Saturn in Scorpio

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For ages and centuries, people have been looking for answers. Answers to everything and anything.

Grandiose answers to ultimate questions such as those of human existence, the idea of being and of purpose. Why are we here? What is our purpose as it is? At the same time, a little, singular human being asks himself or herself the same: “Why am I here and what purpose do I serve?.”

These questions haunt us since the dawn of civilization and we have tried to find answers at some of the most unimaginable places.

Many people truly believe our destiny that is the destiny both of humankind and of each individual human being lies hidden somewhere in space, in the skies and stars above our heads. Such an idea is very, very old.

In ancient times, astrology was much respected discipline and it mainly served the purpose of those on high positions. It was not as common as it is today, but reserved for royal courts and battlefields.

Many great leaders of the past relied on their astrologers’ predictions, the same way as others would rely on prophets, priests and others of the same kind.

Western astrology is not the only one astrology we know of; there are also Vedic, Chinese and Tibetan astrology, for example. These paths are closely related to medicine, for instance.

Although all of the mentioned are different, they all rely on the very same idea and that is the universal and ultimate influence of planetary system over peoples’ lives.

Most of people commonly identify astrology with horoscope, general and/or personal one. General horoscopes are those related to a particular zodiac sign, solely. They are usually delivered as a daily prognosis, monthly or yearly.

Such horoscopes do not offer many details and they could be understood simply as an objective and very wide guideline.

Personalized horoscopes are almost entirely a different thing. They need a lot of knowledge, dedication, time and effort to be done.

Personalized horoscopes are based upon people’s unique birth charts and they interpret and represent a life path of an individual human being. Personal horoscopes are very personal guidelines, in comparison to general ones.

Saturn and Horoscope

We say guidelines deliberately, because no horoscope tells you exactly what will happen, although people commonly expect such a thing from their astrologer. Well, the thing is, horoscopes are based on your birth chart that is a diagram that represents the position of planets at one particular point in time.

This is like your astrological ID; this chart requires your place, date and time of birth and it delivers a unique scheme and a unique horoscope. You may wonder why the people born at the exactly same time, at the same hospital, to be even more precise, so not share the same destiny.

This is the part where the idea of guidelines steps in. You see, birth chart feature planets and other important elements of an astrological analysis, but these elements affect one human being in a unique way. That is because they represent your potentials, not cold, stone-written facts.

If you have Saturn in Scorpio, which is the subject of our today’s story, this does not mean it will affect you the same way as it would affect another person, even if you have all other aspects in common. You play a role, the leading role, in your life and you use your potentials in a unique manner.

This is the true magic of a horoscope, it is an art piece created by universe, the astrologer and yourself.

Now let us focus on Saturn. Saturn in one of ‘social planets’. There are ‘personal planets’, ‘social planets’ and ‘transpersonal planets’. In total, these are heavenly bodies that belong to our Solar system, including the Sun and the Moon, which are technically not planets, but astrologically they are.

These social planets are responsible for your position within the society.

They do refer to your social status, but more to your own perception of yourself within the society. These planets affect our way of thinking and acting within the boundaries of a society. Saturn is the planet of withdrawal, while Jupiter, the second of social planets, is the planet of expansion.

Saturn represents discipline, diligence, limitations, seriousness, persistence, patience, perseverance, one’s sense of honor, morals and else. Planets Saturn is responsible for life lessons, but its manner of teaching is not that easy to deal with.

Saturn is the planet of karma; it is there to point out to what consequences your deeds and decisions lead, for example. It is also the planet that brings misery, misfortune, illness, despair and depression. Its reputation is notorious, but its ultimate goal is not to harm you, but to teach you a lesson.

However, Saturn is a cruel teacher, insensitive and cold. It represents learning the harder way and it would rarely make things easy for you.

Although all that sounds very discomforting and even threatening and scary, Saturn also brings balance, awakens ones conscious and helps us mature and take responsibility in life.

The place Saturn dwells in a one’s birth chart is of vital importance.

Saturn in Scorpio – General Info

What does it mean to have Saturn in Scorpio? How tricky is this position?

Saturn in Scorpio could actually be a very good aspect, if others are in favor. Saturn in Scorpio makes one a distinctively responsible personality, organized and diligent. These people have a natural gift for handling money; more precise, other people’s money. They are extremely good in professions related to finances.

They could excel in banking, insurance and tax related jobs and so on. These personalities show great responsibility, seriousness and discipline in all areas of life. They have highly developed sense of organization, distribution and control.

These are some of the most confidential and trustworthy individuals, who stay true to their principles, who are unshakeable, but deeply reasonable and logical.

They could become too serious and somewhat heavy to others. Saturn Scorpio people do not strive for being loved, but for being respected. Their dignity and success in what they are interested in is more important than winning romantic sympathies.

These individuals literally hate laziness and do not accept ‘no’ as answer.

