Mars Opposite Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Remember some very important and very challenging situation you had in your life.

Try to remember how you managed to solve it.

Let it be the situation when you acknowledge yourself for your strength and courage.

That situation for which it is not entirely clear to you know how you managed to survive, solve it, and achieve your goal!

Whether it’s an emotional or business situation, whether you’re dealing with a personal issue or helping a family member or loved one, you were driven by an incredible inner strength that you didn’t even know existed within you.

Mars – Meaning and Info

Remember every situation in which you stepped into the unknown, took risks, opened yourself to change despite doubts and fears and achieved important success, stepped into a happier and more successful phase of your life!

That inner strength which awakens with all its force when it is necessary to embark on important life battles, and which encourages and encourages us in the well-established rhythm of life, is our inner warrior.

In astrology, it is symbolized by the planet Mars.

Mars symbolizes the physical-instinctive nature, the energy with which we fight for ourselves. He is the passion we invest in everything that is important and valuable to us, he is our inner strength and source of vitality.

The Sun and Moon determine our life path and define the goals we want to fight for. Mars will work on their realization.

We can imagine the Sun and the Moon as king and queen – but Mars is their military leader – our inner warrior! We need to provide our inner warrior with a space for action, training, and challenges in which to maintain our alertness and strength.

The warrior in us comes to life every time we stand up for ourselves and for what we believe in. We call on him for help so that we do not allow our fears to capture us.

Each of us has an innate instinct for survival. In ancient times, survival meant recognizing predatory animals and numerous natural hazards.

Today we face completely different kinds of dangers, but they are equally real.

Today, survival can mean keeping a job, fighting for a better paid job, or surviving on your own.

Survival today also means keeping up with technical innovations or coping well with social circumstances.

Predators still exist today, in a seemingly civilized form, but that should not deceive us. In all kinds of social relations, there is still an opportunity to achieve our own goals at our expense.

Civilization allows us to live a more relaxed life on many levels – we don’t have to be vigilant and protect ourselves from the enemy at all times.

But at the same time, with the rules that protect us, our instincts will easily fall asleep.

Therefore, it is important to become aware of your inner strength and learn to make the best use of the energy symbolized by Mars.

Mars symbolizes our ability to maintain an innate, healthy form of aggression. That fighting energy is necessary to overcome the challenge, to know what we want and how to get it, without hurting other people.

We need that energy to achieve our goals, and when we succeed in that, we feel strong, capable, and free! It will support our personal development, strengthen our self-confidence.

The energy of Mars is necessary so that we do not allow someone else to dominate and our needs and desires are suppressed. He can suggest to us which situations would be better to avoid.

Therefore, the healthy aggression, determination and courage we invest in achieving the goal are important in the process of self-affirmation.

When we feel our own strength because we know how to fight for ourselves and our goals, we will step into life unencumbered and joyful. Let’s awaken our vitality and allow it to blossom.

Vitality is also related to the physical level of existence. Mars energy is reflected through the body by the need to be physically active as well as a healthy libido. Sexuality is naturally associated with the urge to survive because it allows the species to continue!

The balanced energy of Mars suggests healthy sexual appetites. Satisfying the instinctive urge to touch, and the innate needs of the body, frees us from tension, strengthens vitality and creativity!

Therefore, we can invoke the energy of Mars to help in a love affair. At the beginning of a love affair it will help us win a partner.

During a relationship, she maintains a healthy form of sexuality that is an important component of any real relationship. His vitality will help us maintain a long-term relationship because it moves us to realize our common dreams, it fights for common goals.

Mars is then our good ally, a military leader who wins important life battles, and can also be a noble knight.

As a noble knight, he is ready to accept that we will not always and immediately get everything we want.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

Your zodiac sign that you are proud of is the place where the Sun was at the time of your birth.

And, here, according to him, they describe you: that you are higher / lower, (dis) like to be in the center of attention, diligent / lazy, social / withdrawn, compassionate / rigid, mild / angry, etc.

Have you heard or met twins who were born in just a few minutes difference and have completely different lives? That already tells you enough.

When you ask an astrologer for advice, he usually asks you about the date, place and time of birth.

If you are unsure or do not know the time, then he is harassing you to provide him with dates of some important events from his past so that he can determine it. This process is professionally called rectification.

The time of birth is needed to determine the sign and its degree that rises on the horizon at the moment when you have left the comfort of the mother’s womb.

Ascendant, rising sign, Ascendant, branching sign – these are all different names for the same term.

Mars Opposite Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Mars symbolizes impatient energy, but when we put it in our service and balance our own desires with the real moment and awareness of others, they will be able to fight for others and be more patient in realizing their own desires.

Sometimes Mars turns from an ally, a warrior or a noble knight into a bad boy. If a healthy form of aggression that paves our way through life and helps us achieve our goals becomes frustrated, it starts doing harm.

Aggression can appear as quarrelsome behavior, verbal or physical aggression, as selfishly imposing one’s will or achieving goals by all means, regardless of the harm it inflicts on others.

Underlying unbridled aggressive behavior is most often a feeling of helplessness or fear of losing power and control: I will take whatever I want, no matter the consequences!

Others are not important and there is always someone hurt, emotionally or physically.

Unbridled Mars is a bully who often inflates the impression of his own power with drama and shouting, quarreling and attempts to dominate.

However, true authority and the ability to play a leading role comes from calmness and knowledge, from courage and determination.

If the unbridled Martian energy manages to subdue others to its will or selfishly dominate, it may take some time, but it creates resistance of the long ones to such behavior.

In the long run, unbridled Mars will be left without dear people and friends, without lasting and stable results.


If our healthy urge to survive falls asleep too much, it will take us to the other extreme.

The causes of repressed instinct can be numerous and mostly occur in the earlier stages of growing up.

Complex family circumstances or the rules of the social environment in which we grew up can drive our Mars into a mouse hole.

The reason for this may also be external events that caused the trauma.

Without a healthy Mars, we are insecure, constrained by numerous fears and emotional injuries.

In its mildest form, the dormant instinct for survival means excessive indulgence in the demands of others, the difficulty of taking care of ourselves and arranging our lives as we see fit for our needs and desires.

Suppressing desires, suffering injustices, swallowing anger can be more dangerous because it can impair health.

On a psychological level, the path to depression opens up, a feeling of helplessness leads to apathy.

Sleeping Mars has no real purpose, a real goal of its action, it does not know where to direct its energy, so it either dissipates or turns against itself in some form of self-destructive behavior.