Jupiter Opposite Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Jupiter in the natal map is accosted at first with development in the spiritual, social and cultural plan.

This is a plan that symbolizes joy, optimism and love of life, generosity, principle, hierarchy and law. Influences the possibility of development, the growth of opportunities, symbolizes success, prosperity, high status and professional status, maintenance.

At the intellectual level, success, once, luckiness, optimism, love, trust and principle are observed. The emotional plan is characterized by goodness, openness, straightforwardness, confidence.

Jupiter – Meaning and Info

In astrology, Jupiter is responsible for a person’s social connections, his self-affirmation in society. Gives a person a sense of the fullness of being, the desire for expansion, expanding his capabilities.

The complete cycle of Jupiter’s revolution around the Sun is approximately 12 years. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system.

Typical Jupiter people are active and restless people. They strive to be authoritative, to be in the spotlight, and have good organizational skills.

They love to teach others, they make excellent teachers. Most often these people are believers; they make excellent preachers, but this does not prevent them from being pragmatic and practical. A person with a strong Jupiter always strives for expansion, capture.

It is always not enough for him, whatever he gets from life, his appetites will never be completely satiated.

Jupiter is considered a favorable planet in astrology. It contributes to the rapid advancement of a person up the career ladder. Gives good ability in administrative work, judicial and legal activities. Jupiter is the largest planet, is responsible for human social relations

The positive qualities of the Jupiter people include organizational talent, the ability to unite and inspire people, self-confidence, optimism, assertiveness, striving for new horizons.

Negative qualities are arrogance, impudence, posturing, bombast, the desire to crush everything for oneself, the lack of a sense of proportion.

It should be noted that Jupiterians always strive for leadership positions. The most common professions of Jupiter include the activities of an administrator, politician, judge, deputy, teacher, traveler, priest, and military man.

The strongest manifestation of the qualities of Jupiter is observed in the sign of Sagittarius the strongest position of Jupiter is in the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. This planet is here in abode. The influence of Jupiter in Cancer, where he is in exaltation, is also strong.

In Sagittarius, Jupiter gives a conscious desire to achieve high social status, a desire to lead. Abilities of a judge and legislator.

Among the archers, there are often tough authoritarian dictators Stalin, Pinochet, Franco, but these people cannot be denied leadership and authority.

Since Jupiter is the planet of expansion, among the archers there are many outstanding commanders of a pronounced offensive nature: Suvorov, Zhukov, Rokossovsky.

In fish, Jupiter behaves somewhat differently. People with this position of Jupiter have a secret hidden power, they often seek to act with someone else’s hands. Stalin had a strong Jupiter in fish. This state of the planet determines good pedagogical abilities, the ability to ideologically influence people.

Jupiter in Cancer gives love to traditions, patriotism, and reliance on authority. Cancers are excellent organizers by nature, they have a subtle sense of how you can influence people. They know how to find an approach, act quietly and calmly, but at the same time confidently and persistently.

The weak, flawed position of Jupiter is considered to be its location in the signs of Gemini and Virgo, here he is in exile. The position of this planet in the fall in the sign of Capricorn is also weak.

It is much more difficult for people with a weak position of Jupiter to fit into society, they feel somewhat constrained in a large team, and they love a familiar environment, small well-known companies.

The positive aspects of Jupiter in a personal horoscope give a rapid rise in social status, popularity, authority, empowerment, abundance, and profit.

Symbol of the planet Jupiter, which is responsible for a person’s ability to navigate the social environment of society the influence of negative aspects is not considered very strong, since Jupiter is a good planet.

In the worst case, an afflicted Jupiter inclines a person to excess, overeating, excessive alcohol consumption, greed, arrogance, problems with power, courts, public condemnation are possible.

In transit, Jupiter can create long protracted situations that can last for several months. Repeated return of similar situations is possible.

Jupiter in astrology is responsible for the work of the judicial system, the higher education system, manages long-distance travel, foreign relations.

This planet rules public opinion, ideology, ideals and authorities. Influences religious and social movements.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

The ascendant in the natal horoscope is the top of the first house, the ascendant sign of the zodiac at the time of birth.

Physically, the ascendant is the point of intersection of the ecliptic with the horizon at a given geographical location (on which the natal horoscope is built). The houses of the horoscope are counted from the ascendant.

The ascendant is a very important point in the natal horoscope, it determines the character of a person, and also affects the appearance.

If we talk about character, the ascendant, in contrast to the solar zodiac sign or synthetic sign, determines those qualities of character that are visible almost immediately when communicating with a person.

In any natal horoscope, the ascendant falls into one or another zodiac sign and is colored by the qualities of this sign.

For example, an ascendant in Aries will often talk about an athletic physique, as well as a purposeful character and a desire to be the first in any business.

