Uranus Square Midheaven – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Uranus in trigone sextile with MC – you are inclined to engage in some advanced scientific or technical field – very unusual, in which you can show your leadership abilities and imagination. You never practice traditional forms of behavior.

It is likely that you will be studying occult sciences, astrology or philosophy. You are able to inspire yourself, and although you have good relationships with people, you often like to go somewhere and enjoy life alone in your own way – in the way that you personally like.

Uranus – Meaning and Info

Unusual attitudes at work and in public opinion. With good aspects – high office, advanced methods and attitudes. Good for science, electronics, physics, astrology.

Other aspects can lead to career changes. With bad aspects, you can get bored with a professional routine, or a rebellion against the authorities over trifles, dismissal.

They feel free when they are in charge of their own work. In politics, revolutionary views, liberalism, if there are no other aspects.

Uranus, MC trine, trine in the natal chart Professional success, glory, thanks to unusual achievements, often in the original field. Fame often comes unexpectedly.

Good for scientists, occultists, astrologers, electronics. Family life is colored by personality or the extraordinary architecture and furnishings of the home.

You are rarely interested in the accumulation of material possessions, since you believe that it ties in with the traditional way of life (and this is certainly not for you). You need excitement, and you are constantly looking for something new and different.

Wherever you appear, chaos ensues. You rejoice when you can knock the environment off balance and make you think what next joke you will throw out. You shock people with your indecent expressions and caustic remarks…

The reason for your unbridled behavior may be inharmonious relations with one or both parents (especially in opposition).

The sheer non-traditional and lack of any need to be accepted in society can turn you into a real rebel who does not pay attention to other people’s opinions.

Due to willfulness and stubbornness, you find it difficult to find and keep a job, and this will continue until you learn to direct the energy of Uranus to the fruitful areas of science, technology, astrology, or the occult sciences.

What the exact meaning of aspects of the square and the discordant opposition of the planet Uranus in the midheaven in the natal chart?

What can it mean, what can it want to tell us a transit is not good and bad, critical of Uranus in our Christmas midheaven that represents the beginning of the astrological tenth house?

When forming the quadrature (90 degrees) and opposition (180 degrees) aspects of Uranus to the midheaven about what to expect, what sense?

Uranus that squares or opposes the midheaven and then form a bad appearance, which carries meanings? We see the importance of the transit of Uranus in square or opposition to our natal midheaven.

We try to answer these questions. Uranus brings with it the meaning of changes, convulsions, upheavals, news and has to do with innovation and technology.

Midheaven speaks of profession, social status, the ability we possess to impose on others, the ability to emancipate ourselves, to find economic independence, to achieve important goals, the relationship with women and our mother in particular.

During an inharmonious aspect of Uranus to midheaven you are in a position to make a serious mistake at work.

You can make mistakes and pay can be someone just because of you.

Be very careful so during the course of your duties, especially if you work as a surgeon, a truck driver, heavy machinery, in short work where one mistake can create a great deal of damage and can pay off very expensive.

His mother may have health or other problems in general or the relationship with him suddenly becomes different.

Keep being the job you have and don’t try to change it. Do not invest money and do not make any investment of any kind.

Midheaven – Meaning and Info

This conjunction gives destiny and professional life “Uranian” features. It is good for all scientific and intellectual occupations, but above all it favors the most avant-garde professions, related to cutting-edge technology: aeronautics, astronomy or astrology, the world of computing, electronics or telecommunications.

Fate, with its successes or failures, is unpredictable and subject to sudden and unexpected changes. It predisposes to an independent profession or destiny, to a self-taught career or to liberal professions. As an example I can put the birth chart of the philosopher Jiddy Krishnamurti.

Harmonic aspects favor success, which usually comes suddenly, suddenly or by unexpected ways. They are natives who tend to succeed in intellectual and avant-garde professions, related to the most advanced research fields: aeronautics, computer science, astronomy, cinema or telecommunications.

She is a very original or intuitive person, inventive and innovative, which helps her to succeed. An example that we can see is that of the astrologer Marc Edmund Jones.

