Jupiter Opposite Saturn Synastry

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It is impossible to deny the influence of the stars and planets on the life on our planet as well as our individual lives.

People knew this fact since ancient times and collected their knowledge and experiences related to this influence in a study which they called astrology.

Astrology was created for centuries and millennia and it’s capable to give a lot of insight about various subjects and ease our lives in many ways.

Astrology analysis is a valuable means to determine someone’s personal traits and character, interests, beliefs, preferences, and other details about some individual. Astrology is also used for analyzing relationships and their potential as well as for foretelling the future.

The simplest astrology analysis consists of only analyzing the positions of planets in the natal chart, the signs where the personal planets are placed, the houses where the planets are placed, and the aspects formed between the planets.

The natal chart is a sky chart for a certain moment of time. Usually natal charts of individuals are analyzed, but they can also be charts created for other moments.

The personal planets in signs of the Zodiac give an insight about the individual’s personality, their physical appearance, attitude, interests, and focus in life. Personal planets are the Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars. These planets reveal how the person is perceived by others.

The houses of the natal chart rule different areas of life. The planets in the houses reveal the areas of life which are likely to be in the focus of the individual and where most of the activities will take place.

The aspects show personal traits but also the events that might happen in the person’s life. They are relationships between the planets created when the planets form certain angles.

These angles between planets have certain meanings. The aspects can have good and bad nature and influence. Every aspect should be analyzed as a combination of aspect nature and the nature of the planets forming it.

Beneficial or good aspects are the ones which make it easier for the person to achieve their goals and in general promote success and prosperity. These aspects allow the planets involved to express their best nature.

Negative aspects have a different influence. They block the influence and energy of the planets and create obstacles to people’s achievements. They often prevent achievements of goals or delay them.

Achieving goals with challenging aspects is a difficult task. These aspects block opportunities or cause the person to miss opportunities.

The aspects can be minor or major. Minor aspects have small orbs (1 degree) while the major ones have wider orbs (up to 8-10 degrees). The strongest aspects are the ones with tight orb or exact. The major aspects are oppositions, conjunctions, square, sextile and the trine.

The opposition is an aspect with negative and challenging nature. It’s formed when planets form a 180 degrees angle, which means they are opposite to each other.

The opposition creates a lot of intense feelings and tension because the planets cannot express their energy simultaneously and each one of them tends to fight for supremacy and domination over the other.


The technique astrology uses for analyzing relationships and their lasting potential is called synastry.

The analysis usually starts with analyzing individual charts of two people to determine their personalities and their interests and preferences in relationships.

After analyzing the individual charts of two people involved in the relationship the astrologer compares their natal charts, because in synastry the charts and planetary positions are the representation of these two people.

The astrologer analyses the position of the planets from one chart into the other and vice versa. This helps to determine the areas of life where the relationship will affect these two individuals.

The aspects between the charts reveal the dynamics of the relationship and show their basic compatibility. When they are mostly challenging, this is not a good sign because this implies lack of compatibility between them as well as the possibility of conflicts and disagreements.

Usually challenging aspects indicate lack of understanding and similar interests between two people. These relationships are often short lived and dramatic.

The partners lack the necessary tolerance to maintain such a relationship because they criticize their partner’s differences treating them as flaws instead of accepting them as part of their uniqueness.

When the aspects between natal charts of two people are mostly harmonious this usually creates a pleasant atmosphere between them. These two enjoy being in each other’s company and doing things together.

They are aware of the value of their connection so they do their best to tolerate each other’s differences and accept them. These relationships are usually lasting unions.

Sometimes the analysis of two charts reveals lack of major aspects which is often a sign of lack of interest between the two people.

Jupiter – Basic Traits

Jupiter is a lucky planet; it was considered as such since ancient times; Jupiter is also the largest planet in the Solar system. Jupiter doesn’t have a solid surface.

The name Jupiter is the name of the Roman god of the sky and king of gods. Jupiter was a much respected god in the Roman pantheon.

In astrology Jupiter rules good fortune, abundance, prosperity, increase, wealth, opportunities, optimism, happiness, joy, luxury, pleasures, hedonism, exaggeration, overindulgence, money, financial institutions, foreigners, foreign cultures, distant locations, travel, spirituality, higher knowledge, higher education, universities, professors, etc.

