Leo Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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All astrologers would agree on the idea of our whole destinies hidden in mysterious ways of planetary movement, stars and constellations. Many times we find ourselves thinking things do not happen without a reason, no matter how odd it seems.

Well, especially when we face an awkward and strange situation. For a part, this is a way for us to process things happening to us more easily.

On the other hand, there has to be some mystery in it, for we cannot have answers to everything, no matter how hard we try to know it. Even the strictest of skeptics could ask themselves if something they have experienced was not just a coincidence, although they would hardly admit so.

Well, we think the truth is somewhere on between; our reason surely can explain much, but astrology could explain the other part.

When it comes to compatibility between people, astrologers use birth charts and compare them. Our birth charts are personalized schemes of planets’ positions at the time of our birth.

They determine what kind of person we will be, in astrological terms. Personal horoscopes, our zodiac signs and else could be of much use to know. A good astrologer could give us a valuable interpretation of our destiny.

People are generally interested in love compatibility of zodiac signs. Some like to read about it for fun, others have more serious approach. It is an interesting part of this popular pseudoscience and it could help us better to understand ourselves, our current or potential partners.

Moreover, it could give us precious guidelines for development of our love relationship.

Each zodiac sign has its characteristics and typical traits, defined by several astrological factors.

Of course, it does not mean that all Leos or all Aries people are completely the same; they do not behave the same way, they do not look the same way etc. personal horoscopes, birth charts and other factors, including life experience and cultural background will decide what kind of person ,say, a Leo person, would be.

This time, we will talk about love compatibility between a Leo man and an Aries woman.

Let us discover more about the magic of astrological compatibility between people, particularly, the magic of love compatibility. Leo men and Aries women are both Fire element signs. Let us discover how fiery their connection might be. We will begin with zodiac profiles of both signs separately.

Leo Man

Leo men are known for being very charismatic, proud of themselves and breathtaking personalities you could easily notice in a mass of people. They have an instinct of natural born leaders and they will accept no less position. A Leo man is the happiest if he is on top of the ladder.

He feels very relaxed, natural and comfortable at highest of positions. He is a competitor, but Leo man is honorable, just and noble; he is a fair player and despises those who make their way through deceit and trickery.

He has the blood of a king in his veins. Many times he expects to be honored, respected and praised without doing much; he expects to be worshiped for who he is, solely.

However, most of Leo men are of very competitive spirit, so they are rarely seen doing nothing. A Leo man needs a decent rival in his life; someone he can measure his strengths with.

A ‘rival’ inspired a Leo to give his best and to try hard to be better (a rival is not necessarily an enemy, but anyone a Leo finds impressive and capable; he always seems to find someone he perceives as more successful, in order to drive him to be even more successful than that person). It is a very efficient mechanism, with which a Leo feels good, confident and comfortable.

He hates losing and does not accept it; he could be frustrated and angry, but he would rarely show that directly. He does not give up easily, but is not as stubborn as an Aries, for example.

A Leo man sets his goals and keeps to his cause; however, he is resourceful, flexible and adaptable. His goals usually are consisted of the same core, but are subjective to modifications.

All Leo men are breathtaking seducers; they are natural charmers. Their attitude is so royal, classy and charismatic that you could hardly resist them. They are very polite, very tactful and always know exactly what to say and how to say it. They definitely know how to win a lady’s heart.

A Leo man is passionate, warm, confident, enthusiastic and open minded. He is loved by people, although his self-confidence could be tiring.

Leo men love all the spotlight to have for themselves, which could be exhausting for his friends, as well as for his partner. He could be self-obsessed to the point that he forgets about other people’s needs and only talks about himself. He is always right and there is no way to persuade him otherwise.

This makes a romantic relationship with a Leo exhausting. However, if your horoscopes match well, it could just be kind of a spice.

Our Leo man is a master of seduction. He is an amazing lover; he is fiery, compassionate, although he could be demanding.

He needs a strong, confident woman who will impress him in both appearance and attitude. He accepts no less and you would have hard time making an impression on him. He loves woman who share his need for being in the centre of attention.

Aries Woman

Aries women are strong, independent and extremely active ladies. They love to have things in charge and could be particularly stubborn in holding to their opinion or attitude towards something. You cannot persuade an Aries lady to abandon her cause, if she has once set her mind upon it. She is rational, energetic and practical.

For her, there are no obstacles to retreat before; she sees life as a battlefield and she is determined to triumph. An Aries woman is always good at finding a simple and efficient solution to any situation, no matter how complicated it is. She does not give up easily and is not discouraged by failure.

She does not mourn over things lost or broken; she proudly pulls herself back together and moves on.

Aries woman loves attention and likes to be in command. She will never obey any rule, if she feels suppressed by it. Aries lady is a career pursuer and she is excellent at organization; she is not bothered with a role of a leader and ruler. She is strong willed, very self-reliant and breathtaking in appearance.

