Mercury in 3rd House

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Roots of astrology are hard to discover. There are evidences that date astrology into distant prehistoric times, while first horoscopes are associated with the ancient world.

In modern day, astrology is not a science, but a pseudo science, although it appears that spiritual practices and conventional approaches have been getting in touch lately.

Astrology translates to the ‘science of the starts’ and it is a complex system of reading the skies, interpreting celestial motion and planetary distribution over the Solar system.

According to astrology, the cosmos reflects in an individual and our destiny was written over the heavenly vault. However, we could affect it.

Astrological readings do not predict our destiny, although they could point out major events or a type of events.

Much could be learned from your natal chart, which is a unique image of the sky, ‘taken’ at the time of your birth. It is a fixed diagram representing position of the planets at the time of your birth.

Planets exchange their energies and affect one another, creating aspects. They find themselves inside astrological houses, segments of astrological charts.

Let us find out what they were about.

Astrological Houses – Meaning

Twelve astrological houses represent areas of our life or, better to say, the way we are going to experience these areas. They are fields within an astrological chart. Houses with many planets inside mean one particular area of life will be emphasized.

Empty houses will not remain inactive, but we have to look up for the house ruler to see what happens with that particular field.

Astrological houses could be divided into angular, succedent and cadent houses, but we could also divide them by the four elements into Fire, Earth, Air and Water houses. Each of these groups presents with specific energy.

Thus, angular houses are of cardinal energy, related to our direct activity.

Succedent are of fixed qualities, related to available resources and cadent associated with mutable signs, related to what we think before the activity.

Third House in Astrology

The Third House is associated with communication, intellect, writing, early education our attitude towards knowledge and learning, travel, transport, relation to people from our surroundings, especially with our siblings.

Communication is all related to the Third field, including both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Mimics and body language are very important, just as verbal. The Third House revel our communication and conversational skills.

This field also has to do with the ways we deal with problems and our ability to resolve problems.

This is the house of learning about our environment and also about our attitude towards what the environment presents us as important. This house is a cadent one and analog to the sign of Gemini.

It is an Air house. Ruler of Gemini is Mercury, the planet presenting with similar qualities to this house.

Mercury in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Houses

Mercury is the planet representing an encyclopedia of information. If we are able to process all of it or most of it, we could develop an objective view on life, which is what many Mercurial people do.

If not, all those information would pile up in our head and we would manage them in a way we would share information we read in newspaper, without going any deeper into the subject. Mercury has much potential, but it also has its downsides.

In any case, this is the planet closest to the Sun, which also means that it moves rather quickly. Its revolution counts only eighty-eight earthly days.

In comparison, distant Pluto needs two hundred and forty eight years to close its orb around the Sun!

Therefore, mercury represents the fastest process that takes part within us as human beings, the process of thinking.

Moreover, Mercury is about quick, rational and logical thinking. This is the planet of communication, of spoken and written word, of expressing ideas, opinions, attitudes, but also of changing those.

It is the planet of perception, providing the Sun, our Ego, with raw and straightforward info about the world around us. Everything with Mercury is purely logical and concrete; no dreams, no fantasies.

In Greek and Roman mythology, Hermes or Mercury was the messenger of gods. Typically represented as young and athletic male, adorned with a winged helmet and sandals, this deity was also a trickster god, the cleverest and the most cunning of them all. He played many roles, amongst which was carrying the souls of the dead to Hades.

Mercury has always been associated with knowledge and learning. Traditionally, Mercury was associated with rhetorical skill and with written word. Mercurial energy is of a primary type.

It is a play of associations of various mental images; the way our consciousness answers to stimulation from our senses. Words come later. Language is the playground of Mercurial energy.

Mercury in the Third House – Mercury in 3d House

As with other people with planet Mercury in a strong position, this individual is quick-minded and very intelligent. This person relies on common sense and logic, within the frame of practical reality.

Third House Mercury people have especially big potential for constructive and fruitful communication in all areas of life.

This person is exceptionally well informed about the ongoing situation and events on the public scene.

Third House Mercury person presents with the incredible rhetorical ability and the power of persuasion.

This person is versatile and has many different fields of interest, having capacities to absorb and ‘store’ information on various subjects, which is generally a trait associated with Mercurial personalities.

This individual strives for widening horizons and constantly upgrading their knowledge.

These people especially enjoy the magic of the written word. They love to read and many of them have an amazing talent for writing.

