Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Seen through the most objective spectacles, astrology is a pseudoscience that tries to interpret specific planetary positions related to an individual’s life or something on a bigger plan.

It primarily focuses on a person’s birth chart and analyzes positions of planets and their conjugations at the time of that person’s birth. It includes thorough analysis on how particular planets, essential elements, zodiac signs and houses in a personalized horoscope relate to one another.

Moreover, it could predict important events in life of an individual, but it could also tell about the future of the whole nation or a country. According to some astrologers, it could be applied even on future of animals, plants, even objects.

Those who have pets would surely be thrilled by this idea. There are people who would like to know more on their future and there are others who do not give a thing about astrological predictions.

Some people believe those are reliable, some not. Some people do trust astrology as a reliable source of information, but they do not want to know what the destiny has in store for them.

Your birth chart is surely a definite thing, but the way your astrologer and yourself interpret it could be different. It depends on many factors, such as your life experience, the way you were raised, your cultural background and so on.

In any case, birth chart hides and reveals many things about an individual’s destiny.

Horoscope analysis could greatly help an individual, by warning him or her of certain negative aspects or encouraging by positive ones.

Birth chart is like a complex lifeline of an individual, unique and specific. It could be useful to have it analyzed when you face some difficulties or you have doubts about what decision to make.

Just to remind you, many of the greatest historical figures very much relied on predictions of their astrologers. To put history aside, you probably want to know what kind of future awaits your relationship or is the person you are attracted to actually the right one for you.

Astrology, birth charts and zodiac compatibility could help you for a great part. If you would like to know the details, it is essential for an astrologer to compare your partners and yours birth chart and see how well they correspond.

While we will not deal with personalized birth charts, we offer basic, but detailed and useful interpretations of zodiac signs compatibility; the one between male and female representatives of typical zodiac personalities. It is a good basis for more personalized and accurate analyses. Let us find out more.

Virgo Man

Virgo man is reasonable, objective and self-conscious person. He is neat, well organized, rational and generally distrustful; Virgo man usually relies on what he thinks is right and it is hard to persuade him otherwise. He is sensitive if his decisions are brought into question and could be very offensive when it comes to criticizing his work.

On the other hand, all Virgos are judging by nature and they hardly stop criticize all others.

Virgo man is interested in things important for his health, physical appearance and overall well-being. He is tidy and neat and takes good care about his looks; he could spend a lot of time grooming himself. Virgo man always looks fresh and he is well dressed. Everything on him is precisely fitted, no matter of the particular style and taste in fashion.

That said, Virgo men have an artistic eye and good taste in fashion in general.

They are gifted and talented. Many Virgos are excellent artists or fashion designers. Virgo man is cooperative and capable of fulfilling any task, with dedication, precision and ultimate efficiency. He would not choose a job he is totally uninterested in, only because of money.

He knows he deserves respect and praise for what he is doing and he expects it in his working environment.

He could make an excellent team player; he is intelligent and his ideas are often effective and well accepted. You can freely rely on Virgo man, when it comes to work. Virgo man does not like to accept favors from others. He rarely asks for it, he expects it. Many times it could lead to disappointment, because world does not move around Virgo and praise could go to a louder one.

Virgo is quiet, reserved and could be very cold in social relations. He is not the most favorite companion, because he tends to criticize around a lot and, on the other hand, accepts personal jokes with great difficulty. Virgo man appears as he is unaware of his flaws, because he would never admit he is wrong.

However, he is aware of those very well and he tries to improve them in privacy.

He is capable of organizing his life better than many other zodiac representatives. He has an idea of a higher purpose. He would like to do things for a greater good, so, on more intimate level, he is distant and cold. He is obsessed with details, in all areas of life, including love. He seeks for the perfect one.

He needs a woman who could understand his nature, who has similar understanding of the world and who would not judge his pettiness. Sometimes it turns out that totally an opposite character actually helps him find his balance; such a personality could help him relieve his tensions about everything in life.

However, it should be someone who has similar life goals and educational level.

Scorpio Woman

The most mysterious of all zodiac women, this is perhaps the first thing you would read about Scorpio lady. While she might appear dark, mystical and exotic, there is much more in Scorpio that seductive veil of mystery. Scorpio woman is very emotional, very proud and tactful.

She has a mind of her own and stubbornly defends her point. She does not give up without fight and she could be as incredible as she is difficult to get along with.

She is an enchantress; Scorpio woman already knows all about you, more than you know about yourself. She has impeccable intuition and if it looks like as she is confused or surprised, be sure she is acting.

Scorpio woman is rarely surprised by anything, except by her own failures. Scorpio woman is brave about everything in life, but a coward about her weaknesses.

She believes it is not for her to be weak and she deals with great difficulty with what she sees as her fragility. Scorpio woman has grandiose ideas about her purpose in life. She truly believes she is special and this is true. Scorpio women are intuitive, imaginative, creative, eccentric and extravagant.