Many other women could find a model to look up to in an Aries lady. Aries women are dominant, well paced and organized; their temperament is energetic and of an executive nature.

Compared to Aries men, women born under the same signs have a bit more patience and tolerance, which is a great advantage. An Aries woman likes to see things settled, completed and done in short terms, but she has enough patience to organize and plan them well, instead of taking action in rush and haste.

However, she needs constant amusement, movement and excitement.

Aries women are usually interested in professions where they can apply their natural gift to inspire, lead and control others. They are also good at sports, particularly individual disciplines. They like team sports, but they would do their best to become captains or even coaches.

They are sociable, talkative, friendly and very open and direct. An Aries woman is traditional; she would like to settle down and start a family, but also needs excitement and activity in her life. Aries woman needs a man who can blow her mind away, who will impress her and be enough strong and original to keep her attention.

She does not fall for too much romantics and sweet talk; her perfect man is very confident, stable, determined and focused in life.

It is very important that he shares Aries woman’s goals, which are stability and excitement, at the same time. He has to impress her and be able to follow her pace.

Love Compatibility

Now, here we have a fiery combination. A Leo man and an Aries woman match well, considering their temperaments and energies are quiet similar.

Both of these are strong, self-confident and they share goals. Both find sex very important, both are energetic and passionate. Both Leo and Aries are direct and open, so there is unlikely to be secrets or unspoken words in this relationship, which is extremely important.

They do not hide things from one another and neither Leo man nor Aries woman is much tolerant. None of them would endure an unpleasant situation for long. They speak up their minds aloud, which saves them time trying to figure out what is wrong or what bothers the other one. Both are executive and practical and they would try to find a solution immediately.

They are both about action, but their characters are well grounded. In terms of sex and intimacy, this connection is amazing. Both are passionate, affectionate and warm. They are equally demanding in sex and love to be in command; in this case, it is not likely to be a problem.

Moreover, it would make their sex life full of flames and spice.

They would definitely enjoy their intimate moments together! Flames god well with flames and make amazing fireworks. It could exhaust them both, but then, it would be a sweet type of exhaustion. What is also very important, a Leo man takes his Aries lady seriously and vice versa.

They have many themes to talk about and a lot of energy to make it last.

Their communication is energized, excited and, at first, they will try hard to impress one another through magnificent display, which consists of appearance, gestures and words. As time goes by, their conversation becomes smooth, full of respect and understanding.

They match perfectly on emotional plan. Their energy is guided by Sun; both of them are playful, charismatic. They express their affection through activity and playfulness, not by too much nurturing and cuddling. They are almost one hundred percent emotionally compatible.

Their values also match; both Leo man and Aries woman seek for stability in life, but are afraid of boredom.

Marriage Compatibility

This could be a promising marriage, with both of these having similar goals and temperaments. Differences they have would make their connection spiced up.

Their routine is a bit different; while an Aries lady is more into sporty type of channeling her energy, Leo channels his through his personal display. Aries lady would fail to understand Leo’s drama about not being given enough spotlight at an occasion.

On the other hand, Leo does not understand why it is so important to go to the gym every single day or something like that. However, it is not very likely that these differences would ruin their marriage.

They will find one another enough impressive and worth of admiration. They love honestly and to the fullest; both have a lot of passion and affection for one another and their flame could burn for decades of their marriage.

Speaking of which, they are amazingly good parents. They give their kids an example of a fiery, long lasting love and they prove adulthood and parenthood could be as exciting and amazing as all other stages of life.

They are excellent parents, they show their children all the love they have and tech them discipline.


Interestingly, but these two are not as great friends as they could be amazing romantic couple. If they are not is a romantic relationship, it is more likely they would see arrival in one another.

They would have a constant need to compete and their conversations in company could be unbearable to others, because all talk would be exclusively about each one of them.

Others could only sit still and listen to their bragging about this and that.

Cool Facts

Imagine a Leo man and an Aries couple on their honeymoon.

They are at their hotel resort. Leo has ordered himself a fancy cocktail, he wears his modern and pricey sunglasses and enjoys in showing off his perfect body beside the pool.

Aries lady is already in water; she is all excited and in mood for a swimming competition.

She would probably come out of the pool several times and sprinkle her Leo with water, innocently annoying him. He would make a bit of drama out of it, but he cannot resist taking the challenge.

Later on, they will go out for a dinner and look breathtaking together. Deep into the night, they will still have energy for a long, pleasant and definitely enjoyable time at their room.


Two fiery signs go very well together, particularly in this case.

Leo man and Aries woman possess incredible energy and it is not in conflict.

They match on all levels, except for some differences in the way of channeling their everyday energy, which only makes their connection dynamic and more exciting. They understand one another well and, what is most important, love and respect one another honestly and to the fullest.