Jupiter in 10th House

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Houses and planets make fantastic combinations that could reveal so much about our destinies.

People would look into their houses or ask an expert astrologer to inspect and interpret their houses, in order to learn what could they expect from a specific area of life.

Houses could tell if an area of life would be very dynamic or not, as well as when one particular field of life could get into focus and so on. You could learn much about yourself reading only your houses.

However, hoses are a part of the astrological chart; there are other elements to consider.

Planets inside houses affect each of the areas of life, as they sit inside them. Each planet would affect your experience of a particular segment of life in a unique way.

Today we will learn about an impressive combination, the fortunate planet Jupiter inside the Tenth House, primarily associated with professional success.

Tenth House in Astrology

The Tenth House is often regarded as the house of success. Indeed, this house is related to accomplishments and achievements, primarily in the field of career and profession. The Tenth House is linked to professional success and status.

However, it is not only tell that the tenth field tells there will be some success and money for you and some high and well paid position, but it also tells about one’s attitude towards career, success, work and else related.

This is much more important, since the attitude does the majority of work.

The attitude is understood in a wide sense here, because it involves not only how you feel about the career and success, but also how capable you are, how skillful and fit to recognize your own talents and opportunities that come into your life.

The story of success is written in the tenth field, one could daresay.

The Tenth House is primarily about your approach to life, success and work. Let us give a quick illustration. There are people who have reached heights starting from almost nothing.

They had no financial basis, no influential origins and family, no support, some of them even had everything the opposite of what one would call lucky or auspicious. And yet, some of the are globally known celebrities.

Others who had everything those mentioned never had. However, a fine, comfortable and promising background does not mean much, if the person does not try enough.

It does not mean he or she would lose everything (that can happen, as well), but there would be nothing he or she achieved, right? There is a great difference between the two.

Their attitude towards life, goals and success is very different. The Tenth House indicates these differences. It points out opportunities, but also tells about one’s nature and the perception of those.

One of the most amazing things about the Tenth House is that it sometimes leads you to actions that you would never take if the chart did not point them out.

It does not mean you have to do what the chart suggests, of course; it is guidance, not exactly a prediction. However, it could serve you well!

Sometimes we should do something that seems so unimportant that we would otherwise overlook it. This is what the tenth field is about, opportunities and the attitude towards them.

Everything else related to success is associated with the tenth field. This is the house of reputation, dignity, peaks of the career, acknowledgment, awards, appreciation and so on.

This is an angular, Earth house, analog with the sign of Capricorn. The earth makes it a solid house and you probably know how down to earth Capricorn is.

Capricornian nature characterizes this house; it is easily visible in the tenth field. You know how Capricorns are determined, very dedicated, pragmatic, realistic, very persistent and generally ambitious.

Discipline, order and organization and thus also associated with the tenth field, all needed for career success.

Jupiter in Mythology

Jupiter was one of the most powerful deities in Roman mythology. The cult of Jupiter was more than significant throughout the history of Rome. It was believed that Jupiter himself granted supremacy to the people of Rome.

He was the divine protector and the one to perpetuate the connection between the city of Rome and the gods. It was said that Romulus, the legendary founder of the city of Rome and the first king, built a sanctuary dedicated to Jupiter, on the Capitoline Hill.

The earliest cults did not feature statues, but sacred stones identified with Jupiter. The stone on the Capitoline was Iuppiter Lapis; we could call it Jupiter’s stone.

Many functions were attributed to the god and he was worshipped under many names. Jupiter Optimus Maximus cult was established under the Etruscan kings, for instance.

The best and the greatest, the translation goes. We mention this, since it well describes the astrological nature of this celestial body; more on that later on.

Jupiter was first an aerial deity and his name means ‘the father of the sky’, being derived from Proto Italic words. He was the sky deity, though many new functions have been attributed to the god very early.

He was the god of rain, thunder and lightning, associated with weather. Common folk adored this deity, believing he would bring rain and make their lands fertile. Jupiter was associated with abundance, prosperity, growth and progress. Early on, Jupiter became the supreme deity in Roman tradition.

From a thunder god, he soon became the god protector of Rome and the one to bring victory to Roman army. The sanctuary on the Capitoline was renewed by the emperor Augustus, who dedicated weapons of his fallen enemies to the god, as an expression of his gratitude.

The practice continued, so Jupiter became the god of victory and protection, the one to seal words between people, states and individuals.

Jupiter was worshipped as Iuppiter Victor, Jupiter the victor, Iuppiter Stator, he god who stops the enemies of Rome. He was worshiped as the god of rain, Iuppiter Pluvialis, god of thunder, Jupiter Fulgur, the god who protects people’s fertile lands and fields and their borders, Iuppiter Terminus.

There were many other names; all these tell about how much adored he was by high officers and rulers of Rome, but also the common folk.

We also know him as Jove, while his Greek counterpart was also greatly admired supreme god, Zeus. The myth of how Jupiter came to power resembles the myth of Zeus. Jupiter overthrew his father, the titan Saturn and shared the reign with Neptune and Pluto, his brothers.

Thus Jupiter, Jove, became the god of the sky, the one who gives laws to both gods and men, while Neptune got the seas and Pluto the underworld.

