North Node Conjunct South Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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The North Node is going to something better, going out of the Soul, what we should strive for in this life, the right path.

The natural position of SMC is at 3 Taurus, which is the degree of exaltation of the Moon, while the nature of JMC is at 3 Scorpios, the place of exaltation of Pluto. They say that the axis of the node is the spine, SMC represents the head-Dragon’s head, i.e. the top of the spine, while JMC is the Dragon’s tail.

Here we see a person who in past incarnations has been focused on others and meeting their needs. She didn’t care much for herself and her needs, but suppressed them. She was very insecure and hesitant, so she did not even try to find a solution to her problems, but allowed life to carry her and others to decide how she would live.

South Node – Meaning and Info

All the effort she put in to make things “darker” for others was not noticed or rewarded, especially by her spouse, which further frustrated and hurt the person.

Now, she needs to take the path of the North Node in Aries, to focus more on herself and meeting her needs, and to build self-confidence. She should now be the one who “paves the way” and not the one who follows others.

The key qualities he must develop in himself are determination, self-confidence and independence, experience should be gained through partnerships, especially through marriage.

People who have this position of nodes have had very difficult incarnations. In past lives, they could have been persecuted, tortured, harassed…

Their lives were full of problems and upheavals, and there was nothing they could do to save themselves from suffering.

Also, very often, they had an unnatural death, so if e.g. Mars at the South Node, from a knife stab in another house (another house – neck) – so they were slaughtered, etc…

This position may indicate that the person may have been addicted to sex and enjoyed it in some unnatural way or, in worse aspects, was raped or otherwise abused.

Another meaning could be that the person was extremely dominant, that he manipulated others and inflicted harm on them.

She could also practice magic, especially if a person with this position of knots now has an accentuated eighth house or a strong Pluto. In any case, difficult past lives.

According to the position of the North Node, a person should now learn to calm his nature, to try to tame his aggressive impulses. He should please himself more, enjoy life, be more settled and learn how to resist the challenge of dominating and manipulating.

These people are allowed to be a little lazy at times, because the goal is to learn to relax and enjoy the material gifts of the planet Venus.

Experience is gained through personal re-examinations, they should strive to establish a strong value system and they are gained through the acquisition of material goods.

Well, my dears, with this situation, try not to be jealous and do not allow yourself to hate anyone, but nicely, the way under your feet, then get a job in a bank (Taurus) or Real Estate Agency and start trading some rural properties , fields, forests and you will realize your North Node in Taurus. And of course, just sing…

North Node – Meaning and Info

This position indicates that the person in past incarnations was adventurous, restless, and independent.

In most cases and in everything she did, she was accompanied by good luck, her freedom was very important to her and she did everything she could to keep her freedom. She was educated, perhaps even of aristocratic origin, she traveled a lot, but she did not stay anywhere or take deeper roots.

Although she should have had tact, this person did not have it, “for granted” she took the love of the people who loved her, not realizing that it hurt them so much and in her endless adventures and travels she left them to suffer for her, remaining eager .

That is why she had problems with her environment, because her behavior was seen as immoral.

But this person doesn’t care about the environment and what anyone will think. The North Node in Gemini should teach this person to improve their communication with others, to learn to listen and hear what others have to say to them.

They should now learn to be a little more tolerant and above all more adaptable in dealing with people in the immediate vicinity, especially with siblings.

These people may happen to go abroad, to that country where they once lived, and gain some experience there or “pay for school” “just so that the school is not expensive”.

North Node Conjunct South Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

When your gait through life becomes easier, your karmic burden is also lightened. With strong Nodes, he is very interested, although social changes often affect him indirectly, if other factors of the horoscope do not contradict and there is no strong defeat of the Nodes.

The connection of the planet within 1, 5 ° is a special position that has an exceptional impact on character, appearance, behavior. Conjunction is the strongest trine-sextile relationship — it’s friendships, and squaring is challenging.

The simultaneous square of the directional Jupiter, the ruler of the 3rd House associated with documents, to Mars, the ruler of the 7th House of marriage, is also consistent with the registration of marriage.

The approximate angles corrected for each hypothesis are shown in parentheses. The character of the Sun can see you, that you have similar ambitions with him in life.

In past lives, this soul was able to benefit greatly, now it is here to give. For example, the connection of the North Node with the MC pushes a person to become the center of attention and follow the path of his future, while the planet, which forms a connection with the South Node at the same time, binds him to the past, especially to the permission of family.

Detached, feeling walled up by the stone walls of his duty. In his horoscope, the South Node is in conjunction with the Ascendant, and the North is in conjunction with the Descendant and Chiron.

When she described the situation to me and I discovered the nodal return to her map, it became clear to me that this aspect was determining her situation.

The further north the latitude of the observer, the more uneven the speed of the Ascendant’s movement.

Therefore, it is believed that it has a beneficial effect if it connects with the Ascendant, Meridian or planets of the same nature, but especially with the Sun and Mars.

The connection of the planet within 1.5 ° is a special position that has an exceptional impact on character, appearance, behavior, change.

Answering the same question in another interview, he said I have a close scientific approach to understand how things happen and why they happen.

His body requires sports activities, closeness to nature and primitive life, but his mind will eventually lead him to learn words, language and reflect on his self-expression.

As the entry of these stars in fixed signs marked the transition of mankind to a stable lifestyle, so their transition to mutable signs should mark the summing up of everything that was done during the period when these stars were found cardinal and fixed signs and the return of this to God.

Oprah Winfrey’s natal chart January 29, 1954, 4 30, Kosciuszko, Mississippi. Rubens will spend a lot of time and energy on creating the cycle From the Life of Marie de Medici, which in our time will become the pride of Paris and the Louvre.

So I asked myself, looking for the answer to his biographies. In this life, the individual is meant to learn to see the world through the eyes of other people.

Meanwhile, having Lilith at the South node in Aquarius, moreover, in conjunction with the node, she did not immediately come to the true one. In conjunction with Mercury, it gives the victim of robbery, the person of life will constantly face theft.

The presence of knots or the Wheel of Fortune for a Scorpio or eighth House may be more problematic and is generally a sign that finding knots in this sign or House may be more difficult than finding them anywhere else.

Even more famous names come to mind when we analyze a group of people with the Wheel of Fortune trine to the South Node, which suggests that such an aspect encourages the use of old methods and talents in such a way that it immediately begins to manifest itself in the North Node sphere of action.

Thus, the transit Saturn brings many instructive practical lessons from the north node in conjunction with Ms. you can try to avoid the ugliness of reality by resorting to drugs or alcohol, or some other form of escapism.

The North Node in conjunction with Mercury enhances mental abilities and gives potential in the areas in which it is necessary to use.

Either the loss of sexual experience or a strong determination to avoid emotional wounds from it leads them to seek a better understanding of their current life.


In conjunction with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, you can count on popularity, fame, the interests of the field of art and literature, if other indicators also indicate similar gifts.

The position of the North Node home shows how fulfillment can be achieved through self-sacrifice, cooperation, and the expression of selfless love for others.