science and that horoscopes can be delivered not only for individual human beings.

There are many types of horoscopes, but we are interested in personalized ones. Personalized horoscope represents a lifeline of a human being, its destiny as it is seen in the stars.

The base of a personal horoscope is an individual’s birth chart. It is basically like your heavenly identification card. Astrology claims this chart, which is an image of the sky, a scheme of planetary positions, related to your date and time of birth, tells everything about you as a person.

It is not, of course, all that simple. An astrological analysis requires a lot of knowledge, dedication, passion and love to be accurately done.

An astrologer is like an artist; he or she creates your horoscope and it is a result of a mixed influence of astrology as a source of knowledge and a set of rules, the data in a birth chart and an astrologer’s touch, as an individual.

It does not mean an astrologer makes things out, but it depends on their knowledge, level of experience, personal attitude towards analysis in total. Astrology is not an officially recognized science, perhaps exactly because of that. However, it is based on principles and methodology, just as any other.

It is important to note that it has long history of use and that different astrological approaches are present all around the world. Planets make an important element of every astrological analysis.

In a birth chart, they determine personality traits, character, temperament and constitute you as a person.

They also tell about your destiny and your lifeline in total. However, it does not mean these are only unchangeable facts. If you are to sit down and blame planets for anything bad happening in your life or praise them for fortunate events, you do not understand astrology properly.

People are made of action and their destinies intermingle one with another. For a great part, you are responsible for what you experience in life, but your horoscope affects it in terms of possibilities, opportunities, potentials, traits and so on.

If you understand your birth chart that is, if you have your horoscope done by an astrologer, you could learn much about yourself and turn this knowledge into a great advantage.

Saturn and Horoscope

Saturn is a planet that with a questionable reputation in astrology, to say so. Many blame Saturn for all sorts of troubles in life, from irritating, long lasting inconveniences, to major, complicated, chronically irresolvable situations.

Saturn is associated with all kinds of lasting problems, such us illnesses, bad relations with people, depressive mood and real depression and so on.

It is one of the ‘social planets’, along with Jupiter. Social planets are, logically, associated with the idea of wider society, but in a personalized horoscope, they are related to your own place within the society.

It is not that about your social status, but more about how you perceive yourself within the society, how you place yourself there, what kind of relations and attitudes you develop.

They represent one’s connection with everything public.

Saturn is the planet of the urge to withdraw, while Jupiter is the opposite. Saturn represents control and inhibition, self-discipline, in particular. Just like other astrological planets, Saturn is, in ancient mythologies, associated with divine forces, Roman Saturn, which is Cronus the titan in Greek mythology.

He was believed to the creator, the father of civilization and is also associated with crops, agriculture, order and conformity. Saturn’s mythological ways were not, well, particularly merciful; as you probably know, he devoured his children and mutilated his own father.

Planet Saturn, astrologically, is associated with the idea of order, discipline, regulation and limitations.

Astrological planets carry the idea of these ancient deities as archetypes. That said, one has to remind him or herself that Saturn is not only a merciful titan leader, but the one that teaches life lessons.

Lessons of Saturn are difficult to comprehend and deal with, so that is why Saturn is notorious in astrology.

This planet does have its good sides, but it is of vital importance to know its position in a natal chart and try to understand it. Only this way you can use Saturn’s lessons to your own benefit. This is the planet of karma, career, focus, persistence, amazing achievements, balance, protective attitude, order, pragmatism, authority and hierarchy.

The place Saturn occupies in your birth chart would greatly affect the way you place yourself within your closest environment as wee as how you see yourself in a wider perspective. This planet determines the manner you go through life by.

It reminds you of your deeds in the past and teaches you the consequences, regardless of if those are good or bad. Saturn is a tutor; not particularly a kind one, but precious.

Saturn in Libra – General Info

Saturn in Libra feels pretty fine and this is definitely one of the most favorable positions for this cold and difficult planet. Libra is the place of Saturn’s exaltation, which is good. When in Libra, Saturn acts beneficial, in the most cases.

It awakens your sense of the importance of lasting values and strong bonds with other people and the society.

Saturn in Libra supports the process of developing firm opinions and steady values and good, cooperative relations with people. There are, of course, conditions needed for something like this to take place.

Saturn in Libra, thus, teaches the importance of responsibility, being true to your call, ideas, principles and all of that seen as a part of a much wider perspective.

This makes one a cooperative, understanding and diplomatic personality, the one who know what he or she wants, but is ready to listen to others and to adapt. It is of vital importance to become aware of the importance of planning, organization and order.

Saturn is strong in Libra, but in a benevolent way. Libra is characterized by many good sides, but one of its downsides is indecisiveness.

Saturn controls this and does not let you get out of track. Saturn in Libra tries to tell you that it is extremely important carefully to distribute and organize your duties, obligations and responsibilities, in every segment of life.

