Leo Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Love compatibility is surely the most interesting part of astrology, pseudoscience that was once part of astronomy.

Stars could tell us many things about our lives and our destinies, including mysteries related to our love life. Some people see it simply as an amusement, while others take it more seriously. We think both are partially right.

Astrology could really be exciting, but it could also offer some precious information. Astrology deals with deep analyses of people’s birth charts and other aspects. Our zodiac sign is like a rough sketch of what we could become, in terms of our temperament and else.

Of course, we are not the same! However, representatives of each zodiac signs seem to show certain similarities in their attitude, temperament and character. There are many more things to consider, of course.

Our focus here is on compatibility between men and women of each zodiac sign. It is an interesting and much inspirational field of this mystical astrological path.

A good astrologer could tell you a lot from reading your birth chart and comparing it with that of your current or potential partner. Many people claim such prognosis often prove strangely accurate.

Here, we are simply matching typical exemplars of each sign; it is only a base for further analysis. However, it could be very useful and helpful. It is basically a guideline to your relationship.

Whatever such an interpretation says, you should take it with second thoughts, because it is not definite without more personal details put into consideration.

It is also important to mention that there is no such thing as completely incompatible connection. Even the most different and distant zodiac representatives could find a common tongue, if other aspects in their birth charts match well.

Strangely, opposite signs could become very close, if they find a way to open their mind to hardly understandable traits of one another.

We will match a proud Leo man with a sensitive and delicate Cancer woman. These signs are, for example, very different from one another and yet, they could be very compatible. It greatly depends on personal horoscopes of each one of them.

Let us find out if they have a basic potential for an enjoyable and stable relationship. First, we will interpret typical personalities of each one.

Leo Man

He is simply astounding in his appearance, no matter of whether he is actually Mister Universe or not; all Leo men possess both charm and attitude to be admired. His reputation is what is very important.

For a Leo, what is on the outside matters much. He is not shallow minded, certainly not. However, he will always do his best to present a marvelous display of himself, even if things in his life do not go according to plans or his desires.

The poorest Leo would always look like a king, no matter of his material situation. He just has an aura of nobility and royalty and he thinks good of himself, no matter the situation.

Leo man is brave, courageous and very independent. He loves to be pleased and gets surprised if someone disobeys him; he does not even get angry, because it is something he would never expect.

Leo man is honorable, just and honest. He would stand for others, if his own sense of justice is somehow hurt by other people. He will defend the cause he deems righteous and just, at all costs.

Leo man has a noble heart and soul and he does care about others, having several people very close to him. However, his inborn attitude of ‘a royal’ would often unintentionally make others feel less important in his presence.

When a Leo man cares about someone or something, he will act as a true protector and guardian. He is strong, bold and confident and usually takes everything with ease. He does not rush or make hasty decisions. Leo man is more static than active, but he does not run away from hard work. He has to be on top of the ladder and he will work for it.

Financial success is important to him, but the social status is essential. He could lose all of his material possessions and still feel like a millionaire; A Leo earns and spends money and always has hope it will come again, by some miraculous way. If not, he will find a way himself. He could earn a lot, but also spend much.

What is material is to be spent, that is a motto of any Leo.  Reputation is what you should never lose or put into danger, so Leo would carefully preserve the perfect image of himself in public.

Leo man is incredibly flexible and adaptable. He could be very lazy if he feels like cuddling in bad the whole day.

He could also be very active, visiting all sorts of social events and stuff. He feels comfortable with less than he would like to have, because he never loses hope he could get what he wants. He is charming, charismatic and his aura is bright and very positive.

Leo man is an interesting and definitely admirable companion, if you do not get tired of his never-ending bragging about what he has done and so on.

He could even present some misfortunate events so that you still see him victorious. He is just amazing character. Leo is a charmer, natural born seducer. He treats his lady with respect and chivalry. He is passionate, loyal and dedicated to his romantic relationship.

Cancer Woman

She is delicate, sensitive and simply adorable, perhaps the most fragile of all feminine representatives of zodiac. Cancer woman is deeply emotional and compassionate personality, the one that cares about other people and feels their emotions. She is insightful and intuitive for a great part.

A Cancer woman has an artistic turn of mind; she is intelligent, creative and very imaginative.

She is prone to get lost in her romantic dreams and fantasies. Cancer women have an open heart for everyone, while they are reasonable and try not to waste themselves. They are less prone to depression compared to Cancer men.

A Cancer woman is simple and honest. She feeds on helping others and is often involved with some voluntary or charity work.