They truly believe one can achieve anything if he or she wants it, works hard and has the sense of perseverance and patience. They are calm, quiet and they possess incredible amounts of inner strength and determination, which helps them not give up their causes, even if times are hard. They do not leave any business unfinished and their work is of the highest quality.

They do not step away from challenging and difficult tasks, but see them as an opportunity to become even better at something. It is interesting to note that Saturn Scorpio have great predisposition to place their love life on pedestal and see it the most valuable aspect of their life.

They are demanding in love in terms of their standards; they need to find a person who will impress him at all levels and are not particularly open to compromises.

However, once they find a person that answers their standards (and they are ready to search and to wait for it to happen), they treat their lover with great respect and with full dedication.

Good Traits

The best traits of Saturn Scorpio are perseverance, diligence and determination. Some astrologers claim the sign of Scorpio is one of the best and the most pleasing places for Saturn. It is a predisposition for extremely good results in career, but also in other areas of life.

With good aspects, Saturn in Scorpio creates balance; its energy is steady, useful, benevolent and channeled perfectly.

These people could reach high places, on behalf of their own dedication and work.

They are responsible and have distinctive sense of morality and of honor. They never break their promises and are some of the most trustworthy people you could come upon, regardless of if they are your friends or your colleagues. They are disciplined and they do not like mess, but are not obsessed with control.

Saturn Scorpio people maintain good relations with other people, in all areas of life.

They have great predisposition to find fulfillment in the area of love. They have clear ideas of what they expect from it and they are ready to wait for the right person.

In love, they are respectful, loving, caring, protective and dedicated. They are loyal and faithful friends in social, romantic and family life.

Bad Traits

If aspects are not in favor with Saturn in Scorpio all of these good qualities could turn very wrong. People with Saturn in Scorpio could face difficulties in communication with other people, especially those from their professional environment. They could start losing their focus and motivation.

From a calm and patient personality, a Saturn Scorpio could turn into an irritable, nervous and restless personality.

They find their sense in work; if they lose their focus and start doubting their work, they lose motivation and it leads them to depression and misuse of their skills and their power.

They could turn to manipulative and exploitative behavior. They could become distanced from people in an emotional sense and become cruel, merciless and authoritative in a bad way. Having bad aspects for Saturn in Scorpio is as disastrous as good aspects are wonderful. Bad aspects turn them even to criminal and vengeful behavior.

It could also affect their love life, because they tend to become emotionally distant from their loved ones and eventually lose all proper communication.

They find it difficult to express their feelings and they give up on that, becoming close, cold and cruel.

Bad aspects of Saturn in Scorpio bring health problems related to intimate life, in both physical and mental sense.

Saturn in Scorpio Man

Saturn Scorpio man is calm and he has high opinion of himself.

He is not arrogant, but he would never let others bring him down. He is very patient and resistant to others’ critic. He listens carefully, but is not easily persuaded into anything. He is usually a successful businessman and he knows with money. He enjoys working, yet he always finds time for his earned pleasures.

This man is dedicated to his work, just as he is committed to his family and the dearest ones. He is a strong-willed personality whom you can always rely on.

He would not step away from danger and would boldly defend those he holds dear. He would equally defend his own causes and has clear opinion of what is right and what is not.

The only thing that could shake him is betrayal. Disloyalty of someone whom he trusted, adultery or deceit that came from a person he thought to be his friend are situations that would enrage him. In such a situation, one does not stand a chance of being forgiven.

Saturn Scorpio man would not pretend he is not hurt, but he would close the doors forever.

He is a person others admire and respect. Saturn Scorpio fits well into society and feels comfortable in high places. He is attractive, with a sharp mind and an intelligent sense of humor.

Saturn Scorpio man is definitely a person you would not forget, if you have only spent less than an hour in his company.

Saturn in Scorpio Woman

Saturn Scorpio woman is a remarkable figure. She is focused and strong willed and she is in love with her work. She is introspective, intellectual and driven to amazing ideas of glory and success.

Saturn Scorpio woman is a person you cannot remain indifferent at. Her energy and her appearance are consuming; she is a femme fatale.

Saturn Scorpio woman works hard to reach her goals and everything she has in life comes from her own doing. She is extremely proud of it and does not find it hard. Saturn Scorpio woman is protective of what she loves and caring and loving of people close to her. She is a loyal and devoted friend and partner.

Just as her male counterpart, Saturn Scorpio woman is unforgiving of disloyalty in any form. She could tolerate open opposition; actually, she would willingly enter an argument.

However, working behind her back really annoys her.

She would never forgive adultery and trickery. She respects a person who tells into her face what trouble shim or her and she despises cowards.


Saturn in Scorpio could be a good aspect and bring great success and fulfillment in life in general.

There are certain downsides to it, but only if other aspects are troublesome for Saturn in this position. Just as some astrologers claim, it could be one of the most favorable places for Saturn.

With Saturn in Scorpio, one has great predispositions to achieve balance on all levels and lead a harmonious life.