People with Saturn in Libra tend to be tactful, patient, diligent and reliable.

Nothing is too hard for them to do, because they are guided by noble causes and they think about others.

Libra naturally rules over your relations with other people, while Saturn is responsible for one’s own sense of responsibility, discipline, rules, laws, order and else. People with Saturn in Libra are commonly employed in fields of law and order, advocacy, judicature and so on.

Saturn in Libra indicates a marriage in a later stage of life, not at particularly young age. In a natal chart, it usually indicates karmic relationship and karmic marriages. People with Saturn in Libra could have pretty stable and harmonious marriages, with good aspects.

With bad ones, they turn into too strict, demanding people and hesitate entering a marriage or have problems in their married life.

These people have distinctive sense of justice, but Saturn in Libra makes it a bit troublesome.

The problem is they firmly believe their personal justice and what they deem rightful, righteous and just is the only thing that is certain and true. They become incredibly stubborn about that and cannot accept others opinions in these matters.

On one side, Saturn in Libra indicates highly paid, stable social statuses, but it could all turn into a disaster, with this stubbornness.

Good Traits

As we have said, Libra is generally a pleasing position for Saturn and this aspect could have some really good sides. Saturn in Libra indicates good relations with people, comfortable life and a well-situated place within the society.

Saturn in Libra consolidates the sense of being a part of society, with the sense of the importance of order and discipline.

With good aspects, this could make one a balanced personality who stands before their causes, but also understand others’.

People with Saturn in Libra have all predispositions to achieve great success on a financial and career plan, thanks to their natural ability accurately to evaluate opportunities gives.

They are diligent, reasonable and tactful, so they rarely miss out good opportunities. They rarely have prejudices; they feel comfortable around other people and have an open approach to others’ ideas.

Moreover, with such an approach to all things in life, people with Saturn in Libra are very likely to achieve a romantic relationship they dream of. It is because they are both reasonable and passionate in love.

With good aspects that positively affect Saturn in Libra, these individuals are inclined towards making thoughtful and reasonable choices when it comes to love, without inhibiting their romantic desires.

Bad Traits

If odds are bad, Saturn in Libra represents as a fear of loneliness, in terms of love and emotions in general. Saturn in Libra people are social and they need others in order to feel comfortable and function well.

They naturally enjoy sharing, but bad aspects could make this complicated. They cannot find a proper way of sharing and they cannot find a place within the society that suits them and makes them feel at ease.

With bad aspects for Saturn in Libra, these individuals become too strict and authoritative.

They have a clear idea of what is right and what is not, but this is a narrowed point of view, because they do not even consider other options.

It leads to eventual emotional breakdown, loss of social status, job and else. It makes them distant from people, which is exactly what Saturn Libra are afraid of.

Saturn in Libra Man

A man with Saturn in Libra is an easygoing type of guy, who feels at his best when working with others. He has ideas and opinions of his own and he is eager to share them. If he evaluates anything as an example of injustice, he would do everything in his power to defend what he holds rightful.

It does not mean that he cannot be wrong, but that he is a man of principles and firm opinions on different matters.

Saturn Libra man is open and approachable and he would always hear what you have to say.

He tends to achieve a respected social status, one that allows him to apply his idea of justice. He is a reliable personality and he is definitely not susceptible to corruption and manipulation.

Saturn Libra man likes to surround himself with people he could talk about all kinds of stuff, from politics to art.

He is a man who does not start a relationship easily and in haste. He wants certainty and stability and he has to make sure that a person is the right for him. Since marriages of Saturn Libra people are often karmic, if he had a bad experience in a relationship before, he would think twice before entering a new one.

Saturn in Libra Woman

Saturn Libra women also have an accentuated sense of the importance of justice. They stand for those whom the wrong has been done.

Saturn Libra women are protective, firm in their opinions on the world and on every situation. Saturn Libra woman believes in her own righteous cause, but if it turns out they were wrong, they would accept it. Saturn Libra people rarely suffer from the complex of inferiority and are not afraid of making mistakes.

She feels natural around people and does not play insensitive or tough. She does not like to be alone and she has many friends. However, there are special people in her life, not necessarily her partner. She is responsible, organized and patient. Like her counterpart, Saturn Libra woman is not explosive and would trust her reason n all matters.

With good aspects, she becomes a balanced personality, the one who always see things clearly and is capable of carefully organizing her life.

She is very welcome in social circles, because her energy is positive. She listens carefully, but always makes decisions that are based solely on her own perception.

You cannot to persuade her change something, if she believes it is right.


Saturn in Libra makes one a natural diplomat who fits well in social circles.

People with Saturn in Libra are some of the most sociable people there and they really do not like being alone. They are extroverted, not dependant of others.

Saturn Libra think with their head and have distinctive sense of justice and honor. They are diligent, reliable and insightful. Saturn in Libra is in one of its more comfortable places in a natal chart.