When Jupiter is well-placed in the natal chart, it helps the person establish financial security and in many cases, to gain substantial wealth.

These people don’t have a problem finding opportunities to achieve their goals and gain material wealth. They usually don’t struggle to accomplish their desires and things come to them with ease.

When Jupiter is afflicted, that is not a good sign, and it usually indicates lack of opportunities or difficulties in accomplishing desires. It doesn’t bring disastrous consequences in most cases, but sometimes it can cause grave financial issues to the person.

This usually happens because of the person’s bad spending habits and exaggeration which jeopardizes their financial security.

Jupiter people have an easy-going and open personality. They love being on the go and enjoy traveling to far-away places.

These people are very independent and love their freedom immensely. They love the pleasures of life and enjoy spending money on satisfying their desires. These people have a good sense of investment and are usually financially secured.

When Jupiter is badly placed in their natal chart they might jeopardize their financial security with overspending and making risky investments. In worst cases, they might experience bankruptcy. They ought to learn how to deal with their finances properly.

Saturn – Basic Traits

Saturn is a synonym for seriousness and responsibility. This planet is also the synonym of wisdom. Saturn is a large planet, but Jupiter is bigger than Saturn.

This planet is known for the ring system it possesses formed from ice and rocky debris. It has 82 moons and the moon Titan is its largest moon. This planet also lacks solid ground.

Saturn was god of agriculture for the Romans. The planet Saturn rules agriculture as well; it also rules all matters related to soil and ground.

Saturn is the ruler of hard work, career, business, authority, tradition, stability, restrictions, determination, discipline, duty, patience, destiny, order, organization, etc.

Saturn rules chronic states and illnesses; it also rules poverty and financial issues.

The house where Saturn is placed reveals the areas where it is likely that the person might experience issues, or need to undertake responsibilities, or take care of someone, be patient, etc. These areas also show where there might be some obstacles and restrictions.

Saturn circles the Sun in 29.5 years. During this time, Saturn travels through all 12 signs of the Zodiac and returns to its natal position. Saturn’s return to the natal position in the chart marks a time of self-evaluation and estimate of the person of the achievements they have made so far in their life.

Saturn rules life lessons and these lessons are usually learned through events which happen during transits and progressions triggering natal Saturn. 

Jupiter opposite Saturn Synastry

Jupiter opposite Saturn aspect appearing between the natal charts of two people is a challenging aspect.

These two people have different (opposite) nature and preferences. They have a different attitude towards life and doing things.

With the opposition aspect between these two planets, they won’t be inspired to tolerate these differences between them, but instead criticize them.

If there aren’t any supporting aspects from other planets, this aspect might be difficult to handle.

The Saturn person is too conservative and serious for the Jupiter person who is relaxed and all about fun and enjoying themselves. For Saturn, life is a struggle, for Jupiter, life is supposed to be a fun experience and they usually manage to make it this way.

Saturn might be prone to criticizing Jupiter’s inconsiderate behavior and lightheadedness and Jupiter thinks they are too strict, reserved, and overly organized.

A harmonious aspect between these two planets would inspire these two to learn something from the other and improve their personality, but with the opposition the only thing they are inspired to do is criticize the other.

Saturn might even be jealous at Jupiter for getting everything they want without much struggle while they need to push and work hard for all they have.

There is an obvious lack of tolerance and understanding, and unwillingness to change anything.

Fortunately, this aspect doesn’t have such strong effect because both Jupiter and Saturn are generational planets, and this influence might be neutralized by stronger aspects of personal planets.

A good advice is to be more tolerant and try to incorporate some of the partner’s traits; Saturn could use relaxing a bit, and Jupiter could become more responsible and organized. 


The Jupiter opposite Saturn aspect is a challenging one. It acts in a manner that it creates conflicts between the two people based on the differences in their characters. These two have completely opposite natures.

Jupiter is relaxed while Saturn is stiff; Jupiter is easy-going and open, and Saturn often has a difficult and hard to please character; Jupiter is fast and often acts thoughtless, while Saturn is slow and very thoughtful and organized; and so on.

These differences are a cause for frequent conflicts between the partners because they don’t have the will to tolerate them, and they instead criticize them. Because tensions grow, this might cause the breakup of a relationship.

Of course, because this is an aspect between generational planets, it takes more bad aspects to cause the ending.