They are talented, skilful and responsible in life. Scorpio woman combines two very important things, the sense of the power of imagination and efficiency.

She is intrigued by everything mystical, out of this world, exotic and distant. She is in need of excitement and adventure, but she also needs a stable ground. Scorpio woman is a solitary personality and does not mind spending time alone; she does not actually need you to share her experiences with, although she enjoys being the center of attention.

She magnetically attracts people, who are inspired by her stories and her obvious talents.

Scorpio woman is loyal, loving and supportive friend, although you have to ask her for help.

She is femme fatale; Scorpio woman has no problem when it comes to seducing men. She is flirty and enjoys love games. She needs a gentleman in her life; a partner who is intelligent, well mannered, stylish, with a creative mind and an adventurer in his heart.

In love, Scorpio woman gives herself to the fullest and there is a danger of completely loosing herself in the relationship. It is very common for a Scorpio woman to get burned by such an experience.

However, once the lesson is learned, Scorpio does not turn into an icy lady; she is not afraid of love. However, it is indeed difficult to impress her and present with something she has not already seen.

Been there, done that, she would say. Scorpio woman is independent and hates to be told what and how to do. She is not disobedient, only if the person who is giving an order is someone she deeply admires and fully trusts. She has a sort of a soldier’s heart, behind this seductive feminine aura. Scorpio is a fighter, but not particularly tactful and patient one.

She is also known to be a drama queen and all her bad traits come to light once she loses control over something or, at least, believes she has lost it. She wastes her energy on making drama, instead of finding a practical and easier way to get over it. She needs many repeated mistakes to realize there are better and less harmful ways to deal with unpleasant situations.

Love Compatibility

These two different personalities go well together! Earth and water are always an amazing combination, because their compatibility is natural, regardless of their differences. Virgo man and Scorpio woman could develop an extremely strong bond and, while their connection appears strange and intriguing to others, it could flourish and be very satisfying for both.

Both are moody and egocentric in a way, but that does not turn to problems here.

It is interesting how compatible are they on sexual level, although completely different in energy. While Scorpio woman is known to be a seductress and invests a lot of passion into sex life, which is an essential part of a relationship to any Scorpio, Virgo man is everything else.

For a Virgo, sex is something that is expected in a relationship; he enjoys it, of course, but is not crazy about it.

However, he does not find it hard to please his fiery Scorpio woman and they are usually satisfied with their sex life. They are compatible on other fields, as well. They could cooperate well, in all areas of life. Virgo man is pettier than a Scorpio, but she gives sense to it all. She searches for a deeper meaning of things, Virgo feeds her imagination.

Virgo is more reasonable, Scorpio is dreamier. However, these are differences that come in very sophisticated shades and they serve to their advantage, instead of creating problems and making them distant. In this relationship, Scorpio is more practical, Virgo is more organizing. They are a dream team; they function in both theory and practice.

However, if planetary aspects are bad and their differences keep becoming greater, until the abyss is formed, it is likely they would separate. Usually the Scorpio makes a move in that direction, because Virgo retreats from an argument, remains there, but keeps grumbling.

Marriage Compatibility

Virgo man and Scorpio woman could have an excellent marriage. They are a couple you could easily recognize. There is certain aura of mystery around them. Both are stylish, classy, always looking good. They could be a couple of artist, musicians or something like that. They surely make an impression, without saying a word. Their marriage could be lifelong.

Both are devoted, loyal and understand one another well.

They are not likely to have children in earlier stage of their life together, because they are focused on other things in life. They would perhaps travel together, visit destinations with a rich historical and artistic background, learn new things and so.

As parents, they are strict and inspiring combo. Their kids have all liberty of thought, but also are disciplined and responsible from an early age.


Virgo man and Scorpio woman could also become good friends, because they complement one another well in what they are missing and, on the other hand, they understand what their similarities are.

Scorpio could teach her Virgo friends it is not that important what others think and point out how unpleasant is to judge others all the time.

On the other hand, she could learn from her Virgo friend how to perceive failures with less difficulty, by using her creativity.

Cool Facts

Cool Virgo man/Scorpio women couples could be found amongst celebrities and historical figures.

For example, Marie Antoinette and King Luis XVI represent a Scorpio woman/Virgo man couple.

We all know how these two ended up, but that had nothing to do with their horoscopes compatibility, right? Jokes aside, Virgo man and Scorpio woman are a couple to intrigue, inspire and make a mark on the world.


While there could be ups and downs in this relationship, there are great chances for a balanced and happy life together.

Virgo’s quality is changeable, while Scorpio’s is fixed; Virgo is Earth, Scorpio is Water.

Virgo is obsessed with cleanliness and order, while Scorpio lacks neither discipline nor responsibility and she fits in. They respect and value each other and match at more than 75% in total. A great potential!