The ascendant, like any astrological house, has a ruler. The planet that rules the ascendant sign is considered to be the ruler.

For example, if the sign of Taurus is on the ascendant, then Venus will be the ruler of the ascendant.

The position of the steward is also very important. It leaves an imprint on the character and especially on the appearance of the owner of the horoscope.

The position of the ascendant ruler in the house indicates one of the most important spheres of life for the owner of the horoscope.

The planets that are located near the ascendant are very important. In this case, the planets located in the first house are of greater importance, especially in the same sign as the ascendant itself.

But if the planet is located in the twelfth house, but 3-4 degrees from the ascendant, then its influence will also be very noticeable.

Jupiter Opposite Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Traditionally, “The Lord of Time” is associated with the darkest sides of life – old age and death, decline and deprivation.

But he is also a great sage, mentor, and legislator. It embodies our conscience. Jupiter creates prohibitions, but without them chaos and anarchy would reign in life.

The harsh planet is identified with the image of a father or another character who, in childhood, required discipline and imposed restrictions. Jupiter promotes growing up, teaches you to plan your life.

In the tenth astrological house, he is responsible for career, social status, ambition and reputation.

But there is another zone of influence: flea markets, garbage dumps, cemeteries, prisons, black market.

Jupiter personifies a wide range of professions: from leaders, officials, judges to security guards, workers, hunters. Since ancient times, he has been managing agriculture.

The typical Jupiterian dresses modestly and discreetly. He doesn’t like to stand out from the crowd. In the human body, the planet is associated with the musculoskeletal system, the skeletal system, and in tandem with Venus – with the skin.

Aspects of Jupiter, their features and meaning Strong Jupiter and its positive connections Endow a person with healthy ambition, the ability to creatively process the experience accumulated over the centuries and make valuable discoveries on its basis.

The highest form of successful connections is a philosophical way of thinking, renunciation of material values ​​and inner freedom, inseparable from responsibility.

A person devotes himself to selfless service to society. Strong beneficial Jupiter gives good health and longevity, a prosperous old age. Weak Jupiter is lethargy, apathy, lack of vitality.

A person experiences self-doubt, is afraid of difficulties, retreats in front of obstacles. Jupiter-stricken, Jupiter the malefic is an ominous threat. He spawns violent, vengeful, hopelessly inert characters.

Another type is complete losers. All their lives they have been haunted by the blows of fate. Hence – depression, which can lead to suicide.

Another gloomy touch in the picture of the struck Jupiter is serious diseases: paralysis, epilepsy, gangrene, cancer.

Harmonious aspects of Jupiter They bring many positive aspects to life, guarantee stability, a clear idea of ​​their place in life. Good Jupiter is a symbol of constancy.

Jupiterian marriage is often late, but strong and secure. A person is not afraid of the prose of life. He happily concentrates on achieving realistic, practical goals. He slowly and methodically goes to his heights and, in the end, reaches them. But being overly judicious is not always appropriate.

A conscientious employee may abandon a promising and interesting position for fear of not coping with new responsibilities. They are fraught with contradictions.

For example, a leader verbally praises freedom, expects initiative from his subordinates, and he himself behaves like a dictator.

Or someone suddenly discovers that he has worshiped the wrong ideals all his life, did not understand his real vocation in his youth, passed by true love. The tense aspects suppress the inner need for love and tenderness with an outer severity.

The result is loneliness. Success in self-expression is hampered by memories of a harsh childhood, marred by excessive parental inhibitions and restrictions. Acting as a teacher, Jupiter gives students more and more lessons.

The ascetic planet does not approve of talented, but frivolous people to whom everything is presented on a silver platter. Lessons must be seriously taught and rethought. This is the key to solving many life problems. You can cope with them only through work, development and self-discipline, that is, as Jupiter intended.


Consistency in the development of social and cultural skills, as well as spiritual enlightenment. It stands out as a symbol of optimism, joy and positivity, generosity, as well as law and clear hierarchy. Has a desire to constantly develop, attract material wealth, luck, as well as a position in the community.

Tutors and helps in the quarry. Controls the Sagittarius (earlier he was locked up for Fishes, but later the sign went to Neptune).

Such people are liberals in their souls, accustomed to thinking in an all-encompassing and philosophical way.

They are inclined to blissful activity and speedy delivery. They adore long journeys and more space. They will look at the world with optimism. In the intellect, luck plays on the hand, the habit of hoping and believing in the best, as well as loving and irrepressible convictions.

In general, they are honest, confident, and sincere and show Great Spirit. Inclined to fullness and transmission.

Responsible for the state of glands, exchange of substances, berries and thighs, liver, pituitary gland and smell.