Dissonant aspects do not nullify the “Uranian” virtues of creativity or inventiveness, but here the native may seek misfortune or ruin because of his great impatience and his indomitable and explosive temperament.

He himself may be exposed to dangers or become involved in activities or matters outside the law. There is the possibility of rebellion or rebellion against authority, either in professional life or in the family. You run the risk of being the target of scandals.

He refuses to obey orders and is overwhelmed by routine, both in the workplace and in the home, but he is predisposed to a bohemian professional or family life. He can also change houses many times. An example may be the physician and psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud.

Uranus Square Midheaven – Synastry, Transit, Composite

This person is a pronounced idealist, radical, sharp and inclined to overestimate his own knowledge and capabilities. He makes decisions carefully, often wants to get a seal of approval before expressing his opinion. To hide the feeling of self-doubt, he often shows aggression towards any authorities.

When he achieves the art of making compromises, he gradually becomes hardworking and fruitfully works in large teams and organizations.

Experienced leaders can use his lack of tact positively to find a new, illuminating approach to conventional wisdom. With negative character development, such people become overly eccentric, cruel and insensitive.

Their life is full of sudden negative changes, and the lack of coordination of will with feelings makes frequent separations and breaks in relationships. These people live in a state of constant struggle, being torn apart by opposing tendencies of conservatism and innovation.

They are characterized by an irreconcilable social position, stubbornness and a tendency to indiscriminate denial of what exists, which is often perceived as selfishness and hypocrisy. They gravitate towards dictatorship even if they are fighting for progress and freedom.

Many consider them inconsistent partners and unreliable friends, and therefore acquaintances often shy away from them and do not want to do business with them. The career advancement of such people is difficult due to a lack of common sense and a lack of flexibility.

With a strong Uranus, a protest is expressed against the existing order. With a strong Saturn, an active struggle is being waged to maintain the “status quo” and to resist everything progressive. But in any case, there is an intransigence of the position and intolerance to a point of view different from one’s own.

Rejecting any change, they must know that what gives them reliability will be taken away from them, and taken away completely unexpectedly. If they advocate abrupt and sudden changes, then they usually lack natural resourcefulness, practical ingenuity and personal experience to achieve success.

The actions of such people are often at odds with the theories they proclaim. The likelihood of accidents is very high. They treat people harshly and harshly. For all the idealism of their philosophy of life, they behave very intolerantly. They demand freedom for themselves, but do not recognize it for others.

As bosses, they drive subordinates to strike. As subordinates, they often fall prey to the whims of management. (Saturn square Uranus). In general, in life they lack stability and reliability, they lack modesty.

They cannot admit the unreasonableness and inconsistency of their views and actions. Despite their talent for hard work, they lack common sense and smart planning, patience, endurance and discipline.

They are often moody and irritable. They rarely have good health, often their health deteriorates due to the most insignificant reasons.

They are prone to accidents from collisions and falls, and may become victims of violence if the rights and feelings of others are neglected. They themselves are very headstrong, aggressive, unpredictable, radical and destructive.

With low development, they can become treacherous and cruel, idle and lazy, do not respect the laws and please only their tastes and emotions.

All difficulties in life are associated with overstrain and frequent depression.

Such people are in a painful discord between “need” and “want”, between freedom and necessity, between independence and commitment.

Lack of tact and diplomacy makes relationships with partners and family members tense, giving rise to a tendency to break off relations, often conflicts with influential, elders and people in power.

Such people need prudence in everything – from love and finances, to politics and religion.

The risk of weight loss in society always gravitates over them, they are often threatened with failure in financial transactions.

Such people should especially take care of their health, not allowing excessive expenditure of energy.


They are rebels and excitable emotional personalities who are constantly “under stress” and feel a passionate need for personal freedom.

The desire for freedom sometimes leads them to criminal behavior and acts of violence.

They tend to provoke all kinds of quarrels, conflicts and unrest, and in clashes they easily resort to the use of force.

Such people are acutely aware of social contradictions and seem to feed on currents of social tension.

Their life as a whole can be called disorganized, chaotic and unpredictable in its development. (Saturn square Uranus).