She is modest and satisfied with essentials, although she does not feel uncomfortable with having more. Cancer woman takes in all good opportunities; however, she would never go over others to get something.

She has a creative mind and good taste in art. She is imaginative, but also handy. A Cancer woman is organized and quiet; her home would rarely be messy or untidy.

She is courageous in defending her cause, which is usually something she deems a greater good. Cancer women are usually quiet and they keep to themselves, even in a large company.

She feels okay around people, but would never try to grab all the attention for herself; that would make her feel uneasy.

She is a dreamer and a romantic, but she does not lose the sense of reality. You should approach her carefully and treat her gently. She might appear friendly, but she is a hard shell to let you into her intimate world.

Our delicate Cancer lady is cautious about entering a relationship and you have to have patience and charms to seduce her.

She needs you to show her warmth, affection and compassion. She needs her partner to say to her that he loves her. When she loves, she does it from the depth of her heart. However, it takes a lot of time and a gradual progress of a relationship for a Cancer to fall in love faithfully.

Love Compatibility

Leo and Cancer make an interesting match. Although they are opposite elements, a Fire and a Water sign, they could make a harmonious and beautiful connection.

Leo man and Cancer women are different, but many of their personal traits and characteristics are compatible and could serve as a firm foundation stone for development of a steady and stable relationship.

They are different in temperament, but they share values. Both of these are very much inclined towards the idea of starting a family and both love children. Cancer woman is caring and gentle, Leo is protective and loving.

They are both ready to work hard and capable of finding balance between work and pleasure. This make their life together pretty harmonious and without much drama.

This combination is far better than that of a Cancer man and a Leo woman. In our today’s match, things go smooth and energies are better balanced.

The truth is that Leo man is more inclined towards luxury and fancy display than Cancer, but this should not be a great problem. Cancer is not very materialistic and would not make drama over Leo spending money.

On the other hand, Leo does not understand why his Cancer lady is not about luxurious and lavish display and would maybe feel sorry that she is not interested in social occasions as much as he is.

He will not be angry about it, but would find all sorts of excuses to explain such a situation. He does not like it, but the reputation of his relationship and that of himself and his lady separately is the most important to him.

Leo and Cancer are not particularly extravagant when it comes to sex and they could function very well on that level. For both of them, sex is something deeply intimate; Leo approaches it as something sacred, Cancer as something very emotional.

Their connection is pleasant and fulfilling. They know how to please one another and would rarely share details even with closest of their friends. They keep it as their own sweet secret, which is beautiful.

Marriage Compatibility

From all we have learned about these two, it is clear that this could be a great match for a marriage. Although there are differences, these are not dramatic or opposing. They fit well, even if there are aspects of their personalities difficult for one to understand about the other.

There is a sort of silent acceptance of these; neither Leo man nor Cancer woman would argue about that.

They could be a very strange couple in eyes of others. However, they do not question other one’s loyalty and they have appreciation and respect for one another’s needs. It is true that a Leo and a cancer do not share many interests, but they share values, which is more important for a quality marriage and a pleasant relationship.

If both partners are at least a little bit curious, they could discover completely new horizons, although neither Leo nor Cancer are specifically adventurous. They both dream about a harmonious and cozy family home, which make them incredibly supportive spouses and caring and loving parents.

Their children would have everything they need in their caring parents; a lot of guardianship from a Leo’s side, a true fatherly figure, and a lot of gentleness and nurture from a cancer’s side, a genuine motherly figure.

These two get along very well in parents’ role and would go over any disagreements for the sake of perseverance of their family nest.


Leo man and Cancer woman can definitely become good friends, if there is no physical attraction between them.

Moreover, it is very unlikely that it develops spontaneously, through their friendship.

Generally, if a woman attracts a Leo, he will try to seduce her; if not, chances are that they only become friends.

On Cancer’s woman side, she could find a Leo interesting companion, a one very different from her and yet inspiring.

Cool Facts

Leo man and Cancer woman are definitely one of the strangest couples in zodiac, because they are very different, which is seen on the outside, but very compatible in total.

Other people would often find it hard to explain how such a relationship could survive at all, but it can and it could be very stable and harmonious.

You could rarely see them doing much stuff together, except for all things around their kids, family visits and such.


Overall, this is a strange and good combination.

It is necessary that certain aspects in individual horoscopes of these two people match, in order that they feel close to one another, in a strange way that only two of them understand.

If you ask each what is it that they find so attractive about the other, it is very likely that they would find it hard to explain it using words. Somehow, they just feel that magic.