Pisces Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Realizing that we like someone is a beautiful feeling and makes us wonder about that person’s character and whether the two of us would make a good couple together. We usually reach for their social profiles to discover as many details as we can about them.

Unfortunately, social profiles can bring us more disappointments and wrong conclusions than we can imagine, and at the end, we usually know less than when we started looking at them.

Another way to find out data about the person who interests you is to use astrology.

Astrological analysis can be quite thorough and precise, depending on the method you are using. The most accurate astrological analysis is done by using a person’s natal chart.

The planetary positions in the natal charts and the mutual aspects the planets are creating can be very revealing about a person’s true character and preferences. If you want to know how you get along with another person, you can compare your natal charts and determine the planet’s aspects.

The meaning of these aspects reveals the true nature of your relationship with this person.

When your mutual planetary aspects are predominately positive, the relationship between you is bound to be strong and lasting. If the aspects are negative in general, that is not a good sign, and usually signifies conflicts and disagreements between that person and you. Your relationship will require a lot of compromises and is not likely to last.

To make a natal chart, you need exact birth data for the person whose natal chart you are making. You need to know their exact time, as well as place and date of birth.

This information is often unavailable, but you can still use astrology to determine whether the two of you are compatible or the character of that person. You do that by analyzing their horoscope sign traits, and comparing them to your horoscope sign traits.

It won’t be as accurate as the previous one, but it will give you additional insight regarding this person.

In the article below, we are comparing the horoscope traits of a Pisces man and a Virgo woman to see their general compatibility. 

Pisces Man

Being a water sign, Pisces are very emotional beings. These men crave for affection, but they will rarely show you that. They often have a problem relaxing and opening up, mostly because they fear getting hurt by people.

Their past hurts, play a prominent role in such an attitude because they tend to carry them along for a long time, refusing to deal with them and leave them in the past where they belong.

An emotionally hurt Pisces man is usually in a very bad state.

These men usually don’t have strong personalities and willpower and they often succumb to harmful means of dealing with these hurtful states, such as alcohol and drugs. These men usually don’t have the guts to confront the problems and issues they are encountering and are ignoring them instead.

They hope they will suddenly disappear if they keep ignoring them long enough.

Unfortunately, the reality is much harsher than their imagination and their problems only grow in size in time. They often hide in the world of illusions they have created and refuse to get out.

These men need to learn that ignoring the issues which are bothering them doesn’t solve anything. They need to nurture their confidence and determination, and learn to detect their problems in the early stages and then deal with them as soon as possible, regardless of the cost.

Their tendency to hold on to the past often hurts their present life because it prevents them from relaxing in a new relationship with a person who fully deserves these men’s love and affection.

Pisces men don’t like to talk about their private matters and they usually confide only to their closest friends and loved ones. There are some things that these men will never reveal about themselves and that is a fact that you need to accept.

These men (as well as Pisces women) are very good at manipulating facts and distorting the truth.

They are good at creating illusions which many people believe are real. They are convincing liars and are difficult to uncover. These men are able to live parallel lives without ever being discovered. They are also prone to cheating and changing partners often.

Although many of these men don’t have a faithful nature and are prone to cheating on their partners, when a Pisces man falls deeply in love with some woman, he usually completely changes and becomes obsessed with that woman.

When that happens, this man wants to spend all his time with her and never wants to leave her sight.

Pisces men in love can be very smothering with their affection and emotional outbursts. Many women, who are not used to such emotional men or are not very emotional themselves, can get intimidated by their attitude.

This type of Pisces man is not a good match for a woman who is independent and desires to have her space outside of their relationship.

Pisces men often have an issue with their confidence, unless they have some prominent influence of some confident sign in their natal chart. These men often lack the ambition and the will to pursue their goals and desires.

Although they are very creative and talented, they often waste their talents due to a lack of courage to pursue them.

They often need someone close from their surroundings or their partner to give them a boost of encouragement to go after their goals and begin taking actions. These men need to build their confidence and faith in their abilities.

Because of their insecurities, these men usually prefer having a woman with a strong personality by their side. She should nurture their faith in themselves and help them get over their inhibitions. Their weakness often brings these men into a state of denial. That is why they need someone strong by their side, who knows them well, to help them get back on the right track.

These men are usually good at earning money, but are often bad at keeping and investing it.