Jupiter in Astrology – Planets in Houses

Astrological Jupiter is an equally auspicious fellow. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, fortune, luck, progress and prosperity. It is identified with justice, wisdom, moral and generosity. This planet is the largest in the Solar system and its positive energy the greatest.

Just as the Roman god was worshipped as Optimus Maximus, the planet Jupiter is believed to be ‘the best and the greatest’. Jupiter is a benefic and the most powerful one.

The symbol of astrological Jupiter suggests that the soul prevails over the matter. Jupiter is identified with the sense of goodness and with faith.

People born under its strong influence have an incredibly optimistic view on life and the attitude towards it. They believe in the goodness of this world and the people. Jupiter is a social planet, along with Saturn.

These two planets are related to one’s place within the society, the attitude and the connection with the public.

Social planets link our personal traits and personality with the society we live in, as a stop between what we could consider otherworldly, associated with the following transcendental planets. Jupiter is the opposite of Saturn or vice versa, as you wish.

While Saturn is limiting, Jupiter is expansive. Where Saturn brings misery and misfortune, Jupiter grants prosperity and fortune.

Of course, we actually need them both, although their exact effect would depend on a chart. Jupiter is the planet of travel to foreign, distant places, which is also one form of expansion.

It is the planet of wisdom, high education and knowledge. With Jupiter, education is usually connected to some influential and high positions within society. People with titles and/or of great influence are usually strongly affected by Jupiter.

Ministers, judges, but also tutors, priests, gurus and such are people of Jupiter, to say so. Jupiter has much to do with faith, moral, philosophy and religion.

People who were born under this ‘lucky star’ are highly optimistic individuals, generous and open. They are both wise and merciful, benevolent and with good intentions. Everything seems easy in their lives, their successes as fallen from the sky.

However, it is probably their amazingly positive attitude that really makes life go smoothly.

Let us see what Jupiter brings when in the house of success!

Jupiter in the Tenth House – Jupiter in 10th House

Jupiter, the lucky planet in the field of success is by far one of the most auspicious combos when it comes to life goals and success!

Jupiter is expansive, optimistic and positive, always eager to learn and widen the horizon.

Nothing falls too hard on Jupiter, even work. It is likely there will be some rather fortunate circumstances to get started, when Jupiter is in the Tenth House in a natal chart. Jupiter makes things simpler and easier.

Natives with Jupiter in the tenth field are likely to achieve great professional and financial success without much trouble and struggle.

It does not happen without any effort and it is deserved, but there are not too many obstacles and there is not negative energy that would prevent the native to reach the goals. He or she would try hard and enjoy their professional and career uprising.

They will be rewarded and respected for their efforts. Glory is associated with this combo and it is highly imaginable that a native with Jupiter in the Tenth House would become more or less famous person. In any case, this is a native others’ would admire, respect and probably like as a person.

The secret of these natives is that they could be ambitious, but not arrogant, greedy, merciless and cold towards others, even if there was someone in their way.

It is likely that there will be no people in their way, in terms of enemies; there could only be other fair players, decent and chivalrous rivals.

The thing is that such a position of Jupiter attracts this type of circumstances and not the negative ones.

Therefore, the native would have to work on their goals, but guided only with the incredible optimism. These natives are dedicated to their work, very intelligent, positively oriented and pragmatic.

Jupiter in 10th House – The Wheel of Fortune

Jupiter in the Tenth House is linked to impressive career and professional results and achievements. This is an incredibly auspicious combination that indicates wealth and fortune, reputation to wish for, an amazing status within the society and professional circle.

This position indicates predisposition for such fame and success, so natives with this position of Jupiter are likely to get famous at younger age.

They have an inborn pragmatic mind, they are intelligent and they know how to make use of their gifts. What is more, they do all this with a smile, without envy, greed, without stepping over other people in order to get ahead.

They are valiant, noble, brave and positive. They do not attract troubles and so troubles do not find them easily.

Nevertheless, if it happens, they are not likely to fall apart. Their optimism and belief in a better tomorrow is too strong. That makes them persistent and unwilling easily to give up and cry over the unfortunate destiny.

However, their own destiny is more likely to be fortunate from the start. Now, even the mighty Jupiter in the house of success could face troubles and make problems.

If aspects were unfavorable, the destiny is likely to unfold the other way around. Of course, we would need the whole chart in order to tell how a native would cope with these things.

Jupiter in the Tenth field, but in bad aspects, would lead to troubles related to the professional growth.

If that was the case, it usually happens that the native cannot explain why things go wrong, but they keep going wrong. This could possibly explained by Jupiter’s optimistic and generally positive nature.

Jupiter is so positive that a series of unfortunate events, especially when it comes to career, profession, reputation and wealth, perplexes it.

Jupiter in the Tenth House – Too Fortunate?

Some people with Jupiter in the Tenth House could become lazy, since everything goes on smoothly.

Now, this also depends on the chart and on the personality of a native. Such natives tend to procrastinate and expect things would always resolve on their own. This happens if the chart was particularly…fortunate.

If there were not enough challenging aspects, natives simply have no need to invest much effort into anything.

This leads us back to the example of people who we born under lucky circumstances, but do not achieve much in their lives or, even worse, who lose everything.

A word to the wise, do not rely on others all the time and try to build up something of your own, even if it seems to you that you have everything you need. It is a kind of a comfortable illusion.

You need an achievement that is exclusively your own. Set a goal and good luck!