They are very eloquent, they know how to choose words, form elegant sentences in both live conversation and when typing or writing something. There are very strong indications for noticeable results in the field of education.

The area of higher education is especially significant, in this regard. These people have potential for significant results, when it comes to that; most of them are highly educated and qualified.

This, of course, opens up amazing professional opportunities. They are in advantage compared to their rivals within the professional field.

Mercury in 3d House – Endless Optimism

Besides their thirst for knowledge, high and quality education and career that must engage their incredibly sharp mind, these people genuinely love life and know how to enjoy it. They are capable of noticing all the beautiful things life has to offer.

Third House Mercury people are very optimistic and they nurture a positive attitude towards life as a whole.

They are people of a joyful spirit. Even when faced with dire circumstances, they keep their spirits up and thus return hope to others and help them keep their heads up. They are usually in a good mood, ready to cheer you up.

However, it does not mean they turn their head away from all the negative things in life.

On the contrary, they are very pragmatic, quick minded, ready not only to offer an efficient solution, but also to maintain the atmosphere as positive as it is possible.

This is very youthful personality, definitely on the inside and very likely on the outside. These people appear fresh, smiling and easygoing, even when things get hard. They carry the light in the darkness. Throughout their lifetime, the all remain a child in heart.

They are playful, careless and charming to be around. Third House Mercury people have a fresh and natural sense of humor, very intelligent one. We could safely say that these people emit good vibrations everywhere they show up. People enjoy their company and their easiness.

They are curious and similarly to other mercurial types, they enjoy traveling. It gives them an amazing opportunity to expand their horizons and gain more knowledge about the world.

Intensive traveling satisfies their hardly satiable thirst for knowledge and novelty. They sail away into the world with great optimism and, what is more, they return positively electrified.

Mercury in the Third House – A Fierce Interlocutor

In communication, they usually take up the leading part, since not only they love to speak, but they also know how to speak. One Third House Mercury person is typically the dominant speaker.

These people are extremely talkative and they enjoy chatting about all kinds of subjects.

Even if small talk were in question, this individual would be the star of it. Not only they simply like taking, but also they find great pleasure in debating.

Third House Mercury people would eagerly engage with a fierce interlocutor and fiery arguments. They enjoy debating and defending their opinions. It is like a game and a competition for these people. They simply love it.

Moreover, they are indeed very intelligent and clever when it comes to presenting solid arguments that would support their ideas and convictions.

Their downside, when it comes to communication and conversation is typical for mercurial people; they lack patience and they easily get nervous. They often find it hard to sit still and quiet, listening to another person.

Many times, it happens that they do not allow the other side to speak up their mind, because they have not enough patience even to listen to that.

However, their communication skills are a great advantage, especially within professional circles. In addition, they are cunning, efficient, flexible and well informed about everything.

Moreover, these people know how to present and use information. They pierce through the problematic of a situation using their quick mind and offer efficient and practical solutions, perfectly verbally presented.

Mercury in 3d House – Hard to Catch

When it comes to love, we have to say that these people are of a fluttering nature, adventurous spirits, hard to commit. They are rarely attached to anyone, as their feelings are changeable and unstable.

Their view on love life, marriage and family is very liberal, contemporary.

This person changes their mood, plans, desires and methods to achieve their determined goals very quickly.

These people are really hard to catch. The idea about lifelong commitment does not excite them pretty much. These people live by the famous Latin motto of carpe diem, meaning ‘seize the day’.

This person changes and adapts plans and strategies along the way, according to current affairs and situations. Romantic relationships are something this individual enters suddenly, without long-term plans.

They do not think much about the future with someone, such as planning marriage, children or whatsoever. If they decide they like you, the connection would very likely work by the principle of whatever will be, will be.

These people tend to go with the flow, when it comes to such things.

They never burden themselves with calculations and strategies regarding romantic relationships. This is something they should probably change at least a bit.

In general, they seek for a partner who would meet their intellectual criteria, someone communicative, educated, spirited, versatile, funny and tolerant. They cannot stand nagging and grumpiness, especially when it comes to love life.

If you try to limit their movement and the freedom of speech, they would run away from you with the first train.

They need a person who is equally open-minded, who is ready to head on a life mission of conquering the world with them, figuratively speaking.

A person who is optimistic and who would support and feed his or her own optimism would be a perfect partner.

They need an intellectually dynamic relationship of mutual inspiration, support, tolerance and understanding.