They often recklessly spend it or they jeopardize their financial stability with thoughtless financial decisions they make.

Some of these men are prone to gambling and that is just another form of addiction.Some Pisces men have a gift of handling money and they usually manage to provide substantial financial wealth for the future. Many Pisces men have unusual and creative jobs or means of earning money.

They are good spouses when they marry the woman they love. They love spending time at home beside their loved one. These men are caring dads who take care of their children and enjoys doing all sorts of fun activities with them.

Many of them are complaisant towards their kids and let them have whatever they want.  

Virgo Woman

Virgo is a sign ruled by the planet Mercury. That gives these people a gift of communication, but also organizational skills and tendency to make order in every situation. These women often have a strict set of rules regarding life issues they obey, but also make others from their surroundings obey.

That often causes them issues with other people because no one likes to be told what to do, and these women often have a habit of doing exactly that.

Virgo women have a tendency to criticize and that also bothers people. While they allow themselves to criticize others and their behavior, they have a problem accepting critic. The main reason is their deep conviction that they are always right, that is, they cannot be wrong.

Not all Virgo women are like that, but many are, and almost all have some of these traits.

Their behavior often causes people to avoid them or confront them. That leads to arguments and they refuse to accept that their attitude provoked them. She seems to be unaware that she always has something to add, in every situation, and that bothers many people who don’t agree with her.

A typical Virgo woman often gives herself the right to organize others and tell them what to do. Many of them do that unconsciously because it is a part of their nature.

These women love order and have a great ability to notice details.

They are very organized and nothing misses their observing nature. They are always prepared for any circumstances. They are excellent organizers and often do that as their profession. The events they organize are usually nothing less than perfect. They take great pride in their ability.

Virgo women also have a gift to say what they mean precisely so that everyone can understand.

They often correct the mistakes other people make. They don’t have an intention to humiliate anyone, it is just their nature. They strive towards perfection and they do their best to provide it.

Another potential issue in the relationship with this woman is her need to control things and people. Her need to have everything in order often transpires to everything in her life, and that causes her problems even with the people she loves the most.

She needs to relax and let others do what they think is best and accept the consequences of their actions. Once she realizes that, she changes and becomes more tolerant, which in turn eases the stress she constantly feels.

These women have caring and nurturing nature, and are always ready to help others. She is often overwhelmed with care for the wellbeing of her loved ones and she becomes overly involved in their lives, which in turn begins suffocating them, regardless of the best intentions she has.

Virgo women prefer tenderness with a man and are not very passionate. They need to relax and trust a man before becoming physically intimate with him. For the man they love, these women are ready to do anything. They are a strong supportive force to him, and encourage him to pursue his goals.

These women usually have successful careers, but they are also successful in the role of a wife and mother. They are strict towards their children because they want them to be well-educated and well-mannered, and she usually succeeds in that role.

They are good at handling money and usually don’t like to spend it. They are careful with money and prefer having a stash just in case.

Love Compatibility

A Pisces man and a Virgo woman could be a good match. This woman could be a good influence on this man, who usually seeks someone’s support, encouragement, and even someone to organize his life.

This woman is excellent at organizing and has the need to help the ones she loves by pointing out the things they should do or pay attention to.

The Pisces man will most likely be grateful for her activities. If he is a type of an addictive personality, this woman will try to help him get out of that state, but she won’t be able to tolerate him for a long time if she sees that he is not willing to change.

She won’t let her drag her to the bottom, and she will leave him without much thought. 

Marriage Compatibility

A Pisces man and a Virgo woman can be a good match in a marriage union, providing that they are both willing to accept each other’s weaknesses.

She will most likely be the leader in this union organizing all aspects of their mutual life. He is good at performing the tasks she gives him, and it’s likely that they will both be satisfied with that role.

These two will probably share a lot of mutual tenderness and emotional exchange.


A Pisces man and a Virgo woman can be a good friendly match if they are both tolerant towards each other’s faults.

She will find him interesting, but will often have the need to criticize some of his bad traits and habits, which might annoy him.

Cool Facts

The Pisces man and the Virgo woman could often have opposite traits.

While she is organized and knows in details every situation she goes through, he is often absentminded and needs to be constantly reminded about things he should do. 


A relationship between a Pisces man and a Virgo woman can be a good one, providing they both put in the effort and make compromises.